Gruvn Pickleball Paddle Review: A Comprehensive Look at Premium Paddles

As more people play pickleball around the world, there’s a growing demand for high-quality pickleball paddles. Among the highly praised paddle brands, Gruvn stands out, earning enthusiastic reviews from pickleball players. Gruvn sells different types of paddles for different players according to their skill level and budget. Their paddles are made with carbon fiber, composite, and graphite faces and have honeycomb polymer cores.

Gruvn offers various models of their pickleball paddles, which are classified into 5 categories: ‘MÜVN’ Thermoformed Power Series – Carbon Fiber, ‘RAW’ Control Series – Elongated Carbon Fiber, ‘RAW’ Control Series – Wide Body Carbon Fiber, Graphite – Control Series, and Composite – Pop Series. In this editorial product review article titled “Gruvn Pickleball Paddle Review”, we are going to discuss about any one model of Gruvn Pickleball Paddle from each category of Gruvn Pickleball Paddles, including their features, performance, and pros & cons.

Then, we will discuss which model of Gruvn Pickleball Paddle you have to choose. Finally, we’ll furnish you with essential instructions for maintaining your newly purchased Gruvn Pickleball Paddle.

‘MÜVN’ Thermoformed Power Series – Carbon Fiber

The MÜVN series by Gruvn introduces thermoformed carbon fiber paddles, specifically crafted to deliver additional power and optimal control for aggressive players. The thermoformed construction is designed to enhance paddle stability and durability. Let’s delve into a more detailed examination of the MUVN-16H Gruvn Pickleball Paddle with a Green Edge Guard.

MUVN-16H Gruvn Pickleball Paddle – Green Edge Guard(Raw Carbon Fiber)

The MUVN-16H features an elongated paddle shape reminiscent of a tennis racket, making it ideal for players transitioning from tennis. With a length of 16.5 inches, it provides an extended reach, which is advantageous for quick volleys at the net. Despite its elongated design, it offers a large 7.375-inch wide hitting surface.

The MUVN-16H is equipped with a premium T700 raw carbon fiber face and a 16mm polypropylene honeycomb core. Together, these components provide exceptional power, control, and touch. The paddle boasts minimal vibration and is sanctioned for use in USAPA tournaments. Weighing in at around 8 ounces, it offers stability for executing shots from both the baseline and the kitchen line.

MUVN-16H Gruvn Pickleball Paddle - Green Edge Guard


The paddle features an ergonomic handle with a 3D perforated cushion grip, designed to absorb sweat and provide a comfortable, non-slip grip even during prolonged matches. Additionally, it comes with a protective Gruvn neoprene cover for storage when not in use.

While some players found the paddle to be heavier than anticipated, many praised its superior control and the “pop” it provides off the face. The MUVN-16H Gruvn Pickleball Paddle – Green Edge Guard is an excellent choice for aggressive spin players who prefer to hit forcefully.

Performance Of The MUVN-16H Gruvn Pickleball Paddle – Green Edge Guard

This paddle is longer and made of raw carbon fiber, which helps you to reach further and hit harder during your games. The MUVN-16H paddle empowers you to deliver potent shots and react swiftly to volleys during your matches. Locating the sweet spot on this paddle is effortless, facilitating accurate shot placement and the targeting of challenging corners on the court seamlessly. Despite being slightly heavier than other paddles, the MUVN-16H’s stability enables you to dictate the game’s pace, even when blocking returns.

Pros And Cons Of The MUVN-16H Gruvn Pickleball Paddle – Green Edge Guard

Reasons to Buy
  • The elongated shape provides good reach and allows for quick volleys at the net.
  • The raw carbon fiber face offers exceptional power and control during gameplay.
  • The 16mm core produces great touch on shots while maintaining stability.
  • The cushioned grip provides a comfortable feel even during long games.
Reasons to Avoid
  • The weight, approximately 8 ounces, might lead to fatigue for certain players.
  • It comes with a high price tag.

‘RAW’ Control Series – Elongated Carbon Fiber

Gruvn’s RAW Control series showcases textured carbon fiber faces designed to enhance spin potential and precision. The elongated paddle shape offers a large sweet spot and improved reach. Let’s explore details about the RAW-16E Gruvn Pickleball Paddle in Green Stealth Design.

RAW-16E Gruvn Pickleball Paddle – Green Stealth Design(Raw Carbon Fiber)

The RAW-16E Gruvn Pickleball Paddle in Green Stealth design shares the same surface dimensions as the MUVN-16H, providing an extended reach and allowing players excellent hand speed and an aerodynamic feel. With a midweight design at 7.9 ounces, it offers enough heft for stability without sacrificing maneuverability.

