Michelle Esquivel: Meet The Pro Pickleball Player

Are you a big fan of Michelle Esquivel, a famous pickleball player? If yes, then it’s good. But do you know some facts about Michelle Esquivel Pickleball player? If No, then no problem. Today, in this blog, we are going to share a biography of Michelle Esquivel as a pickleball player and her achievements in her pickleball career. 

Additionally, we are going to describe some tips she has given to other pickleball players for winning the game. Read this blog post, and you will get to know about the background of Michelle Esquivel, the start of career as a pickleball player, and tips that she gives to other pickleball players for winning in this game.

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Biography of Michelle Esquivel as a Pickleball Player

Michelle Esquivel is a professional pickleball player who grew up in Buena Park, California. Before 2014, she worked as a collegiate tennis coach and had limited knowledge of pickleball. However, her understanding of the sport began when her friend Ian Liang and his cousin Tao Tavanahan taught her how to play at the Tustin School District. 

In 2018, she decided to pursue pickleball as a full-time professional career, dedicating her time to teaching the sport and actively participating in professional pickleball play. Since then, Esquivel has excelled in professional pickleball tournaments, earning medals in both singles and doubles categories at several prominent events, including the Hawaii Open, US Open, and Nationals.

Michelle Esquivel Pickleball Pro

In 2020, she was selected to participate in the historic inaugural PPA tournament held in Newport, which was televised for the first time. During the tournament, she had the exciting opportunity to compete against Simone Jardim. Gearbox and OS1st sponsor her, and she is a Utah Black Diamonds MLP team member

Esquivel is passionate about teaching pickleball to players of all skill levels and ages. She has established the Ultimate Pickleball Academy, enabling her to travel to different locations worldwide and share her expertise through teaching. Additionally, she works as a teaching professional with Engage Pickleball Camps, LevelUp, Pickleball Getaways, and Boost Camps. She expresses that the opportunity to promote an active lifestyle through the game of pickleball brings her immense joy and fulfillment. You can also personal life about Pro player such as who is ben johns dating?

Achievements of Michelle Esquivel Pickleball Player

  • Michelle Esquivel pickleball pro consistently achieved a position among the Top 10 players across all three pickleball ranking systems.
  • She earned a bronze medal at the Nationals and secured gold medals in Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles at the SoCal Classic.
  • She has a remarkable track record in both singles and doubles play, demonstrating proficiency in both areas.
  • Michelle Esquivel, a highly accomplished pickleball professional, generously dedicates her time as an active volunteer for the American Heart Association, making a meaningful impact through her contributions.
  • Best shot: backhand roll and return of serve
  • Favorite historical figure: Lucille Ball, for paving the way for women and thinking outside the box.
  • Michelle achieved a medal in the inaugural PPA(Professional Pickleball Association) event held in 2019 during the Mesa tournament, specifically in the Pro Singles category.
  • 2018 USAPA Margaritaville Nationals, Women’s Singles 5.0 19+ – Gold
  • 2018 Tustin Winter Classic, Women’s 5.0 Doubles with Lisa Naumu – Gold
  • Mixed 5.0 Doubles with Jeff Warnick – Gold
  • 2018 International Indoor Championships, Mixed Open Doubles with David Wage – Silver
  • Women’s Doubles Open with Lindsey Newman – Gold
  • She achieved the gold medal at SoCal Classic – Women’s Doubles Open with Gee Gee Garvin in the year 2018.
  • 2018 Engage Golden State Championships, Women’s Doubles Open with Lindsey Newman – Silver.
  • She has secured 3rd position in the 2018 Las Vegas Open – Women’s Doubles Open with Gee Gee Garvin with a bronze medal.
  • 2018 Western Regional, Women’s Doubles 5.0, 19+ with Kris Anderson – Gold
  • Mixed Doubles 5.0 19+ with Jeff Warnick  –  Gold

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Michelle Esquivel As The Silver Medalist In The Pickleball Tournament

Tips Given by Michelle Esquivel to Win in Pickleball

Michelle Esquivel has shared some tips to win in pickleball in various videos and interviews. Here are some of them:

Learn How To Hit A Volley Dink: 

Michelle highlights the significance of honing your skills in this particular shot, as it provides a distinct advantage in taking charge of the point and exerting intense pressure on your opponents. To execute it effectively, she breaks down the technique into three simple steps:

  1. Start by positioning yourself in a low stance with your paddle raised, and get ready.
  2. Take a step forward and deliver a firm strike to the ball, utilizing the power of your wrist.
  3. Finish the movement by swinging your paddle across your body.

