Joola Pickleball Paddle Review:Deep Dive Analysis

Pickleball’s rising popularity has led to an influx of paddle options on the market. With so many choices now available, it can be challenging to determine which one best fits your playing style and skills. In this 10,000 word editorial review, I’ll provide an extensive evaluation of 5 premier pickleball paddles from JOOLA to help players select an ideal match.

Joola Pickleball Paddle Review

For each paddle, I’ll do a deep dive on Joola Pickleball Paddle Review the specialized technologies, materials, design elements, performance attributes, pros and cons, and overall value. My goal is to give pickleball athletes a comprehensive resource to make an informed decision when investing in a new paddle. Let’s jump in and geek out on the details!

JOOLA Anna Bright Scorpeus CFS 14 Pickleball Paddle

Designed in partnership with professional standout Anna Bright, the Scorpeus CFS 14 aims to supply the power, spin, and control that Anna utilizes in competition. How does it deliver on these goals? Let’s analyze the details.

JOOLA Anna Bright Scorpeus CFS 14 Pickleball Paddle

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 16″ length x 8″ width
  • Weight: 7.8 oz
  • Grip: 5.25″ circumference JOOLA Feel-Tec Pure
  • Core: 14mm Reactive Honeycomb Polymer
  • Surface: Carbon Friction – durable carbon fiber textured face
  • Special Technologies: Charged Carbon treatment, sweet spot optimization, carbon perimeter, HyperFoam stabilizers


Design and Construction

Starting with the foundation, the Scorpeus utilizes a 14mm reactive honeycomb polymer core. The medium thickness provides a balance of touch and pop. Honeycomb cores like this aim for even energy distribution across the surface thanks to their hexagonal cell structure. The polymer makeup also helps reduce vibrations for a more controlled response.

Encasing the core is a Carbon Friction fiberglass surface reinforced with a durable carbon fiber texture. This high-traction texture allows players to really bite into the ball for heavy topspin. The advanced carbon also bolsters the paddle’s structural integrity for increased durability during play.

JOOLA then employs several specialized treatments to enhance performance:

Charged Carbon Technology – An additive bonding process that hardens and electrifies the fiberglass surface for improved energy transfer and pop. Provides a uniquely crisp and explosive feel.

Sweet Spot Optimization – Precisely contours the paddle face to expand the prime hitting area in the center. Increases stability and ball pocketing.

Carbon Perimeter – Full carbon fiber cage around the edges enhances overall paddle strength and consistency through changing temperatures.

HyperFoam Stabilizers – Injected foam reinforcements along the rim improve stability and balance. Expand the paddle’s effective sweet spot closer to the edges.

Finally, the Feel-Tec Pure grip supplies cushioning and tackiness for superior comfort, shock absorption, and ball control. The contours mold naturally to hand shape as well.

JOOLA Anna Bright Scorpeus

Performance and Playability

So how does this technology translate into actual performance? Let’s break it down:

Power: The 14mm polymer core generates impressive pop and speed. You can really drive through shots with force thanks to the medium thickness and snappy response. The Charged Carbon treatment adds even more paddle recoil for extra pace. Handles power strokes with aplomb.

Control: For all its pop, the Scorpeus still provides high levels of control for shot precision thanks to the polymer touch. Easy to dial in directional accuracy, even on sensitive shots like blocks and dinks. The sweet spot optimization maximizes stability across the face as well. Excellent blend of power and finesse.

Spin: The textured Carbon Friction surface bites aggressively into the ball for heavy topspin and slice capabilities. The advanced grip texture excels at churning spin on groundstrokes, serves, overheads – you name it. One of the spinniest surfaces available.

Comfort: The lightweight 7.8oz build reduces arm fatigue during extended play. The Feel-Tec grip also supplies plush cushioning and tack for superior comfort over time. Excellent shock absorption too.

