Pickleball Attire for Female Players

Hey there, ladies! When it comes to pickleball, comfort and flexibility are key when choosing your outfit. We all know how important it is to feel at ease and unrestricted on the court. Luckily, pickleball gives you the freedom to wear different types of clothing based on your personal style, comfort preferences, and pickleball clothes for different climates. When ever you start playing the game you always have thought what to wear to play pickleball?

Wearing the right clothes can make a world of difference in your game. Not only will you have better mobility, but you’ll also be able to fully focus on your shots and also know What Are Pickleball Strokes? without any clothing distractions. Plus, rocking the perfect pickleball attire can give you a confidence boost that will take your performance to the next level.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this post is here to help you find the ideal outfit for your pickleball adventures. Whether you’re gearing up for a tournament or a casual game with friends, we’ve got you covered with some awesome ideas and tips. Get ready to look and feel your best on the pickleball court.

Pickleball attire for female players

Stylish Pickleball Clothes for Women

Choosing pickleball clothes for women wisely is just as important for women pickleball players as it is for men. Pickleball shirts need to be moisture-wicking and breathable. Pickleball involves a lot of movement, making perspiration high. Female Pickleball players wear short-sleeved shirts, sleeveless tops, and tank tops.

Over the past decades, pickleball attire for women has transformed dramatically. Women are no longer limited to men’s hand-me-downs or ill-fitting clothing. Instead, several brands are catering to women pickleball players.

Various pickleball clothing is available for women, but some of the most popular items include ladies’ pickleball skirts, sneakers, and tank tops. Women may prefer to wear pickleball leggings or pants. As well as looking great on the court, these items provide comfort and support for women players.

Pickleball Clothing Checklist

There are different factors to consider when shopping for pickleball clothing based on your preferences and style. It is essential to wear clothing that is comfortable, breathable, functional to wear, fits well, and is easy to move in when playing Pickleball. Wearing something comfortable, breathable, practical, and relaxed works well is essential.

Fashion has evolved along with Pickleball, so you don’t have to neglect it to look fashionable. Before purchasing clothing, consider these questions:

  • Do you need moisture-wicking fabric? Do you require a spandex fabric that stretches so that your clothes adjust as you lose weight when playing? Are you looking for a material that is more sustainable?
  •  Is UV protection important to you when choosing to clothe?
  •  Do you like patterns and vibrant colors, or do you like solid colors?
  •  If you’re a woman, do you prefer to play in shorts, skirts, or dresses?
  •  Is there something that has pockets for your keys, phone, and pickleball that you’d like to wear?
  •  Consider choosing pants or leggings to keep your legs warm while playing in the cooler months.

Stylish Pickleball Clothes for Women

When it comes to pickleball, why settle for boring and basic when you can bring your style game to the court? Ladies, it’s time to rock stylish pickleball clothes that not only enhance your performance but also make a fashion statement.

Pickleball shorts & skirts for women

Women’s Pickleball players prefer comfortable shorts with pockets, skirts, and skorts. The appearance and comfort of women’s Pickleball shorts are also crucial to them, so freedom of movement is crucial. The inner fabric of skorts and pickleball shorts is usually spandex, whereas the outer fabric is polyester.

Despite the increase in Pickleball clothing for women in recent years, most female Pickleball players prefer shorts over skirts. Skorts combine skirts with shorts and are designed for women.

Female pickleball shirts

Pickleball clothes for ladies are crucial for women, just as they are for men. Pickleball shirts for females need to keep them cool and wick moisture. This game involves a lot of movement so that sweat can accumulate. Most female pickleball players wear short-sleeved shirts, sleeveless tops, or tank tops, depending on the weather. 

Women’s Pickleball shirts are made of polyester and spandex, which are very comfortable and easy to move in. These materials are the most popular in Pickleball shirts because of their durability and comfort. Choose a cotton tank top if you want to wear cotton Pickleball shirts.


Bottoms for Pickleball

As for your lower half of the body, you can wear anything that you would wear to a gym or an exercise class. Or, you can wear yoga leggings which are great because they are super comfy and allow you to move freely.

Shorts or tennis skirts work in hot weather as well. Tennis-style dresses are also an option. We recommend checking our article on the best pickleball skirts for more recommendations.

