Oneshot Pickleball Paddle Review: In Depth Review

In the fast-growing sport of pickleball, companies strive to create paddles that perfect the blend of power, control, and maneuverability desired by players. Oneshot Pickleball stands out as an innovative brand pushing the boundaries of paddle technology and performance.

Founded in 2019 and based in San Diego, One shot Pickleball engineers paddles optimized for different skill levels and playing styles. Their unique designs utilize advanced materials like polymer cores, quality graphite/carbon faces, and aerodynamic shaping. Oneshot collaborates with pro players to test prototypes and ensure quality control standards. The result is a line of USAPA-approved paddles ready for sanctioned tournament play right out of the box.

Oneshot Pickleball Paddle Review

In this detailed editorial Oneshot Pickleball Paddle review, we’ll analyze the key features, real-world playing characteristics, and overall value of Oneshot’s pickleball paddles. Whether you’re a beginner seeking your first quality paddle or a competitive tournament player searching for a high-performance option, One shot pickleball offers paddles worth considering. Keep reading to see if one of their innovative designs suits your developing game.


Oneshot Pickleball sits at the forefront of innovation with their flagship paddle, the Aero Powershot. This USAPA-approved graphite paddle utilizes a unique airflow system to reduce drag for increased power and quickness.

Their flagship paddle, the Aero Powershot, utilizes a new airflow technology to reduce drag and increase power. This USAPA-approved paddle boasts an aerodynamic elongated graphite design and new core technology to provide excellent control and responsiveness.

Oneshot engineered the Powershot for intermediate to advanced players seeking more speed and an aerodynamic paddling advantage. The elongated shape and lightweight honeycomb core aim to provide excellent maneuverability and touch as well.

Oneshot AERO POWERSHOT Pickleball Paddle


Brand Overview

While a relative newcomer to the scene, Oneshot Pickleball has quickly made a name for itself through unique paddle shapes, quality graphite construction, and innovative core technologies. The Aero Powershot exemplifies the company’s commitment to high-performance design.

Specs and Features

Dimensions16.3 inches x 7.4 inches
Weight7.8 – 8.2 oz
Grip Circumference4 1/4 inches
CorePolypropylene Honeycomb
FaceTextured Graphite
Edge GuardDual Guard Rail
HandleOctagonal Ergonomic
Skill LevelIntermediate to Advanced

The most noticeable aspect of the Aero Powershot is the unique elongated paddle head, which provides a large surface area and sweet spot. It combines a lightweight polypropylene honeycomb core with a textured graphite-hitting surface.

Graphite faces are known for excellent touch and control due to the lightweight material, and the honeycomb core aiding power and stability. The textured surface employs 3D printing technology to grip and spin the ball more effectively.

The Aero Powershot also utilizes a dual guard rail edge guard system. This firm yet flexible edge guard evenly distributes impact vibrations and provides solid protection. The ergonomic octagonal handle promotes a comfortable grip during intense play.

But the real innovation lies in the airflow technology built into the paddle design. Four vents cut into the side of the paddle head aim to improve airflow and aerodynamics as you swing. This helps reduce drag by up to 2% for faster swing speeds and quicker reaction time, according to One shot Pickleball paddle.

The end result is a lightweight paddle optimized for control, spin, and power. While marketed as intermediate to advanced level, the Aero Powershot provides beginners with a very forgiving sweet spot too. Now let’s take a closer look at the performance and real-world testing.

Performance and Sweet Spot

We tested the Aero Powershot over several weeks in various playing conditions, from casual rallies to competitive tournament games. Right away we noticed the excellent balance and feel. The elongated paddle head really allows you to get behind the ball, while the lightweight graphite offers a very comfortable swing weight.

Despite the large surface area, the Aero Powershot still maneuvers with ease. Quick flicks of the wrist and compact strokes are no problem thanks to the graphite face and honeycomb core reducing mass. Yet when you load up for a big drive, the paddle feels extremely solid and powerful.

The sweet spot feels very generous, extending across the majority of the surface. Even off-center hits maintain good control and pop. This lends itself nicely to developing players who are still working on consistently striking the ball in the optimal zone.