Stability: With its expanded sweet spot technologies and HyperFoam rim reinforcements, the Scorpeus maintains great stability even on off-center hits. The paddle stays composed and accurate across a larger hitting zone.

Durability: Full carbon cage protects against cracks and chips while retaining consistent play in all temperatures. Textured fiberglass face is highly resistant to wear over time. Paddle maintains high performance for extended durations.

Reasons to Buy
  • Impressive blend of power and finesse
  • Charged Carbon face adds explosive pop
  • Loads of spin from grippy Carbon Friction
  • Expanded sweet spot and edge stability
  • Extremely durable construction
Reasons to Avoid
  • Price point is definitely on the higher end
  • May feel overly stiff for some players
  • Surface graphics will eventually fade with heavy use


The JOOLA Scorpeus CFS 14 provides an elite blend of power, control, and spin optimized for intermediate to advanced play. The 14mm core strikes an ideal balance of pop and feel. Meanwhile, the textured Carbon Friction face supplies aggressive spin along with the stability-boosting sweet spot enhancements. Topped off with a comfortable Feel-Tec grip, this paddle is purpose-built for performance. For competitive players who crave a do-it-all option, the Scorpeus CFS 14 is an excellent investment.

JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus CFS 16 Pickleball Paddle

The JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus CFS 16 aims to supply maximum power and explosiveness by collaborating with the hard-hitting world #1 player himself. How does it stack up? Let’s dig into the details.

JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus CFS 16 Pickleball Paddle

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 16.5″ length x 7.5″ width
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Grip: 5.5″ circumference JOOLA Feel-Tec Pure
  • Core: 16mm Reactive Honeycomb Polymer
  • Surface: Carbon Friction – durable carbon fiber texture
  • Special Technologies: Charged Carbon treatment, sweet spot shaping, HyperFoam stabilizers, carbon perimeter


Design and Construction

At the core of the Perseus lies a responsive 16mm honeycomb polymer material tuned to deliver lively power. The increased thickness provides impressive pop and speed capabilities compared to thinner cores. It’s encased in the same durable Carbon Friction fiberglass as the Scorpeus – supplying grippy texture for maximum spin potential.

The Perseus also utilizes JOOLA’s signature technologies to augment performance:

Charged Carbon Technology – Hardens and electrifies the paddle surface for unparalleled pop and energy transfer upon ball impact. Provides a uniquely snappy and explosive hit.

Sweet Spot Shaping – Subtly contours the paddle face to expand the prime hitting area in the center. Improves stability and ball control.

HyperFoam Stabilizers – Injected foam reinforcements in the rim add stability closer to the paddle’s edges for increased playable area.

Carbon Perimeter – Full carbon fiber cage surrounds the paddle for heightened structural integrity across fluctuating temperatures.

The Perseus is then finished off with the comfortable and grippy Feel-Tec Pure handle.

JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus

Performance and Playability

So how does the Perseus hold up on the court? Here’s an evaluation across key attributes:

Power: With its thick 16mm core and Charged Carbon face, the Perseus supplies tremendous pop and speed. You can really pound balls with penetrating pace thanks to the lively polymer response and snappy carbon recoil. Built for aggressive power shots.

Control: Despite all that power, the Perseus still provides ample touch and precision thanks to the responsive polymer core. The sweet spot shaping also improves stability for keeping balls in play. Excellent directional control.

Spin: The grippy Carbon Friction texture churns out easy topspin to shape shots as desired. Seriously bites into the ball with every cut or drive. Favorable for players who heavily utilize spin.

Comfort: The plush Feel-Tec grip minimizes vibrations and shock for superior comfort, even during high-intensity play. The 8oz weight provides a nice balanced feel between light and heavy.

Stability: With its expanded sweet spot design and HyperFoam reinforcements, the Perseus maintains great steadiness and accuracy even when hitting towards the edges. Provides forgiveness on off-center hits.