Specifications Of The RAW-16E Gruvn Pickleball Paddle - Green Stealth Design

The premium T700 raw carbon fiber hitting surface assists in generating heavy spin on shots. When paired with the 16mm polypropylene honeycomb core, it provides consistent power and control for taps, dinks, and drives. This paddle performs admirably in noise-sensitive pickleball venues due to its quiet core and edgeless construction.

Numerous users experienced an improvement in their game with the RAW-16E Gruvn Pickleball Paddle (in Green Stealth Design) and particularly commended its consistency, especially when dealing with off-center hits. The 3D cushioned grip, designed to absorb sweat, offers a comfortable hold during extended marathon matches.

The RAW-16E Gruvn Pickleball Paddle (in Green Stealth Design) is an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced spin players who desire more finesse and touch on their shots. This elongated carbon fiber paddle offers enhanced control and precision for players looking to refine their game.

Performance Of The RAW-16E Gruvn Pickleball Paddle – Green Stealth Design

With its expansive surface area and textured face, the RAW-16E paddle proves to be exceptional at creating advantageous angles on the court. This paddle is particularly favored by finesse players who aim to execute intricate underspin and sidespin serves. Moreover, the RAW-16E’s sensitivity is evident in its ability to handle delicate volleys at the net seamlessly. Extended rallies are easily managed because the comfortable 3D grip ensures a secure hold even when players’ hands get sweaty.

RAW-16E Gruvn Pickleball Paddle - Green Stealth Design


Pros And Cons Of The RAW-16E Gruvn Pickleball Paddle – Green Stealth Design

Reasons to Buy
  • It has an ideal weight of 7.9 ounces, providing excellent maneuverability.
  • Its raw carbon face generates significant topspin on shots.
  • The sweet spot aligns well with hits, thanks to its elongated shape.
  • The polypropylene honeycomb core effectively reduces vibration.
Reasons to Avoid
  • The grip may feel thin for pickleball players with large hands.

‘RAW’ Control Series – Wide Body Carbon Fiber

Unlike the elongated shapes, Gruvn’s wide-bodied RAW Control paddles feature larger hitting surfaces, enhancing ball control. The RAW-13V Gruvn Pickleball Paddle with a pink edge guard provides players with even more spin and feel compared to the RAW-16E in Green Stealth Design.

Raw-13V Gruvn Pickleball Paddle – Pink Edge Guard (Raw Carbon Fiber)

The RAW-13V Gruvn Pickleball Paddle – Pink Edge Guard weighs 7.8 ounces, making it a midweight option suitable for all-around play. Its classic design, spanning 8.1 inches in width, features a sizable sweet spot that helps keep shots in play. With a shorter 4.75-inch handle, the paddle allows for quick reaction shots.

Even though this paddle has a wide profile, it still generates lots of spin due to the raw carbon hitting surface. Additionally, with its thinner 13mm polymer core, the paddle provides ample pop on drives and blocks. Gruvn’s RAW series paddles utilize a polypropylene honeycomb core for quiet play.

Specifications Of The Raw-13V Gruvn Pickleball Paddle - Pink Edge Guard

Many people appreciated the easier-to-hold grip size of the RAW-13V Gruvn Pickleball Paddle compared to traditional pickleball grips. The perforated cushion grip ensures a comfortable and anti-slip hold, especially when hands become sweaty during a match.

The RAW-13V Gruvn Pickleball Paddle, featuring a Pink Edge Guard, provides an excellent option priced at under $200. It is ideal for versatile players who want the benefits of raw carbon fiber in a traditional wide-body design.

Performance Of The Raw-13V Gruvn Pickleball Paddle – Pink Edge Guard

The Raw-13V Gruvn Pickleball Paddle with Pink Edge Guard is designed for all-around players who value both consistency and power in their game. Featuring a wider design, this paddle offers enhanced control and power. Its grippy RAW carbon face enables players to put extra rotation on groundstrokes, resulting in improved placement accuracy. Additionally, the paddle’s midweight design allows for smooth maneuverability, whether executing tricky angles or delivering mid-court volleys. Even during prolonged games, the RAW-13V maintains its performance admirably.

Raw-13V Gruvn Pickleball Paddle - Pink Edge Guard


Pros & Cons Of The Raw-13V Gruvn Pickleball Paddle – Pink Edge Guard

Reasons to Buy
  • Classic 8.1” head shape offers better ball control
  • Textured surface provides exceptional spin potential
  • Lightweight at 7.8oz for quick reaction shots
  • Wider face keeps more shots in play
Reasons to Avoid
  • Less reach due to shorter handle
  • Not as powerful as the elongated designs.

Graphite – Control Series

The Graphite Control pickleball paddles by Gruvn are equipped with sleek graphite faces tailored for technical play. Let’s delve into the features of The Gripper-G16 Gruvn Pickleball Paddle In Blue Green Smile.