Choosing the right Pickleball bra

With lots of lateral movements on the court, Pickleball is an excellent aerobic exercise for both new and experienced players. Because of this, it is important to wear supportive sports bras when playing Pickleball.

The Perfect Pickleball Shoes for Women

Based on the type of movement required in Pickleball, the various Pickleball shoes selected are designed to cater to the numerous challenges & rigors encountered on Pickleball courts.

For outdoor Pickleball play, you need outdoor Pickleball shoes and indoor Pickleball shoes because the playing surfaces on indoor and outdoor courts are entirely different. You can’t play Pickleball with a baseball bat on a Pickleball court!

Sunglasses for Pickleball

If safety is a priority for you as a Pickleball player, then Pickleball glasses are essential on the Pickleball court. You don’t want a Pickleball ball flying toward you and hitting you in the eye.

If you wear good quality Pickleball glasses, you can prevent a trip to the emergency room by not having a pickleball ball hit you in the eye.

A Ladies Pickleball Hat

As a final precaution, consider wearing a hat or visor before you take it to court. This will keep your eyes protected from the summer sun and hair.

Winter Pickleball Outfits for Women

Dressing up can be challenging for Pickleball in winter, depending on whether you will play indoors or outdoors (obviously more likely in the sunbelt). Even if you are playing with the heat on, you should wear a top layer to warm up and get to the gym. You’d also want to swap shorts and skorts for leggings.

Long sleeve pickleball shirts for women

For pickleball, it’s crucial to wear a long-sleeve shirt that wicks moisture. Normally, that would be a synthetic material like polyester, but you may also think about this wonderful merino wool blend. I adore it, and it doesn’t feel at all like wool! Avoid wearing big shirts since they will impede your movement while you are pursuing the ball.

To gradually open up one of the sleeveless alternatives listed below as you warm up, layer it under a jacket with a zip. If you decide to wear a jacket, avoid ones with hoods because they are too bouncy.

Suitable leggings for Pickleball

In addition, you’ll need some high-quality athletic leggings for your winter pickleball outfit. As on top, wicking moisture-proof fabric is preferable to soft leggings.

Leggings are so personal since we all have different shapes, so you’ll have better luck at specialty stores than big box stores, where leggings tend to be very long and cut very thin.

PickleBall Attire for Female Players


What is the dress code for Pickleball?

The pickleball game can be played indoors or outdoors. Pickleball has no specific dress code, just suitable clothing for athletes. As Pickleball is not seasonal, you can play indoors or outdoors. Wear layers of clothes that keep you warm when it’s chilly.

Can I use my tennis shoes for Pickleball?

In Pickleball, many new players are converting from other sports. Running shoes, for instance, are usually designed to move one way. As opposed to soccer shoes, tennis shoes are designed to promote multi-directional movement with lateral stability and support. Tennis shoes and other shorts are perfect for Pickleball as well.

Is a glove necessary for Pickleball?

In conclusion, if you find it difficult to grip your paddle during the game of Pickleball, consider wearing a glove if you find it harder to keep a hold of your paddle. You may need to try different gloves to find one that provides comfort and grip when playing Pickleball.

How Do You Dress For Pickleball In Cold Weather?

The proper clothing is essential when playing Pickleball in cold weather. Layering is necessary to keep your body temperature comfortable. Base layers wick away sweat and keep you warm. Wear windproof and waterproof outer layers and insulation with fleece or wool.

Can I wear additional items when playing Pickleball?

In addition to comfortable, functional clothing, you will also need to wear court shoes for the best mobility on the court. Whether playing indoors or outdoors, wearing a hat or visor and eye protection is recommended. RIA has sunglasses and lenses that can be switched for indoor play for improved lighting and eye protection.


Choosing a pickleball dress should be about comfort and flexibility. Many gamers and professional players in the game know this and follow this principle when selecting their clothes. Now that you’re used to wearing pickleball field wear, you’ll join them.

If you have ever wondered what equipment you need to play Pickleball? We strongly recommend reading this article. It contains a comprehensive list of everything a Pickleball player might need, including at least five recommendations for each piece of equipment. Anyone who plays Pickleball should read it.

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