Selecting the Outdoor Pickleball Balls

Pickleballs are essential equipment in the game of pickleball. Pickleball balls are available for both types of pickleball games. If you are playing pickleball in an outdoor area, Selecting the Outdoor Pickleball Balls can be difficult. The Outdoor Pickleballs are available in many designs. Your pickleball ball’s speed, bounces, and spin abilities vary, so improving your balls early on in your pickleball growth journey is important.

The selection of the best outdoor pickleball balls is challenging. In doing so, we must consider several factors contributing to the choice of outdoor pickleball balls. Despite the differences in design, you can play pickleball outside or inside with outdoor pickleball balls. In this blog post, we explain you Selecting the Outdoor Pickleball Balls

What Are Outdoor Pickleball Balls?

Pickleball balls designed for outdoor play on hard surfaces and in the elements are often called outdoor pickleballs. They are harder than indoor balls, usually have 40 holes, and are specially designed to fight against the wind. Because they are harder and heavier, outdoor balls fly faster through the air, making playing outdoors faster than indoors. Depending on the style of play, temperature, and court surface, outdoor pickleball balls may last longer.

While the outer balls don’t get as soft and spongy over time, they crack and lose shape (or twist), especially in cold weather. So with a backup in your pocket, be ready to go anytime, especially during the winter! Pulling a ball and getting your shot on is fine if you come in but are playing hard-court tennis or pickleball. They feature precision welded seams to increase ball strength and measure 2.88 inches in diameter.

Outdoor-Pickleball Balls

Which Balls Are for Outdoor Pickleball?

You will find many brands of outdoor pickleball balls when you start shopping for outdoor pickleballs. There are a few things to consider when looking for specific outdoor pickleball balls. An outdoor pickleball ball is one that:

  • Its design allows you to travel longer distances much more quickly.
  • It has a nice bounce and spin that stays consistent for a long period.
  • As a durable plastic sphere, it withstands all weather conditions, especially high winds.

There are many makes and models of the best pickleball balls, but it’s important to ensure they meet USAPA standards. Determine, among other things, the size, weight, and number of holes.

Even if you are new to pickleball, it always helps to use pickleball balls that meet this standard in professional competition.

If you’re an avid Pickleball player, you likely know that there are different types of Pickleball balls to consider. One of the key differences between Pickleball balls is whether they are designed for indoor or outdoor play. Indoor Pickleball balls are typically lighter and have smaller holes, which can help to reduce their bounce on gym floors. Outdoor Pickleball balls, on the other hand, are generally heavier and have larger holes, which can help to increase their durability and performance in windy conditions. When selecting the best outdoor Pickleball balls, it’s important to consider factors such as the ball’s weight, size, and level of compression. Additionally, it’s crucial to choose a ball that is designed specifically for outdoor play, as this can help to ensure that it can withstand the elements and maintain its performance over time. Ultimately, whether you choose indoor Pickleball balls or outdoor Pickleball balls will depend on your playing environment and personal preferences.

How to Choose the Outdoor Pickleball Balls?

Selecting the Best Outdoor Pickleball balls requires taking several factors into account:


The Best Outdoor Pickleballs can be expensive, but remember that they work best in all weather conditions. As a result, they last longer than you think, no matter how aggressively you play them or how many longer matches they have to endure. If you play pickleball less, affordable outdoor pickleball ball is fine.


The best outdoor pickleball ball should meet the USAPA standard, which means they are 40 mm in diameter and weigh 26 grams. Buying new non-standard balls can affect your game. Always check before purchasing.

Outdoor-Pickleball Ball


The best outdoor pickleballs need to withstand the effects of wind and adverse weather conditions, so they should be made of the materials such as toughened plastic, which makes them heavier than other pickleball balls.

Pickleball Ball Balance

The best pickleball balls must be balanced appropriately to move correctly and not bounce unevenly. When the ball is unbalanced, it can cause players to miss or make mistakes. A well-balanced pickleball has a consistent bounce and is easy to control. As a result, everyone is more likely to enjoy the game.

Pickleball Ball Bounce

The impact of pickleball affects how you play. A low-bounce ball will fly farther than a high-bounce ball. It can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your style of play. A well-built pickleball has a bounce height of 30 to 34 inches, a requirement for USAPA approval.

Pickleball for Outdoor Use: What to Look For?

As we head into 2023, the search for the best outdoor Pickleball balls continues. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which balls are the best fit for your game. Some factors to consider when selecting the best pickleball balls in 2023 include the ball’s weight, size, and level of compression. A heavier ball may be more suitable for outdoor play, as it can better withstand wind and other weather conditions. Size and compression also play a significant role in the ball’s performance, with larger and less compressed balls offering a slower and more consistent bounce.

