Jessie Irvine: Meet the Pro Pickleball Player

jessie irvine pickleball, a remarkable athlete who overcame adversity to pursue her passion for pickleball, has quickly risen to the top of the sport. Despite starting her professional pickleball career in early 2019, Irvine was selected as the fifth overall pick in the Major League Pickleball draft and the third women’s player chosen. 

Her talent and dedication have led to impressive rankings in all three divisions of women’s pro pickleball, as well as a #3 ranking in Mixed Doubles on the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) pro tour. With her fierce athleticism and on-court passion, Irvine aims to become one of the best players in women’s doubles and mixed doubles. She partners with Jay Devilliers in Mixed Doubles and Catherine Parenteau in Women’s Doubles, and her vocal encouragement during crucial points is a testament to her competitive drive.


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Background About Jessie’s Life

Jessie Irvine pickleball, originally from Cary, North Carolina, had a successful tennis career starting at the age of 10. She was a top 10 Junior Tennis Player and a former WTA Pro Tennis Player, as well as a top Women POP Tennis Player. After moving to Southern California to focus on coaching juniors in tennis, she studied at UCLA and did some TV work with Tennis Channel, including roles on “Court Report” and “One-Minute Clinic.”

Despite her love for tennis, Jessie was introduced to pickleball by her paddle and pop tennis friends, particularly Roberto Donati, in late 2018. Although hesitant to try a new sport, she quickly became a fan of pickleball and was drawn to its growing popularity and the fact that it was easier on her body than other racquet sports.

When she is not playing pickleball or coaching, Jessie enjoys spending time with friends, coaching, watching movies, dining out, exercising, listening to music, dancing, playing golf, and every other thing she can do to enjoy herself!

About Jessie’s Career

In professional career of pickleball Jessie Irvine achieved significant success that to very early, securing several titles such as gold in Mixed Doubles at the Las Vegas Open and gold in Women’s Doubles at the Rocky Mountain Championship. She also achieved 4th place finishes in Women’s Doubles at the 2019 and 2020 US Open.

Jessie’s accomplishments further extend to being a gold and silver medalist at the 2019 Tournament of Champions, a gold and silver medalist at the 2019 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships, and a double silver medalist in Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles at the 2020 PPA Las Vegas Championships.

At the young age of 19, Jessie decided to retire from tennis and pursue a degree in sports psychology at UCLA. However, despite her career switch, she continued to experience chronic pain and relied on self-medicating with over-the-counter drugs.

Tips And Tricks By Jessie

Mixed Doubles Strategy:

In order to dominate your next mixed doubles match, Jessie and Pat offer various subtle and not so subtle strategies that you can implement.

Doubles Serve Strategy:

If you want to win more matches and increase your service points, Jessie and Pat can provide you with serve point strategies that will give you the confidence you need every time you step up to the line.


Serve Stacking:

Jessie and Pat can guide you on how and when to stack on your server so that you can take advantage of your team’s strengths or cover up a weakness.

Return Stacking:

To keep your opponent guessing and win more return points, Jessie and Pat can teach you the fundamentals of stacking on the return.

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Doubles Return Strategy:

To establish your advantage in the kitchen line and keep your opponents on the baseline, Jessie and Pat can teach you the essential strategies needed to get back to your service points more quickly.

Other Useful Tips And Techniques

  • Find The Weakness
  • Stay Alert
  • Team First Mentality
  • Fill The Gaps
  • Get Your Partner Involved
  • How Is Your Serve Effecting the Return
  • Squeeze and Point to the Target
  • Cover a Weakness or Optimize a Strength
  • Keep Your Return Simple
  • Return Down the Middle
  • Neutralize the Big Serve
  • Keep Your Serve Deep
  • Targeting a Player
  • Get Comfortable In Transition
  • Set Up For Success
  • Aim For The Chest

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jessie Irvine’s most memorable moment so far in pickleball?

Jessie’s most memorable moment in pickleball is winning pro doubles gold at the 2021 PPA Vegas Championships in both women’s doubles and mixed doubles events.

What does Jessie Irvine do when she’s not playing pickleball?

When Jessie is not playing pickleball, she spends time hanging out with friends, playing pickleball for a few hours, eating, and then playing for a couple more hours. She also works, does off-court training, and recovery work. If she has any time or energy left, she relaxes and catches up on Netflix shows.

What paddle does Jessie use and why?

Jessie currently uses the Engage Pickleball Pursuit MX paddle. She initially started using the Maverick paddle, which had an extended grip handle that she felt was an important feature for taking advantage of her long arms and two-handed backhand, her favorite shot. She switched to the grittier spin-off Pursuit MX for its additional spin capabilities.


Jessie Irvine is not only a talented pickleball player but also an inspiration to many aspiring athletes out there. Jessie Irvine pickleball dedication and passion for the sport has led her to become one of the top pro players in the game today. It’s evident from her achievements that she is on her way to achieving even greater heights.

Through this article, we have learned about Jessie’s background, her journey as a professional athlete, and some interesting facts about her personal life. We’ve also gained insights into how she maintains focus and discipline while juggling different aspects of her life.

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