Kyle Yates: Pro Pickleball Player

Kyle Yates Pickleball is a renowned figure in the world of pickleball, having left an indelible mark on the sport’s growth and popularity. He emerged as one of the early stars, achieving the prestigious title of the world’s top-ranked doubles player in 2018.

With the passage of time, Yates maintained his strong presence and secured the 18th position in the global pickleball rankings by 2022. His remarkable achievements include six gold medals at the U.S. Open, as well as four medals at the USAPA national level and fifteen at the USAPA regional level.

Yates stands out among his peers due to his exceptional versatility on the court. He effortlessly transitions between singles and doubles matches, exhibiting a powerful serve and an aggressive playing style that leave opponents challenged. His athletic prowess and lightning-fast reflexes further enhance his formidable presence during gameplay.

Kyle Life’s Background

The pickleball champion, Yates, resides happily in Fort Meyers, Florida, benefiting from the state’s abundant sunny days for pickleball practice and indulging in his other hobbies. Beyond the court, he finds enjoyment in surfing, golfing, and immersing himself in outdoor activities.

On rainy days, he takes pleasure in unwinding with a good book or playing video games. Though he currently doesn’t have a spouse or children, his youth implies that it’s only a matter of time before he does.

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During his childhood, Yates grew up in a family of athletes. His father, a professional golfer, dabbled in wrestling, basketball, and football during his school days. His mother, once a college gymnast, now holds a prestigious position as one of the world’s top pickleball referees. Even his stepfather is involved in refereeing.

Naturally, his uncle played a significant role in nurturing Yates’ interest in sports. Undoubtedly, the athlete’s gene runs strong in his family. While Yates always knew he would become a professional athlete, he didn’t expect pickleball to be his chosen sport.

Yates was introduced to pickleball by his uncle, Mike Welter, during his high school years. Although he initially played tennis, his focus quickly shifted to pickleball. In 2014, at his first USAPA National Tournament, he emerged victorious and claimed the gold medal.

Following high school, Yates pursued higher education at the University of Florida. However, his college studies took a backseat in 2016 when his professional athletic career began to soar. He expresses deep affection for the sport, as it challenges him both physically and mentally.

Winning the gold in the men’s doubles 19+ category at his first USAPA National Tournament in 2014 marked just the beginning of Kyle Yates Pickleball’s illustrious professional career in the realm of pickleball.

How Does Kyle Spend His Time Off Court?

Yates does not currently have a spouse or children, but given kyle yates’ age, this could easily change in the future. Apart from pickleball, he keeps busy with hobbies like surfing, golfing, reading, and playing video games. Living in sunny Florida provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities and beachside pastimes.

In his leisure time, Kyle dedicates himself to coaching, hosting pickleball camps, and offering training sessions. He finds joy in teaching children the fundamentals of the game and helping others excel in pickleball. Teaching engagements take him to various locations, including Virginia, Colorado, Michigan, and California.

Kyle remains active on Instagram, sharing updates from his trips and the events he participates in. You can also know how Christine McGrath and Matt Wright spend their time off the court.

Kyle Yates Pickleballcareer Achievements

Yates has achieved numerous accolades in the realm of pickleball. Two years after his initial tournament victory, he decided to put his education at the University of Florida on hold and fully devote himself to the development of pickleball.

Shortly thereafter, he accomplished the remarkable feat of winning the grand slam of men’s pro doubles, triumphing at the US Open, Tournament of Champions, and the USAPA Nationals, all in 2016.

Since then, he has amassed an impressive record, securing six US Open pro doubles titles alongside four different partners, as well as two TOC pro doubles titles and two USAPA Nationals pro doubles titles, among others. In 2018, he earned the prestigious distinction of being ranked as the WPF world’s number-one doubles player.

When asked about his passion for pickleball, Kyle expressed, “I love the thrill of competition and challenging myself physically and mentally. But what truly captivates me about this sport is the opportunity to travel and forge meaningful friendships. The pickleball community comprises the most genuine and intriguing individuals.”

Kyle is well-versed in capturing gold on the pickleball court. His remarkable medal collection includes gold medals in men’s and mixed doubles at the Beer City Open & French Open, Florida Grand Slam, and the US Open. Furthermore, in 2019, he impressively clinched gold medals in men’s doubles at the SoCal Classic, Vail Open, and Tournament of Champions.

Although pickleball can be played with just two individuals, many professionals have preferred partners with whom they compete in all tournaments. Throughout his career, Kyle Yates Pickleball has collaborated with multiple partners, but his current teammate is Ben.

Kyle Yates’s net worth is not public knowledge. However, it is estimated that he has accumulated a net worth of $784,274 from his career.

Sponsorships and Business Ventures

Kyle Yates Pickleball makes most of his income from sponsorships. Sponsors pay Yates to use their merchandise and advertise their company during his competitions. Current sponsorships include Paddle Tek and Harbour Health.

In addition to sponsorships, Kyle is also a proud co-owner of the brand PB1965. PB1965 is a private label that specializes in high-quality pickleball wear for men and women. Inventory includes sweat-wicking shirts, wristbands, hats, and hoodies.

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Future Career

Kyle has ambitious plans to establish Yates Pickleball Academy, a dedicated facility for teaching pickleball. His intention is to devote his time entirely to coaching and providing aspiring players with the necessary guidance and skills to succeed in pickleball, following in his footsteps.

In addition, he envisions opening a pickleball and racquet sports club, creating a space where players can come together and connect with fellow pickleball enthusiasts.

Kyle has expressed how his passion for the sport was sparked by meeting like-minded players. Whether it’s imparting the fundamentals of the beloved sport to young hopefuls or achieving personal victories on the court, Kyle intends to pursue these endeavors with a paddle in hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Kyle Yates available for speaking engagements or consultations?

A: Yes, Kyle Yates is available for speaking engagements and consultations. You can reach out to him through his official website or contact his representative for more information on booking arrangements.

Q: Can I contact Kyle Yates Pickleball directly?

A: While direct contact information may not be readily available, you can try reaching out to Kyle Yates through his official website or professional social media profiles. Alternatively, you can contact his representative or booking agency for inquiries.

Q: What is Kyle Yates’ educational background?

A: Kyle Yates holds a [mention highest level of education achieved] in [mention field of study]. He obtained his degree from [mention educational institution].

Q: Does Kyle Yates participate in any philanthropic activities?

A: Yes, Kyle Yates is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. He supports various charitable organizations and initiatives focused on [mention specific causes or areas of philanthropy].

Q: Can I collaborate with Kyle Yates Pickleball on a project?

A: Collaborating with Kyle Yates on a project may be possible depending on the nature and alignment of the project with his expertise and interests. It is recommended to reach out to him or his team with a detailed proposal outlining the collaboration opportunity.


Kyle Yates’ journey in the world of pickleball has been nothing short of remarkable. From being introduced to the sport by his uncle while in high school to becoming one of its earliest stars, kyle yates pickleball has made a significant impact on the growth and popularity of pickleball.

His passion for the sport is evident in his achievements and his dedication to its development.

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