Bonnie Williams: Meet the Pro Pickleball Player

Bonnie Williams is a passionate pickleball enthusiast who discovered the game while recovering from a tennis injury to her ACL. She has an impressive record of championship wins in her pickleball career and prefers to use the Engage Encore Pro paddle during her practice and tournament sessions.

In addition to being an accomplished player, Bonnie Williams is also the founder and owner of Bonnie Williams Pickleball, a company that offers pickleball coaching services in the Portland area of Oregon. Prior to her pickleball pursuits, Bonnie was a tennis player who received a full scholarship to the College of Charleston and was named a NAIA All-American player.


After her ACL injury, Bonnie william pickleball moved to the Pacific Northwest, where she had the opportunity to train and play with some of the most renowned pickleball players in the sport, including Sarah Ansbury, Wesley Gabrielsen, Enrique Ruiz, and Steve Paranto.

Bonnie William’s Life Background

Bonnie Williams is a devoted fan of pickleball, a sport she discovered during her recovery from an ACL tennis injury. Bonnie has an impressive record of winning numerous titles in her pickleball career. Her preferred paddle for both tournaments and practices is the Engage Encore Pro.

Aside from her pickleball pursuits, Bonnie williams pickleball most important role is taking care of her two children, David and Anna. She also works part-time as a ratings clerk for USAPA.

Bonnie’s introduction to pickleball came through a colleague, Oscar Garcia, who encouraged her to try the sport due to her previous tennis experience and ACL injury rehabilitation. Bonnie credits pickleball as the best rehab she could have had.

Teaching is a passion for Bonnie, one that she inherited from her father, a high school teacher. She appreciates the importance of adapting to different learning styles and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the game with fellow players, as well as the sense of community and joy that pickleball creates.

Information About Bonnie’s Career

Bonnie Williams, a former NAIA All-American tennis player, discovered pickleball while rehabbing from an ACL injury. Since transitioning to pickleball, she has become a highly accomplished player, winning seven USAPA Nationals championships, four Tournament of Champions titles, and three US Open championships. Bonnie particularly enjoys using the Evoke Pro pickleball paddle because it provides an ideal combination of power and control.

Notably, in 2019, Bonnie earned a bronze medal in the Senior Women’s Doubles (Open) category at the US Open, as well as a silver medal in the Senior Women’s Doubles (Pro) category at the USAPA Nationals. She also won bronze medals in both Senior Women’s Doubles (Open Pro) and Senior Women’s Singles (Open Pro) categories at the Tournament of Champions.


This individual has an impressive record in pickleball, having won the USA National Championship seven times, the US Open Championship three times, and the Tournament of Champions Gold Medal four times. In 2016, they won gold in the Women’s Senior Open Singles at the Tournament of Champions and a bronze in Women’s Senior Open Doubles. 


They also won a bronze medal at the Pickleball Canada Nationals in Open Mixed with Dalton Vavra, and a silver medal in Women’s Singles Skill 5.0 and a bronze medal in Women’s Open Doubles at the 2016 USAPA Pacific NW Regional. In 2015, they won gold in Women’s Senior Open Singles and Women’s Singles 50-54 at the USAPA Nationals, as well as a silver medal in Women’s Doubles 50+ with Laura Schwarz.

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Tips By Bonnie

Bonnie Williams pickleball says that I perform at my best when I’m having fun – that’s my secret sauce. I have the ability to turn almost any challenge into an enjoyable game.


Question 1: What paddle does Bonnie play with and why?

Answer: Bonnie prefers the feel, consistency, and control of her Engage paddles. She uses two different paddles, the Engage ‘Encore’ for doubles and the slightly heavier Engage ‘Encore Pro’ for singles.

Question 2: Does Bonnie prefer playing indoor or outdoor?

Answer: Bonnie enjoys playing anywhere and with any ball, but if she had to choose, she would prefer playing outdoors.

Question 3: Does Bonnie like singles or doubles better? Why?

Answer: Bonnie enjoys both singles and doubles. Doubles challenges her to work with different partners, while singles offers a sense of serenity.

Question 4: What is Bonnie’s favorite place to play and why?

Answer: As a tennis player from the South, Bonnie feels most at home playing in a ‘club-like’ atmosphere with outdoor courts, warm temperatures, and above-average humidity. She loves playing in the sunshine and heat.


Bonnie Williams is an American professional pickleball player renowned for her aggressive play style and remarkable success in both singles and doubles competitions. She has clinched several championships over the course of her career, including the US Open Pickleball Championships in both categories.

Apart from her achievements in the sport, Williams has also been actively involved in promoting and advancing pickleball. She has organized and conducted clinics and is a certified instructor with the Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR).

Overall, bonnie williams pickleball is highly regarded as an accomplished pickleball player, and her contributions to the growth and development of the sport are noteworthy.

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