Know About Skinny Singles Pickleball

Are you tired of playing traditional pickleball games and looking for something new? If so, it’s time to try your hand at Skinny Singles Pickleball! In this blog post, you are going to learn about skinny singles pickleball. 

In this blog about skinny singles in pickleball, we are discussing the three variations of skinny singles pickleball, benefits of the skinny singles in the pickleball game, steps on how to play skinny singles pickleball, and tips for improving in skinny singles pickleball. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional pickleball player, read this blog post to know everything about skinny singles pickleball in detail.

Skinny Singles Pickleball

What Is Skinny Singles in Pickleball?

Skinny Singles is a variation of pickleball played on a singles court, The skinny singles pickleball court dimensions with a narrower court width. The standard court width for pickleball is 20 feet, whereas the Skinny Singles court is only 10 feet wide. The length of the court remains the same at 44 feet.

Skinny Singles aims to increase the game’s difficulty by limiting the playing area and requiring players to hit their shots more precisely. It might be a more physically demanding game because players must cover the smaller playing area.

While Skinny Singles is not as commonly played as traditional pickleball due to its recent introduction, it can be an entertaining and stimulating way to mix up your game and enhance your abilities. Despite it’s newness, this variation is worth considering as a means to improve your pickleball skills while having fun.

Variations of Skinny Singles Pickleball

Down The Line: This variation aims to hit the ball straight down the line, aiming for the opponent’s sideline. Hitting this shot with precision and power is necessary to avoid hitting the net or going out of bounds, making it a high-risk shot. If a player is proficient in hitting down-the-line shots in Skinny Singles Pickleball, they can surprise their opponent who is anticipating a cross-court shot.

Cross Court: The aim of the cross-court variation in Skinny Singles Pickleball is to hit the ball diagonally towards the opponent’s opposite corner. Compared to the down-the-line shot, this type of shot is generally easier to perform since it enables the player to utilize more of the court, making it less likely to hit the ball out of bounds. Skilled players can use cross-court shots to keep their opponents moving and create openings for more aggressive shots.

Down The Line + Cross Court: The down-the-line + cross-court variation in Skinny Singles Pickleball involves players taking turns hitting shots down the line and cross-court. This strategy can be very effective against opponents skilled at defending one type of shot but struggling with the other. Varying shot directions in Skinny Singles Pickleball can boost winning odds by creating confusion and unpredictability for opponents.

Benefits of Skinny Singles in the Pickleball

Let’s discuss the benefits of skinny singles pickleball in detail:

Improved Fitness: Playing Skinny Singles demands rapid and agile movements, making it a high-speed game. It can effectively improve cardiovascular fitness and build endurance due to the continuous movement required to make quick and precise shots while traversing the court.

Better Footwork: In Skinny Singles pickleball, each side of the net has only one player, requiring them to cover the entire court alone. The fast-paced and precise footwork required in Skinny Singles pickleball helps players improve their agility and balance.

Increased Shot Variety: In Skinny Singles, players have more opportunities to experiment with different shots as there is no partner to rely on. Diversifying one’s range of shots in Skinny Singles can also be beneficial in other types of pickleball.

Enhanced Focus: Playing Skinny Singles can improve a player’s concentration and focus skills, as the format demands high attention and focus due to the involvement of only one player on each side, requiring them to pay attention to every shot and movement.

Skinny Singles Pickleball For Improving Focus And Communication

Greater Control: Since players are the sole participants on their side of the court in Skinny Singles, they have greater control over the game. Skinny Singles allows players to have greater control over the pace of the game and make strategic shot selections, leading to improved ball control and increased success during rallies.

Better Communication Skills: Playing Skinny Singles can help players develop better communication skills as they have to make all the decisions independently. It can improve a player’s ability to make quick decisions and communicate effectively with their partner, which can boost their confidence not only on the court but also in other areas of life.

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Steps on How to Play Skinny Singles Pickleball

Here are the steps on how to play skinny singles pickleball:

Set Up The Court: First, set up the skinny singles pickleball court. The court is 10 feet wide and 44 feet long, with a centerline dividing the court into two equal halves. The service line is 6 feet from the net, and the baseline is 12 feet from the net.