Durability: Full carbon protective cage retains structural integrity and consistent response across fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. The textured fiberglass face also withstands heavy use and abuse.

Reasons to Buy
  • Extreme power from lively 16mm core and Charged Carbon
  • Serious spin potential from grippy Carbon Friction
  • Forgiving sweet spot technologies enhance stability
  • Durable carbon fiber construction built to last
  • Ideal for dominating offensive play
Reasons to Avoid
  • Higher 8oz weight could cause fatigue for some
  • Price tag is steep for many buyers
  • Less feel for touch shots vs. thinner cores


Built for aggression, the JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus CFS 16 supplies intense power and spin capabilities from its thick core and grippy carbon face. The signature JOOLA technologies provide added pop, stability, and durability as well. For competitive players with an attacking style, this paddle delivers the tools you need to overwhelm opponents. The premium performance does demand a premium price, but it’s a worthwhile investment for serious pickleball athletes.

JOOLA Journey Pickleball Paddle

Shifting focus, the JOOLA Journey aims to provide beginners with an affordable and forgiving paddle for learning the game. How is it engineered for newcomers? Let’s find out.

JOOLA Journey Pickleball Paddle

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 15.8” length x 7.8” width
  • Weight: 7.8 oz
  • Grip: 5” circumference JOOLA Feel-Tec Pure
  • Core: 10mm Response Polymer Honeycomb
  • Surface: Fiberglass
  • Special Technologies: Polymer edge guard


Design and Construction

Geared towards novice players, the Journey utilizes a thin 10mm polymer honeycomb core to deliver control and forgiveness. The limited thickness helps absorb vibrations and mishits for more accurate responses. It’s wrapped with a fiberglass hitting surface which provides moderate pop.

The Journey foregoes advanced technologies to focus on user-friendly basics:

Polymer Edge Guard – Protective side barriers prevent frame damage during play or transport. Strengthens overall structural integrity.

Feel-Tec Pure Grip – Provides cushioning, tackiness, and moisture-wicking for superior comfort over long periods of play.

Journey Joola Pickleball Paddle

Performance and Playability

While designed for beginners, how does the Journey actually perform on the court? Here’s a review of the key factors:

Power: The fiberglass face generates decent pop for baseline rallies and net exchanges. While not overpowering, it supplies enough pace and depth for newer players learning proper swing mechanics. Provides a friendly introduction to adding power.

Control: Where the Journey excels is control – the 10mm polymer core really improves shot precision and forgiveness. Even off-center hits stay relatively accurate thanks to the responsive touch. Excellent for dialing in groundstrokes and keeping shots in play.

Spin: Moderate spin capabilities from the fiberglass surface. The Journey allows newcomers to add some topspin or slice to shots, but doesn’t maximize potential like textured faces. Just a taste of spin for beginners.

Comfort: Lightweight 7.8oz build helps reduce arm fatigue for inexperienced players. The Feel-Tec grip also cushions vibes and tackily absorbs sweat during rallies and games. Very comfortable, especially for novices.

Durability: The polymer edge guard protects against cracking and chipping caused by drops or impacts. Prevents damage to maintain playability and consistency.

Reasons to Buy
  • Ultra forgiving response great for beginners
  • Impressive control helps develop shot accuracy
  • Comfortable Feel-Tec grip reduces fatigue
  • Durable edge protects against breakage
  • Very affordable price point for newcomers
Reasons to Avoid
  • Underwhelming power for experienced players
  • Highly limited spin capabilities
  • Shorter length than standard paddles


The JOOLA Journey accomplishes its mission of providing beginners with an easy-to-use and forgiving paddle for learning the game. While advanced players will eventually outgrow its modest performance, it gives new pickleball athletes a durable and enjoyable introduction to the sport. For recreational novices looking to develop skills, the Journey is a perfect place to start.

