How High Is a Pickleball Net?

If you enjoy playing pickleball, you undoubtedly already know how entertaining and exhilarating it can be. A racket sport called pickleball combines aspects of table tennis, badminton, and tennis. On a badminton-like court with a net in the centre, two service zones on either side, and a non-volley zone next to the net, it is played. Using paddles and plastic balls with holes, the game may be played singly or doubles.

But do you know how high is a pickleball net? And why is it different from other racket sports? And how can you measure and adjust the pickleball net height if needed? In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will explain the rules and regulations of pickleball net height, how to adjust the pickleball net height if needed, and some frequently asked questions about pickleball net height. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of how high is a pickleball net and how to play with it.

How High Is a Pickleball Net?

The regulation height for a pickleball net is one of the unique aspects that sets it apart from other racquet sports. According to the official rules, pickleball nets should measure 36 inches (91.4 cm) tall at both sidelines, and slope downward to 34 inches (86.4 cm) tall at the center point of the net. This means there is a gradual diagonal slope from 36 inches on one side to 34 inches in the middle and back up to 36 inches on the other side.

How High Is A Pickleball Net

Having this purposeful 2-inch difference between the sideline heights and the center height is an important component of pickleball strategy and playability. The lower net height of 34 inches in the middle section gives newer or less experienced players an advantage when volleying the ball from inside the non-volley zone, also known as the “kitchen” area. Shots like the dink are easier to return successfully over a 34-inch high net. However, more advanced players with strong overheads and volleys are able to take advantage of the higher 36-inch net height along the sidelines to slam down winning shots.

This blended slope allows for longer, exciting rallies between players of varying skill levels. Additionally, the slope forces players to master proper footwork, positioning, and shot selection based on where the ball is placed on the court. The strategic elements introduced by the 36/34 height regulations make for dynamic, engaging games for both recreational and competitive pickleball players. While casual play can use small net height adjustments, abiding by the official 36-inch sides and 34-inch center slope is ideal for balanced, fair competition.

Rules and Regulations of Pickleball Net Height

The official rules and regulations of How High Is a Pickleball Net? are determined by the International Federation for Pickleball (IFP). These rules are followed by USA Pickleball, as well as many other national pickleball associations around the world. The IFP pickleball rulebook clearly lays out all of the official pickleball court dimensions, including the pickleball net height.

According to the IFP rules, the official pickleball net height is 36 inches (91.44 cm) at the side-line and 34 inches (86.36 cm) at the center of the court1. This means that the net is slightly lower in the middle than at the sides, creating a gentle curve. The net should also be straight and tight across the court, without any sagging or slack.

The official pickleball net height is different from other racket sports, such as tennis and badminton. For example, tennis has a net height of 36 inches (91.44 cm) at both sides and 42 inches (106.68 cm) at both posts2. Badminton has a net height of 60 inches (152.4 cm) at both sides and 61 inches (154.94 cm) at both posts3. This means that pickleball has a lower and more consistent net height than tennis and badminton.

The purpose of having a lower and more consistent net height in pickleball is to make the game more challenging and competitive. A lower net height makes it easier to hit shots over the net, but also makes it harder to hit shots with a downward angle or trajectory. A lower net height encourages players to use more spin, speed, and placement to create angles and openings in their opponent’s court. A lower net height requires players to have faster reflexes, better footwork, and more accuracy to defend against their opponent’s shots. A lower net height favors players who have good control, touch, and finesse over their shots, especially near the non-volley zone.

how high is a pickleball net in the middle

How to Adjust Net Height If Needed?

  • Portable Nets: Many portable pickleball net systems allow height adjustments. Set the sidelines to 36 inches, then lower the middle.
  • Net Cords: For permanent nets, use knots or net straps to tighten or loosen height as needed.
  • Knots: Tie knots in the net cord to adjust tension. More knots raise net, fewer knots lower it.
  • Straps: Attach straps to the cord center to create slack and lower net. Tighten strap to raise it up.
  • Rope Hooks: Rope hooks on the net edges can alter tension. Loosen hooks to lower net, tighten to raise it.
No matter how you adjust height, always inspect the net before matches and make changes gradually. Safety first!

Pickleball Net Width

Beyond height, According to the IFP rules, the official pickleball net width is 22 feet (6.71 m) from post to post or 21 feet and 9 inches (6.63 m) from inside post to inside post. The net should have a small mesh size to prevent a pickleball from going through it. The net width is 22 feet wide from post to post or 21 feet and 9 inches from inside post to inside post.

how high is a pickleball net supposed to be

The official pickleball net width is different from other racket sports, such as tennis and badminton. For example, tennis has a net width of 42 feet (12.8 m) for doubles and 33 feet (10.06 m) for singles2. Badminton has a net width of 20 feet (6.1 m) for both doubles and singles3. This means that pickleball has a narrower and more consistent net width than tennis and badminton.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure pickleball net height?

Net height is measured from the bottom of the net to the court surface directly below it. The USA Pickleball Association recommends net gauges inserted below the bottom net tape to get an accurate measurement.

What is the average net height for recreational pickleball?

Though tournament regulations require precise 36 inch sidelines and 34 inch centers, recreational games can sometimes use approx. 32-34 inch nets for a more casual game. This allows all levels to rally the ball.

Can you play pickleball with a tennis net?

While not ideal, tennis nets around 42 inches high can be used for backyard pickleball in a pinch. Though volleys will be tougher, it allows players to get a feel for the game using existing equipment.

What height should a DIY pickleball net be?

For easy homemade pickleball nets, 34 inches is a reasonable target height. This will be suitable for recreational play, while allowing volleys and limiting smashes. Adjustable systems can help tweak exact height preferences.

What is the regulation net height for competitive pickleball?

The official regulation net height for sanctioned pickleball tournaments is 36 inches at the sidelines and 34 inches at center. This is the net height used for pro and medal match play.

Is it better to play pickleball with a lower or higher net?

Lower net heights like 32 inches facilitate longer volleys by limiting baseline drives and overheads. Higher nets around 36 inches emulate tournament play requiring precise shot placement and athletic volleys.

What height are indoor pickleball nets?

Indoor pickleball facilities often use portable nets ranging from 32 to 34 inches for recreational play. Precision competition nets can be installed at regulation 36/34 inch heights for indoor tournaments and events.

How do I raise or lower my portable pickleball net system?

Portable nets should include adjustable telescoping legs and tensioning systems allowing the net height to be repositioned from 30 to 36 inches for different skill levels. Center straps can also be tightened to tweak middle sagging.

Can I still improve my game with a backyard pickleball net?

Backyard portable nets from 32 to 36 inches high let players develop key techniques like groundstrokes, volleys, overhead shots and precision aim needed for competitive play on regulation nets.


Pickleball’s rising popularity can be attributed to many factors – the fun social nature, blend of various racquet sports, and accessibility to players of all ages and mobility levels. Thanks for learning all about regulation how high is a pickleball net? To recap, nets should measure 36 inches at the sidelines and slope to 34 inches in the center. This unique height difference is meant to balance skill levels and tactics. While recreational play can use different heights, aiming for that 36/34 inch standard will maximize your pickleball fun and skills. Get the net height dialed in, and enjoy this fantastic sport even more!

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