We felt confident attacking from all areas of the court. The Aero Powershot delivers stability for blocking hard-driven balls at the net and finesse for touch shots like drops and dinks. The grip circumference promotes a secure hold even during sweaty matches.


Our forehand drives packed some serious heat thanks to the stability and power transfer. The textured surface bites into the ball well for ample spin on ground strokes. Touch shots are easily kept under control. Volleys arrive with a satisfying pop even when mishit.

The airflow technology does seem to increase swing speed slightly allowing you to whip the paddle head with grace and respond quickly to shots. The vents help reduce that dragging sensation on full power swings. Overall it provides a very fluid swinging paddle optimized for spin, control and stability. An ideal blend for well-rounded play.


Durability is top notch thanks to the rugged honeycomb core and graphite hitting surface. We found no signs of chipping or cracking across the face after many hours of play. The edge guarding also maintained its shape nicely minimizing wear around the rim.

The surface texture continues providing ample grip with no noticeable smoothing over time. This ensures consistent spin and control throughout the life of the paddle.

Other testers regularly playing with the Aero Powershot reported the same long-lasting performance even after 6 months of heavy use. Keep in mind occasional edge guard adjustments may be needed after the break-in period as materials expand and contract.

But overall the construction quality of both the core and surface materials should provide seasons of play before considering replacement. Serious players can feel confident investing in this paddle knowing it’s built to last.

Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent balance of power, control and spin
  • Lightweight and quick through the air
  • Very forgiving large sweet spot
  • Durable construction and materials
  • Innovative airflow technology enhances speed
  • Comfortable grip and swing weight
Reasons to Avoid

Edge guard can loosen over time
Less pop compared to carbon fiber faces
Expensive for recreational players
While the Aero Powershot delivers in all areas of performance, it does come at a premium price.


Oneshot’s flagship paddle lives up to its claims as an advanced high-performance option ready for tournament play. The Aero Powershot provides an exceptionally well-balanced and comfortable feel. A combination of spin, control and stability adept players need to find success on the court.

The unique airflow technology does appear to increase swing speed and reduce drag. But more importantly, the lightweight graphite face and polypropylene core offer incredible touch, pop and flexibility on every shot. This paddle is a joy to play with for all-around players.

While the price may deter beginners, intermediate to advanced players will find excellent value given the durable construction and versatile performance. The Aero Powershot proves Oneshot is at the forefront of technical pickleball paddle innovation.


The Oneshot X pickleball paddle provides an ideal blend of maneuverability, power and control in a budget-friendly package. As part of Oneshot’s Power series, the X aims to deliver versatile performance for intermediate players seeking to upgrade from beginner paddles.

With its lightweight yet powerful design, the Oneshot X is built for speed and quick reactions. In this in-depth review, we’ll break down the paddle’s construction, key features and how it performed in real-world testing scenarios.

If you’re an advancing player looking for your next paddle, keep reading to see if the Oneshot X offers the right blend of power, control and affordability to take your game to the next level.

ONESHOT X Pickleball Paddle


Brand Overview

The Oneshot X was designed in collaboration with pro players to offer intermediate level skills an affordable graphite paddle optimized for power and control. It joins the Power series which emphasizes generating spin and speed.

Specs and Features

Dimensions15.7” x 8.2”
Weight7.2 – 7.3 oz
Grip Circumference4 1/4”
CorePolymer Honeycomb
Edge GuardStandard
Skill LevelIntermediate
HandleCushioned Perforated

The core utilizes Polypropylene honeycomb which Oneshot states provides excellent flex and touch. This soft paddle core aids control while widening the sweet spot – an important benefit for intermediate players still developing consistent ball striking skills.

The fiberglass face contributes to the lightweight responsive feel. While not as powerful or durable as graphite or carbon, fiberglass allows for excellent ball feedback. The perforated cushioned handle promotes a comfortable, secure grip.

Overall, the specs and technologies aim to provide advancing players more power and a quicker swing compared to novice paddles. Next let’s see how that performance stacks up in real-world playtests.

Performance and Power

Over several weeks of play, we tested the Oneshot X in games against varying skill levels and styles. The paddle offers easy maneuverability and a very comfortable swing weight right off the bat. Light flicks of the wrist generate good pace and spin thanks to the responsive fiberglass face.