The Gripper-G16 Gruvn Pickleball Paddle In Blue Green Smile (Graphite)

The Gripper-G16 Gruvn Pickleball Paddle with a blue-green smile features a midweight design and utilizes a graphite face material favored by competitive players for its touch and finesse. While graphite paddles often have less “pop,” Gruvn addresses this by adding a textured UV coating to enhance spin and control. The paddle boasts a classic 8-inch wide head shape, ensuring consistent shots during gameplay.

The 16mm polypropylene honeycomb core of the paddle effectively dampens vibrations, while still providing decent power on shots. The handle of the paddle is perforated and equipped with a cushioned grip, guaranteeing a comfortable gameplay that lives up to the Gripper name. Many users have mentioned that they are able to add more spin and execute dinks much easier with this paddle.

Overall, the Gripper-G16 Gruvn Pickleball Paddle in Blue Green Smile(Graphite) enables technical players to accurately stroke the ball with optimal topspin and backspin. Its emphasis on control makes it an ideal choice for intermediate to pro-level games where strategy takes precedence over sheer power.

The Gripper-G16 Gruvn Pickleball Paddle In Blue Green Smile


Performance Of The Gripper-G16 Gruvn Pickleball Paddle In Blue Green Smile (Graphite)

The Gripper-G16 Pickleball Paddle in a Blue Green Smile is specifically engineered for control and finesse, offering an exceptional touch around the net. Its grip efficiently absorbs sweat, allowing players to handle balls delicately during mid-rallies. The graphite face adds backspin, allowing users to aim dinks precisely within inches of the boundaries. Furthermore, the Gripper-G16 stands out in skillfully blocking fast shots with a gentle touch, emphasizing precision over sheer power. This paddle is ideal for technical players looking to enhance their game.

Pros & Cons Of The Gripper-G16 Gruvn Pickleball Paddle In Blue Green Smile

Reasons to Buy
  • The graphite face is excellent for adding finesse to shots.
  • The textured coating enables easier spin strokes.
  • The grip lives up to its name and remains comfortable throughout the game.
  • Durable construction ensures long-term use.
Reasons to Avoid
  • The graphite face restricts the “pop” on power shots.
  • Vibrations are felt when hitting very hard-driven balls.

Composite – Pop Series

Gruvn’s Composite Pop series paddles are perfect for players seeking performance on a budget, as they fulfill all the necessary requirements. The Launch-C Composite Gruvn Pickleball Paddle, weighing less than 8 ounces, provides a well-balanced blend of power and finesse.

GRÜVN The Launch-C Composite Pickleball Paddle

This control paddle incorporates a fiberglass hitting surface that flexes upon impact, imparting a distinctive touch to the player. Furthermore, an additional texture coating facilitates effortless spin shots, providing an enhanced grip on the ball. The widebody design ensures a balance between power and accuracy.

GRÜVN The Launch-C Composite Pickleball Paddle's Specifications

The GRÜVN Launch-C features a 10mm polypropylene honeycomb core, which ensures comfortable feedback during play. Minimal vibrations contribute to a quiet and enjoyable playing experience. The grip size is suitable for players with smaller hands. Many players appreciated the value offered by this midweight composite paddle.

For budget-minded players seeking decent maneuverability, the GRÜVN Launch-C Composite Pickleball Paddle is an excellent starter paddle priced under $100. Its well-balanced attributes ensure reliable performance for players as their skills progress.

Performance Of The GRÜVN The Launch-C Composite Pickleball Paddle

Despite its affordable price point, the GRÜVN Launch-C Composite Pickleball Paddle delivers impressive performance with its lightweight design that keeps up seamlessly during rallies. Featuring a composite face, it provides a distinctively soft touch on balls, allowing players to skillfully execute underspin serves and place off-speed volleys with precision. Ideal for budding beginners seeking dependable performance without breaking the bank, the Launch-C paddle offers a compelling option for entry-level players.

The Launch-C Composite Gruvn Pickleball Paddle


Pros & Cons Of The GRÜVN The Launch-C Composite Pickleball Paddle

Reasons to Buy
  • This paddle provides exceptional quality considering its low price.
  • The fiberglass face provides a unique touch and feel.
  • Lightweight maneuverability at only 7.75 ounces.
  • Texture coating supports spin shots effectively.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lower control compared to premium paddles.
  • Composite face is prone to scratching and chipping.
  • Grip wears out faster than cushioned grips.

Which Model of Gruvn Pickleball Paddle to Choose?

Selecting the ideal Gruvn pickleball paddle model relies on your playing technique and experience level. If you play with aggressive spins and powerful shots, you should explore the MUVN-16H (Green Edge Guard) or RAW-16E elongated carbon fiber paddles. These paddles offer excellent power and control. For finesse players who prioritize touch and precision, the Gripper-G16 graphite paddle (in Blue Green Smile) is a great choice. Beginners seeking a quality starter pickleball paddle can opt for the Launch-C composite model, which is affordable and versatile.