JOOLA Vision CGS 16 Pickleball Paddle

Ready to progress beyond the basics? The JOOLA Vision CGS 16 supplies budding intermediate players with more power and increased spin to level up their game. Let’s inspect how it’s designed and performs.

JOOLA Vision CGS 16

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 16.4” length x 7.3” width
  • Weight: 7.8 oz
  • Grip: 5.5” circumference JOOLA Ridge
  • Core: 16mm Response Polymer Honeycomb
  • Surface: Carbon Grip Surface fiberglass
  • Special Technologies: Aero-curved edges, polymer edge guard


Design and Construction

The Vision utilizes a stepped-up 16mm polymer honeycomb core to deliver extra pop while maintaining control. The surface consists of fiberglass infused with JOOLA’s Carbon Grip Surface treatment, adding durable grip texture to enhance spin generation.

Structurally, the Vision includes:

Aero-Curved Edges – Subtle curvature along the perimeter reduces drag for increased swing speeds and ball velocity. Provides an aerodynamic boost.

Polymer Edge Guard – Protective bumpers strengthen the frame for improved durability and crack resistance during play and storage.

Ridge Grip – Perforated ridges on the back add tactile traction and leverage for two-handed grips and strokes. Improves grip security.

JOOLA Vision CGS 16 Pickleball Paddle

Performance and Playability

With its design upgrades, how does the Vision perform for intermediate competitors? Let’s analyze the key metrics:

Power: The 16mm core supplies impressive pace and depth for drives and serves. The aero-curved shape also improves velocity on strokes. Provides a noticeable power bump from entry-level paddles.

Control: Maintains excellent control for shot precision thanks to the polymer touch and feel. Easy to consistently place balls and make adjustments mid-rally. Fantastic blend of power and finesse.

Spin: The Carbon Grip Surface significantly enhances spin capabilities from basic fiberglass. Allows intermediate players to add more revolutions and shape to shots with purposeful technique.

Comfort: Familiar 7.8oz weight avoids fatigue while the cushioned Ridge grip absorbs vibrations. Sweat-wicking perforations keep hands dry as well. Continued comfort focus.

Durability: The reinforced polymer edge guard retains integrity against dings, drops, and debris. Preserves consistent performance despite routine paddle mishandling.

Reasons to Buy
  • 16mm core creates noticeable power boost
  • Carbon Grip Surface provides serious spin improvement
  • Superb control and feel for intermediate play
  • Ridge grip excels for two-handers
  • Durable edge protects against cracking
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks extreme power and pop of elite paddles
  • Ridge grip feel may take adjustments
  • Improved but not revolutionary spin


Supplying veteran-level power and increased spin generation, the JOOLA Vision CGS 16 is an excellent step-up paddle for intermediate players looking to upgrade. The control-focused core builds on fundamentals, while the Carbon Grip texture provides a true grip and bite for spin. With its blend of improved pace and forgiveness, the Vision makes a smooth transition for advancing athletes.

JOOLA Radius CGS 16 Pickleball Paddle

Last up, the radically shaped JOOLA Radius CGS 16 provides a uniquely forgiving sweet spot coupled with enhanced spin for intermediate competitors. What design secrets produce this performance?

JOOLA Radius CGS 16

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 15.8” length x 8.2” width
  • Weight: 7.6 oz
  • Grip: 5” circumference JOOLA Ridge
  • Core: 16mm Response Polymer Honeycomb
  • Surface: Carbon Grip Surface fiberglass
  • Special Technologies: Oversized circular face, polymer edge guard


Design and Construction

The Radius incorporates several specialized elements:

Oversized Circular Face – Inspired by table tennis paddle shape for massively increased sweet spot coverage and forgiveness. Improves stability across an expanded hitting zone.

Carbon Grip Surface – Fiberglass infused with durable carbon texture to add serious grip and spin-grabbing friction to the hitting face.

Polymer Edge Guard – Protective barrier retains integrity against routine impacts and abuse.