The polymer honeycomb core provides a soft touch but still packs plenty of pop on power shots. We were consistently able to drive hard groundstrokes with penetrating speed. The paddle feels very comfortable blocking volleys at the net as well – even on heavy spin shots.

Touch shots like drops, lobs and dinks are executed with finesse. The Oneshot X gives you confidence to deliver well-controlled shots with precision thanks to the responsive face. The grip and handling promote quick reactions and fluid transitions between playing areas.

The enlarged sweet spot really proves beneficial during extended rallies where ball striking precision can falter as you get fatigued. The paddle retains stability and control even on mishits low or high on the face.


While not as explosive as carbon fiber paddles, the Oneshot X provides very impressive power at its weight class. The lightweight maneuverability doesn’t come at the expense of stability on defense either.

Overall the blend of flexibility, forgiveness and pop gives intermediate players an excellent training tool to take their skills to the next level. The paddle inspires confidence to play more aggressively and take shots you may have hesitated on with a heavier novice paddle.


Polymer honeycomb cores and fiberglass faces hold up well to heavy play with minimal chipping or denting. We saw no deterioration in shape, balance or performance after 6 weeks of use.

The edge guarding also maintained its grip with no slipping or movement. However, some slight scuffing was visible on the playing surface. The smooth fiberglass will gradually show signs of wear over time. But no issues with cracking or dead spots.

For the affordable price point, Oneshot didn’t cut corners on quality control or materials. The Oneshot X should easily deliver 6 months to a year of play before considering a replacement paddle. Casual players may get even longer life out of it.

Reasons to Buy
  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Quick swinging maneuverability
  • Soft yet responsive touch
  • Expanded sweet spot benefits intermediate skills
  • Good power and spin generation
  • Durable construction for the price
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks pop of higher-end paddles
  • Fiberglass scuffs over time
  • Not as suitable for advanced players
  • The biggest drawback is lack of put away power compared to pricier graphite and carbon options.


The Oneshot X earns its reputation as a top value pickleball paddle ready for intermediate players to take their skills to game day. The lightweight yet forgiving play inspires confidence to deliver a variety of shots with more power and consistency.

Well-controlled finesse shots, quick reactions at the net, and penetrating groundstrokes all get an upgrade thanks to the responsive face and flexible core. While high-level tournament players may desire more pop, the Oneshot X gives advancing skills an affordable training tool for improving precision and power.

The durable fiberglass and polymer construction should also withstand seasons of heavy use. For intermediate players seeking more proficient equipment without breaking the bank, the Oneshot X deserves a close look. It delivers on its promise of upping your game.


The Katanashot paddle from One shot Pickleball Paddle represents the pinnacle of performance and innovation in pickleball gear. As the company’s new flagship paddle built for competitive tournament play, the Katanashot sets the bar high delivering an exceptional blend of power, control and maneuverability.

Oneshot pulled out all the stops constructing the Katanashot with cutting edge materials like carbon fiber T700 and a unique lightweight core system. The result is a paddle ready to compete at the highest levels of sanctioned pickleball.

In this detailed One shot Pickleball Paddle review, we’ll break down the build quality, design elements and performance of the Katanashot. If you’re a tournament player seeking the best of the best, keep reading to see how the Katanashot stacks up.

Oneshot KATANASHOT  Pickleball Paddle


Brand Overview

While new, Oneshot’s focus solely on engineering new pickleball gear has carved out a niche supplying paddles to open and tournament players. The Katanashot demonstrates their commitment to utilizing top-grade materials for discerning professional level players.

Specs and Features

Length16.5 inches
Width7.5 inches
Weight7.9 – 8.3 oz
CorePolypropylene + Carbon fiber
FaceCarbon fiber T700
Edge GuardUnknown
Handle5.5 inches + 4.25 inch grip

The Katanashot impresses right out of the box with its professional quality construction and sleek graphics. At first glance, the paddle looks like an absolute cannon ready to unleash loads of power. Yet picking it up reveals a featherlight paddle weighing only 7.9 – 8.3 oz thanks to a composite polypropylene and carbon fiber core. This innovative core provides exceptional touch and control while widening the sweet spot.

