Why Wear a Pickleball Shoe? Benefits of Wearing Pickleball Shoes

Even though pickleball has a low impact, there is always the possibility that players could suffer an injury. A sprain or strain on the upper or lower body can occur by sudden, pivoting movements when playing pickleball. You must wear the right shoe to support those lateral movements. As I ponder which pickle shoe is the best indoor vs. outdoor pickle shoe, I will be left wondering what is best.

Although pickleball is a low-impact sport, as with any sport, there is a possibility that players can be prone to injury. The sudden, turning, pivoting movement that typically occurs when playing pickleball can result in sprains or strains on the upper and lower body. You want to ensure that you wear the right shoe to support those lateral movements. I am left pondering which is the best Indoor vs. Outdoor Pickle Shoes.

If you want to play pickleball, the right shoes can make all the difference. A pickleball shoe offers more stability, durability, and comfort than an athletic shoe. Here are some reasons to wear the next time you hit the tennis court.

Benefits of pickleball shoes

Why Wearing the Right Shoes to Play Pickleball

According to some regular pickleball players and experts, it is essential to wear the right pickleball shoes and to get the benefit of wearing them. According to a post on The Pickler, many pickleball players do not think about wearing proper footwear while playing on the court. This is especially true for beginners.

You should not just consider the importance of picking out pickleball clothing and buying a good paddle, or you may find out about the issues that can result from not choosing the proper footwear if you don’t take the time or effort. When you play pickleball, you make several movements, such as twisting, turning, shuggling, etc.

In pickleball, wearing the right shoes provides stability and helps you avoid injuries. Whether you play indoors or outdoors, wearing the right shoes is essential. Despite your skill level, whether you are playing in the recreation center, backyard game, or in a professional pickleball tournament, it’s not necessary to wear cute tennis shoes or cool running shoes when playing pickleball.

What Kind Of Shoes Do You Wear For Pickleball?

You can choose from a variety of pickleball. However, the most suitable shoe for pickleball is a tennis shoe. Pickleball’s quick moves and turns require a shoe with the best grip and support. Tennis or court shoes also come with a low-profile design that prevents ankle injuries due to their low-profile design. 

You must consider the type of surface you will be playing on when selecting pickleball shoes. The shoe you choose depends on the surface you will play on. You should like a shoe with a herringbone tread pattern on a hard court surface since this tread gives good traction and durability on hard courts.

PickleBall Shoes

Why Pickleball Shoes Are Important

The answer is yes; there are shoes just for pickleball. Several brands are manufacturing pickleball shoes now, and you can invest in at least two pairs for indoor play and another pair for playing pickleball outdoors.

  1. You need pickleball shoes designed to provide stability during the fast-paced twists and turns you will encounter on the pickleball court. Pickleball shoes manufactured by pickleball companies help pickleball players maximize their safety by providing them with the proper structure and responsive features.
  2. Looking for pickleball shoes that offer you the traction you need on the pickleball court to move freely is essential. The tread pattern of pickleball shoes will help you stay traction-free on the pickleball court so that you are not slipping or sliding. With the traction provided by pickleball shoes, you do not need to slip or slide.
  3. When you wear pickleball shoes with shock-absorbing cushioning, you can minimize the impact of your landings, prevent injuries, and protect your feet. Make sure your docks are minimized by choosing styles with responsive cushioning, particularly under the ball of the foot.
  4. Comfort is essential to any pair of shoes you wear on your feet. Companies that make pickleball shoes know the importance of comfort on the pickleball court. Making shoes breathable, ventilated, and able to dry quickly can provide essential comfort on the court.
  5. It is a fantastic discovery that some companies design their pickleball shoes with removable insoles and a specially designed comfortable fit. The use of technology has found its way into pickleball shoes as well. Make sure you look for pickleball shoes from brands that offer information about the data associated with their pickleball shoes.
  6. You should look for technology that prevents toe drag, optimizes lateral movements, and enhances safety features. Some pickleball shoe manufacturers have the technology, such as Skechers with its Goodyear® Performance Outsole or Asics with its GEL technology. It is essential to choose the right pickleball shoes to improve your performance.

Its combination of safety features, traction, responsive cushioning, comfort, and technology will likely provide you with confidence and help you play pickleball at your best.

Best PickleBall Shoes

Pickleball Shoes for Indoors and Outdoors

Depending on the situation, the soles or the uppers may differ. Unlike outdoor pickleball shoes, designed for rougher surfaces, indoor pickleball shoes have soles that can provide traction on hardwood or smooth composite surfaces. 

The soles of indoor pickleball shoes function differently, and their soles work differently than outdoor pickleball shoes. A significant difference between the two is that outdoor soles have to be much heavier. The weight of the soles will affect the uppers’ weight, as the shoes’ overall weight must remain within a range acceptable for play. Some manufacturers even make a combination shoe. 

If you want to perform effectively on each court surface, it is essential to wear a pickleball shoe that is made to cope with this surface and work well on it. It would be best to wear shoes that are appropriate for the surface of the court, as using outdoor shoes on a hard surface, such as an indoor gym or hardwood, can lead to a lack of traction, potentially causing improper footing, slips, and falls.

Usually, the outsoles of outdoor shoes feature a modified herringbone pattern to give you the perfect combination of grip and give outdoors. There will typically be a softer, thinner outsole in an indoor court shoe with various tread patterns optimized for ultimate grip. Additionally, indoor shoes are typically lighter than outdoor shoes due to the thinner outsoles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to use running shoes for pickleball?

Running shoes should not be worn for pickleball games since they are designed for forward movement and are not typically designed to provide the lateral stability necessary for pickleball. It would be best to wear court shoes when you play pickleball, even if you’re used to wearing running shoes every day.

What is the recommended replacement interval for pickleball shoes?

It refers to the fact that a heavier shoe has a more rigid, denser rubber and is meant to last for months of play. Finding shoes with a 6-month guarantee on their outsoles is even possible. This means they will remain intact for six months, and if you wear through the tread during that timeframe, the brand will give you another pair of shoes for free, provided you pay for them within that period.

Is there anything special about pickleball shoes?

Pickleball tennis shoes differ from tennis shoes because the outsole of the pickleball tennis shoes is made of a softer and stickier rubber. This gives you a better grip on slippery gym floors than tennis shoes could ever provide you. Remember, pickleball tennis shoes should only be worn outdoors, not indoors.

Is there a particular type of shoe I should wear when playing pickleball?

A pair of comfortable court shoes are a must; sneakers or running shoes won’t provide the proper support to match pickleball’s side-to-side motion. Eye protection is also essential. It is imperative that players wear hats, visors, sweatbands, and light jackets or sweatshirts for cold outdoor play, among other accessories.


You should wear the best pickleball shoes depending on where you play most often. As you can probably guess, I own two pairs of shoes. One pair of court shoes for indoor gymnasiums and another for outdoor courts.

It takes little time to realize the benefits of upgrading from your first paddle; we should also be aware that upgrading our footwear can bring similar improvements to our game. Playing pickleball in a running shoe can cause a predictable injury, so you do not want to switch to a proper shoe only after suffering from one. Pro players aren’t the only ones who can feel the difference with that equipment.

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