By intercepting the shot while it’s still in the air and carefully directing it into the kitchen area, you can flawlessly execute this move, showcasing your mastery of the technique.

Learn How To Reset The Point: 

Michelle emphasizes the importance of this specific skill in helping you navigate difficult defensive situations, particularly when your opponents are continuously launching aggressive attacks against you. She explains that mastering this skill can effectively balance the point and allow you to regain your advantageous position. Michelle breaks down the technique into four steps:

  1. Recognize the moment when you find yourself in trouble and need to reset.
  2. You have two options: either use a soft block or hit a high shot called a lob. By doing so, you can deliver the ball over the net and make it land deep in your opponent’s court.
  3. Quickly move back to the baseline while getting ready for the next shot.
  4. Gradually move closer to the net by hitting well-executed shots.

By faithfully following these steps, you can effectively apply this skill to handle demanding defensive situations and regain control on the pickleball court.

Work On Your Weaknesses: 

Michelle demonstrates her passion for hitting the ball with force and unleashing powerful shots. However, she recognizes the significance of investing enough practice time to enhance her abilities in executing precise third-shot drops and delicate dinks. Michelle openly shares her approach of deliberately playing shots in casual games that she usually finds difficult. Engaging in deliberate practice enables her to gain comfort and confidence in effectively handling those shots while participating in tournaments. Additionally, she emphasizes the significance of enhancing mental focus, refining footwork techniques, and maintaining physical fitness to elevate overall performance on the court.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Date Of Birth Of Michelle Esquivel: Pickleball Player?

Michelle Esquivel pickleball player, was born on 25th February, 1986.

How Michelle Esquivel Started Playing Pickleball?

Michelle Esquivel’s introduction to pickleball came through her friend Ian Liang and his cousin Tao Tavanahan while she worked as a tennis coach at Orange Coast College before 2014. They introduced her to the game at the Tustin School District in California, and it quickly captivated her. Michelle’s addiction to pickleball led her to participate in her first tournament, the 2016 SoCal Classic in Oceanside, CA, where she discovered her love for competitive play. This experience prompted her decision to pursue a career as a professional pickleball player in 2018, dedicating her time to competing in tournaments and teaching the sport to others.

What Tips Does Michelle Esquivel Share With Other Players For Winning In Pickleball?

Here are the tips that Michelle Esquivel shares with other pickleball players or beginners for winning in pickleball. Firstly, If you want to gain control of the point in pickleball, try hitting volley dinks. Volley dinks are gentle shots aimed near the net, allowing you to exert control over the point in pickleball. Then, when you find yourself in a difficult situation during a pickleball point, try resetting the point by using soft blocks or lobs. Thirdly, if you want to improve in pickleball, it is crucial to focus on your areas of weakness and actively dedicate time and effort to practicing and developing those skills. Incorporating this deliberate practice into your recreational games is important, as it will lead to further improvement and progress.


Michelle Esquivel became a pickleball player because of her friend Ian Liang and his cousin Tao Tavanahan, who told her about pickleball and taught her how to play this game at the Tustin School District, California. In 2018, Michelle Esquivel officially began her career as a pickleball player, driven by her deep passion for the sport and her desire to compete against formidable opponents. Michelle’s debut in the 2016 SoCal Classic pickleball tournament in Oceanside, CA, ignited her excitement and fueled her passion for the sport, laying the foundation for her dedicated journey in pickleball.

In this blog, we have discussed in detail about Michelle Esquivel pickleball pro, her achievements, and tips that she gives to other pickleball players for winning in this sport. After writing this blog, we hope you have got the information you require about Michelle Esquivel: The Pro Pickleball Player.

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