Is Pickleball an Olympic Sport?

Curious to know if pickleball is an Olympic sport? Well, not yet, but let me tell you, this game is taking the world by storm! The Sports and Fitness Industry Association has crowned it the fastest-growing sport in the US for three consecutive years, with a whopping 4.8 million players and counting!

Pickleball is like a magical blend of tennis, badminton, and table tennis that will leave you hooked. Its origins trace back to 1965 in Washington, and ever since then, it has captured the hearts of countless players. Despite its immense popularity, pickleball is still awaiting its well-deserved spot in the Olympics. But don’t worry, the excitement and fun it brings are truly Olympic-worthy!


But don’t count it out just yet. With its lightning-fast growth, there’s a real chance Pickleball could be hitting the Olympic stage in the future.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a fun and fast-paced sport. They combine elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Play it on a court similar in size to a doubles badminton court. Players use paddles to hit a plastic ball over the net and into their opponent’s court. This is the only way to score points.

The continued growth and widespread appeal of Pickleball may lead to its consideration as an Olympic sport in the future. Despite, its current lack of recognition as such in the United States.

With its combination of strategy, athleticism, and fun, it’s no wonder why Pickleball has become such a beloved pastime. For millions of people around the world, the day is not far when you see the pickleball Olympics. Even if you’re an experienced player, it never hurts to review the basics. Visit our page on Basic Pickleball Rules to refresh your memory on the fundamental rules of the game.

How Can a Sport Qualify for the Olympics?

Nowadays Many pickleball fans ask that is there pickleball in the Olympics. Becoming an Olympic sport is no easy feat. This process requires dedication and hard work from everyone involved, from the governing international federation to the athletes themselves.

According to Wikipedia There are two pickleball federations with multiple national members, the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) and the World Pickleball Federation (WPF).

  • The reward of having one’s sport recognized as an official discipline on the world’s biggest stage is worth more than the efforts required to meet the stringent criteria set by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). This includes having a governing international federation, standardized rules and regulations, and a strong international presence.
  • Additionally, all athletes must adhere to the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code, proving that they are clean and ready to compete.
  • The International Olympic Committee demands that male athletes gain significant global recognition, represented by 75 countries across four continents, and female athletes be recognized by 40 countries across three continents before they can be considered for inclusion in the Olympics.
  • Not always easy, meeting these criteria demonstrates a commitment to excellence that earns inclusion in the Olympic program and access to a worldwide audience.

How Does the Ioc Decide Which Sports to Include?

In order for a sport to be considered for inclusion in the Olympic Games, it must meet specific criteria set by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and other governing bodies. These criteria include factors such as worldwide popularity, participation, and recognition from a governing body. Additionally, the sport must have standardized rules and regulations and comply with the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code.

To demonstrate the global appeal of the sport, it is required that at least 75 countries from four continents have active participation in men’s competition, while women’s competition requires at least 40 countries from three continents. This ensures diversity and representation within the global athletic community.

Furthermore, all athletes participating in the Olympic Games must adhere to strict anti-doping regulations. They must be free from performance-enhancing drugs and undergo anti-doping tests to ensure fair competition and uphold the integrity of the games.

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When Pickleball Olympics Will Happen?

For many pickleball players, growing the game’s popularity is becoming a top priority. Many new players enquire as to whether or not pickleball is an Olympic sport. The possibility of pickleball appearing on the Olympic schedule is questionable. To be approved, it must satisfy a number of requirements and be approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Pickleball is currently the fastest-growing sport in the US, although the IOC has not yet set a deadline for declaring it an official Olympic sport or adding it to the Summer Olympic Games. Even though it’s unlikely, the pickleball Olympics could still happen in the near future.

Is Pickleball a Professional Sport?

Pickleball may not yet have achieved professional sports status, but its ever-increasing popularity and dynamic spirit make it an exhilarating game to watch and play. With more fans joining the Pickleball community worldwide every day, it won’t be long before this fast-growing sport reaches the big time!

From amateur to professional, Pickleball has become a popular game for all ages. With its blend of quick reflexes, agility and strategy, it provides an exciting and stimulating challenge for players. The social aspect of Pickleball is also a great draw, as the game is usually played in an enjoyable and laid-back setting that promotes camaraderie and cooperation.


However, for Pickleball to become a professional sport, it must have a sufficient level of recognition, organization, and support from fans, players, and the wider sports community. Pickleball is still in its early days as a competitive sport, but with continued growth and recognition, it has the potential to become a professional sport in the future.

So, if you are a Pickleball fan, now is the perfect time to join the community and support the sport on its journey to professional status.

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How many countries play pickleball?

The incredible growth of pickleball in the USA has been astonishing. In a mere 3 years, it has gained popularity across 39 countries spread over 5 continents.

Is pickleball an old person’s sport?

Yes, according to the 2022 Sports & Fitness Industry report, almost a third (32.7%) of people who play sports and fitness activities eight times or more per year are 65 or older. Additionally, more than half that is 52% of these core players are 55 years old or over it.

Is pickleball easier than tennis?

Pickleball is generally considered to be an easier sport than tennis. It has a smaller court, a slower-moving ball, and shorter, lighter paddles. Moreover, the rules are easy to understand than those of tennis. In that way, you can say pickleball is much easier than tennis

Do you have to be fit to play pickleball?

Pickleball is accessible to all ages and fitness levels, but don’t let that fool you. It’s a challenging workout and requires athleticism. Those who underestimate the sport have likely never tried it themselves.


Pickleball has taken the world by storm, capturing the hearts of millions of players across the globe. The question remains: Will Pickleball become an Olympic Sport? While it’s not part of the Olympic Games just yet, its soaring popularity and widespread appeal hold great promise. Combining elements from tennis, badminton, and table tennis, Pickleball offers a thrilling and one-of-a-kind experience.

What makes Pickleball truly special is its inclusivity, welcoming people of all ages and skill levels to join in on the fun. Whether or not it eventually joins the Summer Olympics, one thing is certain: Pickleball has already secured a permanent place in the hearts of countless players and fans.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll tune in to watch the electrifying Pickleball Olympics on our TV screens. The future is full of exciting possibilities for this incredible sport.

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