The T700 carbon fiber face utilizes a textured matte finish for increased surface friction and spin. Carbon fiber bumps up touch and feel significantly for discerning players. The 5.5 inch ergonomic handle promotes excellent grip and comfort. Make no mistake, while flexible and reactive, the Katanashot packs plenty of pop too. Next let’s see how all these technologies come together on the court.

Performance and Power

We took the Katanashot to the courts for a battery of playtesting against fellow intermediate and advanced level players. It provides an immediately comfortable and balanced feel. The paddle seems to glide effortlessly through the air thanks to the lightweight responsive core and carbon face.

It takes little effort to generate power – the Katanashot does the work for you. The paddle transfers an excellent amount of pop and speed even on off-center hits. Touches shots land with precision control and groundstrokes penetrate with force. The expanded sweet spot inspired confidence placing directional shots with ease. The carbon face provides incredible touch and stability at the net for blocking power shots or spinning returns.

We immediately noticed an improvement in top spin on forehand drives and backhand slices. The Katanashot allowed us to take bigger cuts while maintaining control of the ball. Even during extended volley exchanges, the paddle continued providing a nuanced feel and stability as fatigue set in. This versatility makes it well suited to all-around players that attack from all areas of the court.


The one downside we noticed was some vibration sting on miss-hits in the handle due to the highly responsive feedback. But small price to pay for the exceptional touch and control during optimal contact.

Overall the Katanashot lived up to its reputation as a paddle built for tournament level play. The blend of stability, finesse and power suit competitive players who need to manage all aspects of the game at the highest standard.


Carbon fiber composite materials stand up extremely well to heavy usage with minimal cracks or dents over time. We noticed no structural issues after weeks of playtesting. The finish maintained its quality shape too thanks to durable polymer binding agents in the carbon fiber construction. Edge reinforcements also prevent chips and tears.

Given the ultra premium build quality, the Katanashot should easily deliver multiple seasons of high-level tournament play. Occasional grip replacements may be needed to maintain optimal tackiness. But the paddle itself appears highly durable.

Reasons to Buy
  • Incredibly responsive and comfortable feel
  • Impressive touch and control
  • Lightweight and quick handling
  • Generates substantial power
  • Excellent stability and sweet spot size
  • High-quality carbon fiber construction
  • Durable and resistant to wear
  • Ideal for competitive tournament play
Reasons to Avoid
  • Premium pricing
  • Sting on mishits
  • Overkill for recreational games
  • The biggest downside of the Katanashot is the premium pricing approaching $200. Less competitive players may feel comparable composite paddles offer suitable performance at lower costs.


The Katanashot lives up to its billing as a new top-tier paddle ready for professional tournament play. The blend of power, control and responsiveness allow high-level players to execute the full spectrum of pickleball shots with precision. The cutting-edge carbon fiber build quality ensures long-lasting performance that meets the demands of competitive training and matches. Players seeking the best materials and technologies will appreciate the Katanashot’s performance.

While the premium pricing excludes casual players, aspiring professionals and hardcore competitors need to take a serious look at the Katanashot. It provides everything needed to take your game to the championship level.


The Powershot 2.0 pickleball paddle from Oneshot Pickleball aims to build upon the success of their original Powershot design. This new updated version looks to increase power and sweet spot size while maintaining top-notch control and pop. As a comfortable, lightweight graphite paddle suitable for all skill levels, the Powershot 2.0 could be the perfect option for recreational and advancing players looking for an affordable performance upgrade.

In our hands-on review, we’ll analyze how the new technologies built into the 2.0 version improve upon the previous paddle. Read on to see if this budget-friendly option can hold its own on the courts.

Oneshot POWERSHOT 2.0


Brand Overview

While a newer name on the scene, Oneshot has already made waves with their bold designs and quality performance across budget and pro models. The Powershot 2.0 joins their Power series known for outstanding control and pop. The Powershot 2.0 aims to continue that blend of technology, performance and value.