If you prefer extra reach and spin potential, consider choosing one of Gruvn’s elongated paddle shapes with a textured carbon fiber face. For players who prioritize control and placement, the widebody graphite or composite-faced pickleball paddles enable better ball manipulation. Whether you favor specific gameplay tactics or not, Gruvn provides exceptional paddles designed to enhance performance.

Instructions for Taking Care of the Gruvn Pickleball Paddle

Ensuring proper care for your Gruvn pickleball paddle guarantees its longevity and preserves its top playing qualities for years to come. Here are some tips:

  1. After playing, make sure to wipe the paddle face clean using a soft cloth to prevent the buildup of dirt.
  2. Make sure to keep the paddle covered with the protective case provided when it is not in use.
  3. Avoid exposing the paddle to direct sunlight or extreme heat in storage.
  4. Regularly inspect the paddle face and edge guard for any chips or cracks.
  5. When necessary, install new Gruvn replacement grips for maximum comfort.
  6. If the honeycomb polymer core gets damaged, get in touch with Gruvn to explore repair options.
  7. Avoid using solvents or abrasives to clean the paddle surface.
  8. Carry the paddle securely in a bag compartment to prevent warping.

By adhering to these simple instructions for storing, handling, and caring for your Gruvn paddle, you’ll ensure it stays in top condition for many seasons of play.


Are All Gruvn Pickleball Paddles Approved For Tournament Play?

Yes, all Gruvn Pickleball Paddle models are tested and approved for use in sanctioned USA Pickleball (USAPA) tournaments.

What Materials Does Gruvn Use To Make Their Pickleball Paddles?

Gruvn pickleball paddles are crafted using high-quality materials like carbon fiber, fiberglass, and graphite for the paddle faces. Moreover, they include polymer honeycomb cores that provide a great feel while reducing noise when playing.

What Types Of Paddle Shapes Does Gruvn Offer?

Gruvn offers two main paddle shapes: elongated and widebody. The elongated paddles have a longer surface area, which allows for better reach. On the other hand, widebody paddles provide a larger sweet spot for improved performance.

Are Gruvn Pickleball Paddles Suitable For Beginners?

Yes, Gruvn pickleball paddles are suitable for beginners as these paddles offer excellent performance for them. The Launch-C Composite paddle, for instance, is an affordable option for those starting out. Additionally, intermediate players can enjoy the spin and control provided by models like the RAW series carbon fiber paddles.

Do Gruvn Pickleball Paddles Include Covers And Grips?

Yes, all Gruvn pickleball paddles come with protective neoprene covers and high-quality perforated cushion grips designed for sweat absorption and comfort. Replacement grips are available for when the original grips wear out over time.

How Can I Increase The Spin On My Shots Using My Gruvn Pickleball Paddle?

To enhance spin, opt for a Gruvn paddle from the RAW Control series, which features a textured carbon fiber face. This textured surface provides a better grip, allowing you to generate heavier spin when hitting the ball. Additionally, focusing on your paddle angle and mastering proper stroke technique will further aid in maximizing spin on your shots.

Why Do Some Pickleball Paddles Make More Noise Than Others When You Play With Them?

The noise level of pickleball paddles during play can vary depending on the materials used in their construction. Paddles with polymer honeycomb cores tend to reduce vibration and noise, resulting in quieter play. On the other hand, paddles made with materials like aluminum or Nomex cores can produce more noise upon ball impact. At Gruvn, all pickleball paddles utilize quiet polypropylene honeycomb cores to ensure a quieter playing experience.


In summary, after thoroughly examining the various models of Gruvn Pickleball Paddles discussed in this article, it’s evident that they are excellent choices for players of all skill levels. Each Gruvn Pickleball Paddle model, from the MÜVN Thermoformed Power Series to the Composite Pop Series category, offers distinct features tailored to different playing styles and preferences.

Aggressive players looking for power and control will find excellent performance in options such as the MUVN-16H with a green edge guard and the RAW-16E in a green stealth design. For players who focus on finesse and accuracy, paddles such as the Gripper-G16 in a blue-green smile design are an excellent choice. Beginners can opt for the affordable GRÜVN The Launch-C Composite Pickleball Paddle to kickstart their pickleball journey.

Gruvn’s commitment to quality materials and innovative design ensures that each paddle delivers a superior playing experience. With features like textured faces for enhanced spin and quiet polypropylene honeycomb cores, Gruvn pickleball paddles excel in performance and durability.

In essence, this Gruvn Pickleball Paddle Review highlights the brand’s dedication to meeting pickleball enthusiasts’ diverse needs while maintaining exceptional craftsmanship and playability standards.

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