For those curious about What to look for when choosing an outdoor pickleball balls, here’s a quick overview:

Weight: In general, pickleball balls used outdoors are heavier. This is due to the fact that they need to handle weather conditions and not be affected by the wind. Most of the USAPA-approved pickleball balls are around 0.9 ounces in weight. Indoor pickleball balls tend to weigh around 0.8 ounces.

Number of Holes: Outdoor pickleball balls comparatively have more holes (40). A pickleball ball with additional holes reduces wind resistance and makes bullets travel further outdoors. Altogether, they have few holes in comparison to pickleball balls, with more holes that are smaller. Outdoor pickleball balls have more holes.

Hardness: To withstand the elements, outdoor balls must be hardened as compared to other balls. They must not break or chip too easily.

Noise: The hard surface of outdoor balls makes a louder noise when struck with a racket, so it is generally true that outdoor balls are noisier.

Outdoor PickleBall Balls

The Most Popular Color for Outdoor Pickleballs

A clear, bright yellow is the most popular outdoor pickleball ball color. You’ll see these colors primarily for outdoor pickleballs at pickleball courts near you.

In addition to the yellow balls, there are other options. There are many bright colors for outdoor pickleball balls, such as bright orange, green, white, and pink. The more serious you are about pickleball, the more likely you want to use those that show up in tournaments.

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The color of the ball does not necessarily correspond to the type of ball; Again, different kinds of pickleball balls can have the same solid color, just as the same type of pickleball can have multiple colors.

Besides color, consistency of performance and bounce are also essential factors. So while we can determine which color is preferred for the best pickleball balls to play in the outdoor area, you also need to determine which brand and precisely what type of ball to use in the tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Outdoor Pickleballs Last?

On average, outdoor pickleball lasts 5 to 7 road games. However, this number depends on the quality of the ball and the method of use. For example, a ball used only for casual games will last longer than for competitive games.

Can You Use Outdoor Pickleball Balls Indoors?

You can, but it’s generally not recommended because heavier balls are noisy and don’t work as well on smooth surfaces like wood.

What Are The Specifications Of Official Pickleball Balls?

Here is a summary of the IFP and USAPA regulations for official pickleballs:
Smooth surface texture and durable molded material are essential for the ball.
In addition to the identification mark (mark), the ball must have a uniform color.
A slight bulge in the seam is permissible as long as it does not affect the ball’s flight.
The ball must be between 73 and 75.5 cm (2.784 and 2.972 inches) in diameter.
The ball must weigh between 22 and 26.5 grams (0.78 and 0.935 oz).
Dropping the ball from a height of 78 inches should bounce between 30 and 34 inches (76.2 and 86.4 cm). The test should be performed at a temperature between 75 and 80 degrees F (24 and 27 degrees C) and placed on a granite surface.
Ball hardness should be between 40 and 50 on the D-durometer scale at 75-80 degrees F.
A straight shot requires a minimum of 26 holes and a maximum of 40 holes.
Pickleball manufacturers or brands must be printed or engraved on the surface of each ball.

How Much Do Outdoor Pickleball Balls Cost?

The best outdoor pickleballs can be expensive, but you will see a difference in quality and performance when you invest in good outdoor pickleballs. Most of the top products on our list, including those with high ratings, cost between $25 and $40.

Which Outdoor Ball Is Right For You?

Now that you know everything about pickleballs and what to look for, it’s time to decide which is right for you. If you’re a serious player looking to take your game to the next level, choose a ball that meets all the requirements for a USAPA legal ball. Any outdoor ball will do if you’re a recreational player who wants to have fun.

Are All Pickleballs The Same?

It is not necessarily true! Due to the lack of wind indoors, some pickleballs often have larger holes to reduce their overall weight.
Outdoor pickleballs, on the other hand, are heavier and have fewer holes to ensure the wind doesn’t interfere with play. They are also generally made from a harder, more durable plastic composite for more challenging playing conditions.


If you play pickleball outdoors, you might prefer outdoor pickleball balls. You can purchase a variety of outdoor pickleball balls at many online shopping sites or at a sporting goods store that sells outdoor pickleball balls. Your Best Outdoor Pickleballs ball selection depends on many factors, such as price, size, materials, balance, bounce, etc.

The outdoor pickleball ball differs from the other pickleball in terms of weight, the number of holes, hardness, and noise. In this blog, we describe selecting outdoor pickleball balls based on their factors and how they differ from other ones. We recommend that if you are playing pickleball outdoors, you play with the outdoor pickleball ball and do not use indoor pickleball balls.

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