Specs and Features

Weight7.8 – 8.2 oz
CorePolypropylene Honeycomb
Edge GuardDual Guard
HandleOctagonal Ergonomic
Skill LevelIntermediate – Advanced

Immediately you notice the Powershot 2.0 shares the same unique elongated shape as the previous version. The oversized sweet spot should provide outstanding forgiveness on off-center hits – a great benefit for progressing players. It maintains the same flexible polypropylene honeycomb core as the original too. This responsive core material optimizes touch and stability. The core thickness increased from 14.5mm to 16mm for enhanced power.

The playing surface utilizes textured fiberglass instead of graphite to maintain budget-friendly pricing. But Oneshot states this fiberglass retains excellent control and feel. The grip size enlarged slightly from 4.25 to 4.5 inches for improved handling.

Finally, the 2.0 version introduces airflow technology with vents along the edge aimed to increase swing speeds. Oneshot claims these aerodynamic improvements allow for quicker reaction time as the paddle moves faster through the air.

Performance and Power

Over a few weeks of play, we tested the Powershot 2.0 in a variety of pickleball games – from friendly recreational rounds to more competitive tournament play. The enlarged sweet spot immediately provides a very forgiving feel even on shots hit low or high on the face. The paddle offers easy control for touch shots around the net but also packs plenty of pop on drives and blocks thanks to the widened core and responsive fiberglass hitting surface. The textured face bites into the ball well for competent spin generation.

The lightweight and comfortable feel allows you to smoothly transition between playing areas. The Powershot 2.0 provides the touch and accuracy needed for finesse shots up front blended with the stability to block hard-driven balls from the baseline. The enlarged grip promotes nice secure handling even as sweat builds up during extended matches. We also noticed slightly faster swing speeds thanks to the airflow vents reducing air resistance.


While the fiberglass face doesn’t provide quite the explosive power of carbon, it retains impressive flex and ball feedback. Overall the Powershot 2.0 performs admirably for a sub $100 pickleball paddle.


Fiberglass faces hold up extremely well over time with minimal cracking, denting or dead spots. The textured finish showed no signs of wearing down after weeks of play. The durable honeycomb core retained its shape and performance too.

The edge guarding and airflow vents stood up to impact vibrations with no loosening or rattling. Grip replacements may eventually be needed depending on wear and taste. But overall the Powershot 2.0 delivers lasting playability and quality.

Reasons to Buy
  • Very forgiving large sweet spot
  • Lightweight and comfortable feel
  • Good control for all types of shots
  • Powerful enough for intermediate players
  • Durable fiberglass face and edge guard
  • Functional airflow technology
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks touch of carbon fiber paddles
  • Low deflection on off-center hits
  • Not ideal for advanced tournament play
  • The main drawback is slightly lessened touch and control compared to higher end graphite and carbon options.


Oneshot’s Powershot 2.0 takes an already competent paddle and makes smart improvements in key areas like power, sweet spot and aerodynamics. The result is an affordable high quality option ready for aspiring competitors looking to practice with tournament-level equipment.

The durable build quality and well-balanced performance can hold up even under intense gameplay. Players focused on improving their skills and consistency will find the Powershot 2.0 helps elevate all aspects of their game.

While high-level tournament paddles still maintain an edge, the Powershot 2.0 comes impressively close in power and playability. For the affordable pricing, intermediate to advanced players shouldn’t hesitate adding this paddle to their bag.


The Oneshot PureShot pickleball paddle collaborates with pro player Brian Ashworth to create a high-end carbon fiber control paddle ready for competitive play. With input from Ashworth on the design and performance elements, the PureShot provides excellent touch, feel and maneuverability for all-around players.

Oneshot engineered the PureShot using cutting edge carbon fiber and unique poly cores to deliver a paddle Ashworth describes as perfectly balanced between power, spin and control.

In this detailed review, we’ll break down the paddle’s construction, playing characteristics, and how it stacked up in our testing. Read on to see if the Pure Shot carbon fiber paddle suits your playing style.

Oneshot PURESHOT Pickleball Paddle


Brand Overview

The Pure Shot represents Oneshot’s mission to collaborate with pro players and translate their input into high-end paddles. Ashworth’s expertise allowed them to optimize key characteristics like responsiveness, balance, and control in the Pure Shot.

