Benjamin Johns: Pro Pickleball Player

Benjamin Johns is a player that needs no introduction. He is the #1 ranked player in the world for doubles, singles, and mixed doubles for the 2022 season. Ben has become a legend in pickleball after his record-breaking 50 PPA titles. Winning more Triple Crowns than any other male player in history. Ben Johns is the top dog for the 2022 season and will likely be at the top of the rankings for many years to come.

Benjamin johns pickleball, widely regarded as the greatest pickleball player of all time, has dominated the sport in unprecedented fashion. Holding the top ranking in all three divisions for the majority of the past three years, his reign has been marked by an astonishing 108-match winning streak in singles competition.

With an ever-growing tally of over 80 PPA Titles and the most Triple Crowns in professional pickleball history, his induction into the Pickleball Hall of Fame is all but assured.

At just 24 years old, Benjamin is one of the youngest players on the PPA Tour. He is proudly sponsored by JOOLA Pickleball and Jigsaw Health while showcasing his skills with his own signature Joola Hyperion CFS 16MM paddle. A product he actively contributed to developing.

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Beyond pickleball, Benjamin recently completed his studies in Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Maryland. His diverse interests include traveling, reading, and weightlifting. And, participating in various other sports such as spike ball, golf, chess, and table tennis.

Alongside his remarkable athletic achievements, Benjamin is also the co-owner of two businesses. Pickleball Getaways, offering all-inclusive vacations with pickleball instruction, and Pickleball 360, an instructional video subscription service.

Originally from Laytonsville, Maryland, Benjamin now resides in Austin, Texas. In a delightful twist, his brother Collin serves as his regular doubles partner. While his sister Hannah contributes to the PPA Tour as a sideline reporter.

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Johns Background Story

Ben was homeschooled and is one of seven children. He grew up being very close to his siblings and he plays doubles with his brother, who also plays pickleball. The family all played table tennis quite competitively as children, which Ben credits for some of his pickleball court skills. 

Ben also loves golf and tennis, which he says have impacted some of his play methods. He claims that his playstyle is “Frankenstein” from other sports and offers him flexibility.

Ben is single at this time and does not have children. He has thrown a lot of personal effort into creating a few businesses with friends in recent years. One of these is Pickleball Getaways which helps people find vacations that will include access to pickleball. He has also begun an online subscription service called Pickleball 360, which teaches pickleball skills online. He also just launched a website that allows you to invest in cryptocurrency.

Ben Johns was introduced to pickleball by his parents. They were playing the game at a vacation resort in Florida in 2016. Ben was 17 years old at the time and had been playing tennis and table tennis since he was a child. He was immediately drawn to pickleball and started playing regularly after returning home from vacation.

Ben’s parents were supportive of his new interest and helped him to get started in pickleball. They bought him a paddle and some balls and took him to local pickleball courts. Ben quickly picked up the game and started winning tournaments. In 2017, he won the Men’s Pro Singles title at the U.S. Open Pickleball Championships. He has since gone on to win numerous other tournaments and is considered to be one of the best pickleball players in the world.

Benjamin Rankings and Winnings

As mentioned before, Ben Johns is currently #1 in the world for all three of the divisions that he plays in. This is a big feat for a 22–year-old, but Johns has consistently proven to be a skilled player who can deliver significant results.

In 2016, he started playing pickleball after years of playing table tennis and quickly won the US Open. He also took gold that year in Men’s Singles. The same year he collected three gold medals at the Canadian Nationals. In 2019 and 2021, he won the Triple Crown at the Tournament of Champions in Utah and the US Open.

These wins have cemented his fame in the sport, and he has set a consistent record of winnings that not many other players can even try to keep up with.


Ben is also sponsored by a health company called Jigsaw Health, and he has a sponsorship deal with DUPR, a global Pickleball ranking association. He is deeply involved with USA Pickleball. He and his brother work on the sidelines to improve the promotion of the sport and improve the venues and other access necessary to make pickleball a success on a national scale.

Ben is unique to most pickleball players because he has more than one sponsor. Many players of this sport are lucky to have a single sponsor. The fact that he has three tells you just how relevant companies and consumers find Ben’s story and his skill to be.

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Benjamin Johns’s Pickleball Signature Paddle

Franklin Sports makes a Ben Johns Signature Paddle that they have made since 2019. He does not state that he prefers any gear for use when competing, but most of his clothing and gaming supplies are, of course, supplied by Franklin. Franklin makes nice quality gear and training items, so they are an excellent sponsor to have on your side as an athlete.

Franklin has sponsored such sports giants as Dan Marino and Barry Bonds, and they rarely work with athletes who are not in premier sports that get a lot of attention nationally. It says a lot about Ben’s skill and playing prowess that they wanted to sign with him, and it says a lot about the changes that are happening in the pickleball world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of player is Benjamin Johns pickleball?

A: Benjamin Johns is renowned for playing with aggression. He has lightning-fast reflexes, great hand-eye coordination, and accurate shooting. With his all-powerful serve and tenacious offensive style, he often puts opponents under strain.

How does Benjamin Johns get ready for competitions?

A: Benjamin Johns engages in a tough training regimen to be ready for competitions. His efforts are directed at increasing his strength, agility, and stamina. Additionally, he makes time to work on certain pickleball techniques, drills, and strategy sessions.

Do you know Benjamin Johns’ go-to pickleball paddle?

A: Benjamin Johns does indeed use the Franklin Ben Johns Signature Paddle at the moment. It is a paddle that was created expressly for him and his desires.


In conclusion, Benjamin Johns’s pickleball has established himself as a formidable force in the world of pickleball. With his impressive achievements, aggressive playing style, and dedication to continuous improvement, he has become a role model for aspiring players.

Benjamin’s passion for the sport and his commitment to excellence make him a prominent figure in the pickleball community. As he continues to pursue his goals and contribute to the growth of the sport, Benjamin Johns’ impact on pickleball is sure to be enduring.

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