Serve The Ball: The server stands behind the baseline and serves the ball underhand to the opponent’s service court. To consider a serve good, the server must land the ball in the opponent’s service court.

Return The Serve: To return the serve in skinny singles pickleball, the receiver must allow the ball to bounce once on their side of the court before hitting it back over the net. The return shot must then clear the net and land within the opponent’s court to be considered valid.

Play The Point: In skinny singles pickleball, the players can actively continue hitting the ball back and forth after serving and returning it until one of them fails to return it, hits it out of bounds, or commits a rule violation called a “fault.” There are some pickleball prizes for winners at the end of the match.

Score The Point: In skinny singles pickleball, a player earns a point when their opponent is unable to return the ball or violates a rule by committing a “fault.” To win a game of skinny singles pickleball, a player must score a minimum of 11 points. However, it’s not enough to score 11 points in skinny singles pickleball. To officially win the game, the player must have a minimum of a 2-point lead over their opponent.

Follow The Rules: Skinny singles pickleball follows the same rules as regular pickleball, with a few exceptions. Each side of the court permits the presence of only one player at a time, and the court’s width is narrower.

Practice: As with any sport, practice is important to improve your skills and strategy in skinny singles pickleball. You can practice alone or with a partner to work on your serves, returns, and shots.

Practicing Skinny Singles Pickleball

By following these steps, you can learn how to play skinny singles pickleball and enjoy this exciting and challenging version of the game.

How to Improve Your Skinny Singles Pickleball?

Improving your skinny singles pickleball game involves technical skills, physical fitness, and mental preparation. Following are the tips that will help you in improving your skinny singles pickleball:

Work On Your Footwork: In skinny singles pickleball, movement and agility are crucial. Practice quick, agile movements to get to the ball and be in the best position to hit your shot.

Improve Your Serve: The serve plays a crucial role in your pickleball game. Work on different types of serves, such as the lob, drive, and pickleball spin shots, to keep your opponent off balance.

Develop Your Shot-Making Ability: Develop your shots, including your forehand, backhand, and volley. Practice hitting with power and accuracy.

Increase Your Stamina: In skinny singles pickleball, you need to maintain your energy and focus throughout the game. Including cardio exercises such as running or cycling in your fitness routine is essential to improve your endurance.

Work On Your Mental Game: In addition to physical skills, your mental game is also essential. Develop your concentration, focus, and resilience to stay calm under pressure and maintain your confidence.

Play With Better Players: Challenging yourself by playing against better players can help you enhance your skills and identify areas that need improvement.

Watch And Learn: Watch videos of top skinny singles pickleball players to observe their technique and strategy. Analyze their moves and incorporate what you learn into your own game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Skinny Singles Pickleball Different From Traditional Pickleball?

Skinny Singles Pickleball is played with only one player on each side of a narrower court compared to traditional pickleball. Additionally, the serve is different, and players are allowed to hit the ball before it bounces.

How Do You Score Points In Skinny Singles Pickleball?

Points are scored in Skinny Singles Pickleball when the opposing player fails to return the ball or hits the ball out of bounds.

Is Skinny Singles Pickleball A Good Way To Improve My Pickleball Skills?

Yes, Skinny Singles Pickleball can be an excellent way to improve your pickleball skills. The narrower court and one-on-one gameplay can help you hone your accuracy and precision.

How Can I Improve My Game In Skinny Singles Pickleball?

To improve your game in Skinny Singles Pickleball, focus on developing your footwork, improving your shot selection, and practicing your serve. Additionally, consider taking lessons or practicing with more experienced players.


Skinny singles pickleball is a challenging and exciting variant of pickleball that is gaining popularity among players who want a more intense game. It helps to improve your fitness, provides opportunities for experimenting with different shots, develops better communication skills in the pickleball game, etc. For playing skinny singles pickleball, you need to know how you can play skinny singles in pickleball.

It requires better footwork, improvement on your serves, development of shot-making ability, watching videos of skinny pickleball singles players and learning from them, increasing your stamina, etc., to improve your skinny singles pickleball. After writing this blog, we hope you have understood this blog informing you about skinny singles pickleball.

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