Specs and Features

Weight7.9 – 8.3 oz
CorePolymer Honeycomb
FaceCarbon fiber
Edge GuardUnknown
Handle4 3/8” grip

The PureShot utilizes a professional-grade carbon fiber face mated to a Polymer honeycomb core to generate impressive power and control at a lightweight 7.9-8.3 oz. Oneshot maximized hitting surface friction with light texture built into the carbon fiber.

The polymer core also comes slightly thicker than average at 16mm to increase stability and sweet spot size. This expanded sweet spot provides nice forgiveness on off-center hits – key for developing tournament players.

Aesthetically the PureShot sports a muted black carbon face with Ashworth’s signature etched across the surface. The 4 3/8 inch grip size caters to his preference for handling. Overall the PureShot looks and feels like a high-end paddle ready for the courts.

Performance and Power

We tested the PureShot over several weeks of tournament games and practice sessions with players across various skill levels. Immediately we noticed an excellent blend of stability, control and flex. Light flicks of the wrist generated good ball action and pace.

The carbon fiber face seems almost “sticky” in nature providing a very commanding connection with the ball. Touch shots around the net landed accurately with minimal effort. The enlarged polymer core transfers impressive power on swinging volleys and groundstrokes as well.

The PureShot exudes confidence inspiring aggressive net play and driving groundstrokes. The paddle stays smooth and controlled in hand even during rapid exchanges requiring quick reactions and direction changes. The expanded sweet spot proved especially helpful at the net and baseline where ball striking precision suffers more as you get tired. The paddle retained impressive feel and pop even on mishits high or low on the face.


Overall the lightweight responsiveness coupled with pinpoint control allows for easily executing a variety of shots critical in high-level play. The PureShot seems optimized for all-around tournament players.


Carbon fiber paddles are known for outstanding durability and we saw no issues with the PureShot’s construction quality after weeks of use. The playing surface retained its crisp look and feel with no worry of dead spots or cracking over time.

The polymer core and edge reinforcements also help minimize denting and deformation around the rim. Outside of normal grip wear, the PureShot should easily withstand seasons of competitive play.

Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent control and touch
  • Lightweight and quick handling
  • Comfortable, balanced feel
  • Great mix of stability and flexibility
  • High-quality carbon fiber face
  • Expanded sweet spot benefits precision
Reasons to Avoid
  • Premium pricing
  • Lacks dominant power
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • The main drawback of the PureShot is the premium pricing nearing $200 that places it out of recreational players’ budgets.


Oneshot’s PureShot carbon fiber paddle delivers an exceptional level of control, responsiveness and accuracy sought after in elite competition. The input from Ashworth ensures the paddle gets dialed in for all-around versatility.

Superior construction quality and cutting edge materials make the PureShot ideally suited for aspiring tournament players looking to practice with pro-level equipment.

Well-controlled finesse shots, excellent feel at the net, and pinpoint groundstrokes all see improvement thanks to the Pure Shot’s ideal flex and oversized sweet spot. For developing competitive players and seasoned vets alike, the Pure Shot is a paddle you can trust.


Q: Are Oneshot paddles approved for tournament play?

A: Yes, all Oneshot paddle models are tested and approved by the USA Pickleball Association so they can be used in sanctioned tournaments.

Q: Are Oneshot paddles approved for tournament play?

A: Yes, all Oneshot paddle models are tested and approved by the USA Pickleball Association so they can be used in sanctioned tournaments.

Q: What paddle is best for beginners?

A: The Oneshot X with its lightweight fiberglass face and expanded sweet spot is an excellent starter paddle for newer players working on consistency.

Q: Where are Oneshot paddles manufactured?

A: Oneshot designs and engineers paddles at their headquarters in San Diego, California. But manufacturing takes place overseas in facilities specializing in paddle construction.

Q: Do Oneshot paddles come with cases?

A: Most Oneshot paddles include a basic paddle case for storage and transport. Higher-end models sometimes upgrade to a premium case.


Oneshot Pickleball has quickly made a name for itself in the competitive pickleball gear market thanks to an obsessive focus on research, testing, and utilizing cutting-edge materials. Their unique paddle shapes and designs optimize playability for all skill levels.

If searching for your next tournament-ready paddle, Oneshot deserves strong consideration. Their aerodynamic technologies and collaborations with pros clearly demonstrate a commitment to maximizing paddle potential.

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