Erne Vs Bert In Pickleball

The Erne and Bert shots are unique techniques within the realm of pickleball, possessing the potential to impact the outcome of a game significantly. But there are differences between Erne and Bert in pickleball. 

In this blog, we are going to explain in detail on erne vs bert in pickleball. Read this blog post as you will learn the few differences between these two unique techniques in the game of pickleball.

Erne Vs Bert In Pickleball

Difference Between Erne and Bert in Pickleball

In the context of pickleball, “Erne” and “Bert” refers to the two different shots or techniques used during gameplay. Let’s discuss the points of difference between Erne and Bert:


  • Erne: The Erne shot entails a player intentionally stepping or jumping out of the designated bounds of the court and striking the ball before it makes contact with the ground. This shot is commonly executed close to the kitchen line, also known as the non-volley zone.
  • Bert: Bert stands for “Backhand Erne Return Technique.” It is a specialized shot employed to counter an opponent’s Erne shot by returning the ball with a backhand stroke.


  • Erne: To execute an Erne shot, a player positions themselves outside the bounds of the court and jumps or steps inwards to hit the ball in mid-air, ideally before it bounces.
  • Bert: Bert is a shot performed by the receiving player when their opponent executes an Erne shot. Instead of waiting for the ball to bounce, the player quickly moves to the side and uses a backhand stroke to hit the ball back right away.


  • Erne: The Erne shot is an offensive maneuver used to catch opponents off guard by hitting the ball before it bounces, potentially resulting in a difficult return for the opposing team.
  • Bert: Bert is a defensive strategy used to counter an opponent’s Erne shot effectively. By quickly moving to the side and using a backhand stroke, the player aims to return the shot and maintain control of the rally.


  • Erne: The player executing the Erne shot typically positions themselves outside the boundaries of the court, near the kitchen line, to gain the necessary space for the shot.
  • Bert: When using the Bert technique, the player stands near the centerline and expects their opponent to hit an Erne shot. They are prepared to move swiftly to the side and use a backhand stroke to return the ball.
Bert Vs Erne In Pickleball


  • Erne: The Erne shot requires agility, timing, and spatial awareness to execute correctly. Mastering the Erne shot can be difficult because it requires precise positioning and the ability to hit the ball while it is still in the air.
  • Bert: Bert is a defensive move that requires quick reactions, good footwork, and strong backhand skills to return the Erne shot successfully. It also involves predicting and understanding the opponent’s movements in advance.

The Erne shot is a bold offensive move in which a player hits the ball before it bounces while standing outside the lines of the court. On the other hand, Bert is a defensive technique used to counter the Erne shot and return it with a backhand stroke. Both shots demand practice and skill to execute effectively, bringing an element of surprise and strategic play to a pickleball match.


Can Beginners Attempt The Erne Or Bert Shots?

Yes, beginners can attempt the Erne or Bert shots, but it is recommended to first focus on mastering the basic techniques of pickleball.

Are Erne And Bert Shots Legal In Official Pickleball Tournaments?

Yes, both the Erne and Bert shots are legal in pickleball as long as they adhere to the sport’s rules. However, it is crucial to note that specific tournaments or organizations might have their regulations or limitations on these shots. Players must familiarize themselves with the tournament rules beforehand to ensure the proper execution of the Erne or Bert shots in an official setting.

How Can I Improve My Ability To Execute The Erne Or Bert Shots?

To improve your performance of the Erne and Bert shots, practice regularly, refine your technique, and understand the game well. Concentrate on enhancing your footwork, agility, and stroke techniques for better shot execution. Seeking guidance from an experienced pickleball coach can offer valuable tips and personalized training to strengthen your skills in executing the Erne and Bert shots.

What Are The Potential Risks Or Challenges Associated With Attempting The Erne Or Bert Shots?

Both the Erne and Bert shots carry certain risks. Executing the Erne shot requires precise timing and spatial awareness, and mistiming the shot can result in a fault or missed opportunity. Similarly, the Bert shot demands quick reflexes and agility to counter the opponent’s Erne shot effectively. Players should be aware of the positioning and movement of both themselves and their opponents to minimize the risks associated with these shots.


The Erne and Bert shot in pickleball showcases variations in execution, purpose, positioning, and difficulty. Achieving mastery in these shots necessitates a combination of skill, regular practice, and a deep comprehension of the game. By honing these techniques, players can elevate their performance and derive greater enjoyment from their pickleball experience on the court. After writing this blog, we hope you have understood the few points on erne vs bert in pickleball.

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