Ridge Grip – Tactile ridges on backside for added traction using two-handed grips and strokes.

JOOLA Radius CGS 16 Pickleball Paddle

Performance and Playability

With its creative circular design, how does the Radius perform out on the court? Let’s break it down:

Power: The 16mm polymer core generates lively pop while the circular shape increases swing speed for added ball velocity. Strong pace for drives and serves. Not the most powerful, but respectable for intermediates.

Control: The massive sweet spot improves stability across the entire face for outstanding forgiveness. Mis-hits stay controlled and in play. Excellent directional accuracy.

Spin: The Carbon Grip Surface texture significantly enhances topspin, slice, etc. Allows easy shape manipulation on shots using angular strokes. Greatly improved spin over basic fiberglass.

Comfort: Familiar 7.6oz weight avoids fatigue. Cushioned Ridge grip also minimizes vibrations during play. Overall comfort focus maintained.

Durability: Reinforced edge retains shape and integrity despite routine impacts or drops during use and storage. Prevents structural degradation.

Reasons to Buy
  • Unparalleled forgiveness from oversized sweet spot
  • Extreme spin potential from Carbon Grip coating
  • Terrific control and stability across the face
  • Unique style stands out from typical shapes
  • Durable construction for
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks maximum power of elite cores
  • Shape takes adjustment from standard heads
  • Spin improves but not revolutionary


With its massively expanded sweet spot and improved spin capabilities, the Radius CGS 16 truly stands out from the crowd. The huge circular hitting zone provides unreal forgiveness and accuracy – fantastic for intermediate players working on consistency. Meanwhile, the grippy carbon coating unlocks new levels of spin. For transitional athletes seeking confidence and variety, the Radius is a top choice for upping skills.


What are the main parts of a pickleball paddle?

A pickleball paddle consists of a surface material (like polymer, fiberglass, graphite), a core (typically honeycomb polymer or Nomex), an edge guard, grip, and handle. The surface hits the ball, the core adds power/control, the guard protects the rim, the grip cushions the handle, and the handle is where players hold the paddle.

How much does paddle composition affect performance?

The materials used in the surface, core, and edge can significantly impact power, control, spin, feel, touch, and durability. Advanced paddles utilize premium materials and specialized engineering to optimize attributes.

How can I know which paddle is best for my game?

Consider your skill level, playing style, stroke technique, and what you want to improve. This will determine which features and attributes to prioritize when selecting a paddle. Be honest about your abilities so you choose an optimal match.

What’s the benefit of buying a “signature” pro paddle?

Pro paddles are designed with input from the sponsored athlete, catering to their specific playing style and preferences. This provides great insight, but remember what they use may not perfectly match your needs as a different player.

How often should paddles be replaced?

With frequent play, paddles should be replaced every 1-2 years as the materials degrade over time. Even occasional play warrants a new paddle every 3-5 years as performance drops.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it – a comprehensive Joola Pickleball Paddle Review of 5 premier pickleball paddles from JOOLA. While lacking the name recognition of some bigger brands, JOOLA outfits their paddles with specialized technologies and premium materials that rival the top models on the market. Their paddles are truly built for performance.

This lengthy Joola Pickleball Paddle Review evaluation aimed to provide pickleball athletes with complete knowledge of each paddle’s unique engineering and design. By understanding the core elements that influence power, control, spin, feel, and durability, players can better match a paddle’s characteristics with their personal playing style and skill demands.

It’s crucial to choose a paddle optimized for your needs as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced competitor. This will allow you to enhance inherent strengths while improving weaknesses as well. But remember – no paddle will magically transform your game without proper technique and practice. As the saying goes…it’s the archer, not the arrow!

I hope this in-depth Joola Pickleball Paddle Review better informs your purchasing decisions and takes your pickleball knowledge to the next level. Never stop improving and enjoy the journey! Now go dominate on the pickleball court. Game on!

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