Devin Shoquist: Meet The Pro Pickleball Player

Devin Shoquist’s love for pickleball was apparent from the very first day he picked up a paddle. The game brought him immense joy, and he has been smiling on the court ever since.

Devin’s love for the sport has only grown stronger with time, and he has dedicated his life to promoting and growing the game. His enthusiasm and positive attitude are infectious, and he has inspired many players to pick up a paddle and join the fun.


Devin’s passion for pickleball extends beyond only his accomplishments on the court. He takes pleasure in imparting his sports knowledge to others and coaching athletes of all levels. His coaching approach is positive and helpful, and he always enjoys seeing his pupils progress.

Devin’s Life Background

I played tennis all the time in high school, and I also liked to play other racket and paddle sports like ping pong. But I didn’t learn about pickleball until seven years ago. I happened to see a game being played at my neighbourhood YMCA, and the activity on the court quickly caught my attention. I learned how many people participated in the sport and how rapidly its popularity was rising after speaking with a few participants.

Without hesitation, I decided to join in on a game and quickly found myself falling in love with pickleball. I was hooked on the fast-paced and exciting nature of the sport, and before I knew it, I was playing regularly and eagerly awaiting my next match.

Three years ago, I made the decision to further my pickleball obsession by beginning to play in regional competitions. I found it to be a positive experience, and I enjoyed the challenge of competing with more experienced players. Even though I didn’t always win, the excitement of competition and the teamwork among the players kept me inspired and stoked my enthusiasm for the game.

Career Details of Devin

One of my most significant achievements was winning the Gold medal at the 2018 Pickleball Station Pre-Nationals Tournament in Mixed Doubles, playing alongside Lynn Syler. Another unforgettable moment came at the 2018 Blue Hole Bash in Sequim, WA, where Lynn and I competed again in Mixed Doubles and took home the Gold medal once again. 

It was an incredible feeling to be able to repeat our success. In 2017, I also had the privilege of playing Men’s Doubles with Rob Davidson pickleball Age at the So Cal tournament, where we won the Gold medal. It was a tough competition, but we managed to come out on top. 

In 2016, I competed in the Oregon State Games and played Mixed Doubles with Camille Schermerhorn, where we won the Gold medal. Finally, in the same year, I competed in the International Indoor Championship and played 4.5 Mixed Doubles with Shonda Schallenberger, where we won the Gold medal. 


Tips and Tricks

Keep the ball in play as much as possible is one of the most crucial pieces of advise I can provide to players. This requires a variety of skills, like maintaining agility and focus, picking your shots intelligently, and paying attention to location.

Maintaining possession of the ball requires consistency. You may keep your opponents off balance and profit from their mistakes if you continuously execute your strokes with accuracy. 

Last but not least, consistent practise is essential to developing into a competent pickleball player. You may improve your on-court abilities and confidence by regularly working on your serve, footwork, and shot selection.

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Who is Devin Shoquist?

Devin Shoquist is a professional pickleball player and coach who has made a name for himself in the sport. He is known for his athleticism, agility, and strategic gameplay on the court.

When did Devin Shoquist start playing pickleball?

Devin started playing pickleball in 2013 when he was introduced to the sport by a friend. He quickly fell in love with the game and has been playing competitively ever since.

What are some of Devin Shoquist’s accomplishments in pickleball?

Devin has had a successful career in pickleball, with numerous wins and accolades to his name. He has won multiple gold medals in both singles and doubles competitions, including the 2019 USAPA Nationals Pro Men’s Doubles. He is also a respected coach, helping players of all levels improve their game.

What is Devin Shoquist’s coaching philosophy?

Devin believes that pickleball is a game of strategy and mental toughness, and his coaching focuses on developing these skills in his students. He emphasizes the importance of consistency, shot selection, and court positioning, and helps players identify and overcome their weaknesses.

Where can I watch Devin Shoquist play pickleball?

Devin frequently competes in pickleball tournaments across the United States, so keep an eye out for upcoming events in your area. You can also follow him on social media to stay up to date on his latest games and wins.


Devin Shoquist is a passionate and dedicated pickleball player who has found great joy in the game from day one. His smile and positive attitude are a testament to his love for the sport, and he has become a role model and inspiration to many pickleball players around the world.

Shoquist is known for his aggressive playing style and powerful shots, which have helped him achieve success in the sport. Ultimately, whether or not someone considers Devin Shoquist to be a top pickleball player would depend on their personal opinion and evaluation of his performance.

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