Paul Olin: Meet the Pro Pickleball Player

Paul Olin, a former Division I tennis player, has made a successful transition to playing pickleball professionally on the senior pro singles circuit. He is sponsored by his own company, which produces Gamma Legend pickleball equipment, and also endorses the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour. Catherine Parenteau, another top pickleball player, was introduced to the sport by Simone Jardim, and like Paul, had a background in college tennis.

After completing his college tennis career, Paul’s focus shifted to his role as a Naval Aviator, leaving little time for sports. However, following his retirement from the Navy in 2011, he had more time to pursue his hobbies, including exercise. It was during this time that Paul’s mother introduced him to pickleball, and he quickly became enamored with the sport.

Paul believes that anyone who loves sports and fitness, particularly those with a background in tennis, will appreciate the thrill of playing pickleball.

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Despite his relatively short time in the sport, Paul Olin pickleball has already achieved significant success as a pickleball player, earning numerous medals and titles. He is committed to regular practice, enjoying both the physical benefits and competitive nature of the sport. Overall, Paul is passionate about pickleball and encourages others to give it a try.

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Paul Olin Pickleball Background

Three years ago, my mother-in-law Frann introduced me to pickleball at the East Naples Park, which is also the venue for the US Open Pickleball Championships. I quickly became addicted to the sport, just like everyone else. Although I was a High School National Champion and played Division I tennis in college, I haven’t played much tennis since then, which was a very long time ago.

Paul’s Career Achievements

Paul is an accomplished pickleball player, currently ranked number one in the Men’s Single Senior Pro Pickleball Championships and number fifteen in the Men’s Senior Pro Doubles. He has been consistently winning medals since 2017 and has achieved his biggest victories this year at the 2019 US Open (Silver) and The Lakes Spring Fling (Gold).

On the other hand, she is a top-ranked player in all three categories: Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. She often partners with Joey Farias in Mixed Doubles, who uses the edgeless Gearbox GX6 Power (Joey Farias Signature Paddle). Her recent achievements include winning silver in Senior Mixed Doubles (Pro) with Cammy MacGregor and gold in Senior Men’s Singles (Pro) at the 2019 USAPA Nationals. She also won gold in Senior Men’s Singles (Open Pro) at the 2019 Tournament of Champions.

In addition to these recent wins, she has also won gold in Men’s Sr Pro Singles at the 2019 The Lakes Spring Fling and Men’s 5.0 50-54 Singles at the 2019 Southwest Regional. She secured a silver medal in Men’s 5.0 50-54 Doubles at the same event. In 2018, she won bronze in Men’s 5.0 Doubles and gold in Men’s 5.0 35+ Singles at the US Open. Her career started in 2017, and since then, she has won a bronze in 5.0 Doubles and a silver in 5.0 Singles at the Atlantic Regional, as well as gold in Men’s 4.5 Singles and silver in Mixed 35+ Doubles at the 2017 US Open.

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Olin’s Tips And Tricks

Paul olin pickleball believe in being open to listening to everyone, as everyone has valuable advice to offer. While not all advice will be relevant to you, there may be a golden nugget of wisdom that can make a significant difference in your performance. For him, the most beneficial advice he have received is to focus on improving his footwork and keeping his paddle ready. This tip is crucial not only when playing at the net but also when positioned at the baseline, especially when you are on the move. He had like to share this advice with anyone who is willing to listen, as it has been highly effective in enhancing his gameplay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paul Olin’s favorite place to play and why?

Paul’s favorite place to play is the USAPA Nationals at Indian Wells because of the beautiful setting with mountains and great weather, as well as the excellent courts and facilities provided by USAPA.

How often does Paul Olin play pickleball per week?

Paul’s playing schedule varies, but he typically plays pickleball 2-3 times per week with others who also have full-time jobs.

Does Paul Olin have any pre-tournament lucky rituals?

Paul does not have any specific pre-tournament rituals, but he tries to get a good night’s rest before playing. However, he does find it frustrating that some tournament directors release the draws at midnight, which can make it difficult to prepare for matches.


Paul Olin Pickleball is a prominent and esteemed player in the field of pickleball, having achieved remarkable success in both singles and doubles competitions. Renowned for his exceptional game strategy, rapid reflexes, and formidable shots, Olin has garnered numerous titles over the years.

In addition to his impressive playing career, Olin is widely respected for his role as an instructor and coach within the pickleball community. Through his coaching programs and clinics, he has helped countless players improve their skills and realize their full potential. All in all, Paul Olin’s extensive experience and expertise make him a valuable and highly regarded figure in the world of professional pickleball.

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