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At BallSportsGames you can find everything you need to know on strategy and tips for your favorite ball sports. We do not want you to buy non-genuine items, so our product reviews and in-depth buyer’s guides are aimed at making you an informed buyer so you are equipped with good equipment that too with a reasonable price.

The founder and co-founder both co-founded BallSportsGames in order to help like-minded people to get proper guidance related to ball sports. They are passionate about ball sports and mostly pickleball, Their friends and family have been very close to each other just through playing together. They really appreciate the competitiveness and the fun it brings to people of all ages.

The whole and sole purpose of this site is to share our passion for the sports related to balls and to provide the right resources for people of all skill levels to be ace in their particular sports.

Our aim with ballsportsgames.com is to provide knowledge about the best sports out there, as we feel that it isn’t hard enough to find resources to help beginners to get started. As an Admirer Of pickleball and a Professional Pickleball player, it was hard for us to find things which would be helpful to everyone.

Nate Barnes

Being the founder of BallSportsGames, He have gained certifications for pickleball coaching from PickleBall Coaching International (PCI). He is very passionate for teaching pickleball to others and also has in-depth knowledge of PickleBall. In addition, with over 5 years of experience he has taught various skills and settings in order to play like a pro player to many players of every age group. Mainly he writes blogs related to PickleBall and its required accessories.

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Palove Rachelle

In 2016, Palove Rachelle became increasingly passionate about pickleball and co-founded Pickleball Coach Education Webpage, a website and podcast that interviews and writes about the best pickleball players and professionals in the country. Also, she is a PCI-certified instructor, and in addition to being a Sports instructor, she runs a Pickleball Forum for Women as well.

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