Where Can I Learn Pickleball In Chicago

If you’re wondering, “Where can I learn pickleball in Chicago?” you’re at the right place! Chicago, situated in the United States, is a vibrant city with a thriving pickleball community. It offers abundant opportunities for individuals of all skill levels to learn and engage in the exhilarating sport of pickleball. In this blog, we will highlight the top 8 places in Chicago where you can embark on your pickleball journey and receive proper instructions to enhance your skills.

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Places for Learning Pickleball in Chicago

If you’re interested in learning and playing pickleball in Chicago, you’re in luck! The city offers a variety of options where you can take lessons, join leagues, or enjoy casual play. In this guide, we will explore some of the best places in Chicago where you can learn the game and have a great time playing pickleball. Let’s have a look at some of the 8 places in Chicago where you can go for learning pickleball, which are given below:

Toss And Spin: 

Toss and Spin is a reputable tennis provider in Chicago that also offers pickleball classes. Their experienced instructors can teach you the basics, strategies, and techniques of the game. They even organize pickleball team building outings nationwide, which can be a great way to bond with colleagues or friends. You can contact them at (312) 588-9318 or visit their website for more information.

Toss And Spin As The Place For Learning Pickleball In Chicago

East Bank Club: 

Located in Chicago, East Bank Club is a massive health club spanning over two city blocks. Apart from its numerous amenities, including fitness facilities and tennis courts, they also have pickleball courts available. You can join their pickleball programs, clinics, and tournaments or simply play with other club members. They offer rental and purchase options for pickleball equipment, making it convenient for those who don’t have their own gear. Contact them at (312) 527-5800 or visit their website to learn more.

Universal Picklers, LLC: 

Universal Picklers is a pickleball training company that caters to players of all skill levels. They have a certified pickleball instructor with extensive coaching experience. Universal Picklers offers skills and strategy training for beginners and group play opportunities. They operate at various locations in Chicago, such as Ellis, Kennicott, Foster, and Gwendolyn Brooks Parks, as well as the Ray Kroc Center and St. Dorothy Catholic Church. For more information, visit their website.

Chicago Park District: 

The Chicago Park District manages a vast network of more than 600 parks throughout the city, and some of them have pickleball courts available for public use. Their website features an online map and search tool that allows you to locate parks near you with pickleball facilities. Furthermore, the Chicago Park District provides pickleball programs and events, which you can conveniently register for via their website or by directly contacting them at (312) 742-7529.

Midtown Athletic Club: 

Midtown Athletic Club is a high-end fitness club located in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood. They have a total of 16 indoor tennis courts, and a portion of these courts is specifically designated for pickleball. As a member of the Midtown Athletic Club, you can participate in their pickleball programs, clinics, social events, and tournaments. If you don’t have your own equipment, they provide options for renting or purchasing a pickleball gear. For more information, call (773) 235-2300 or visit their website.

Gompers Park: 

Located in Gompers Park, this public park offers six outdoor pickleball courts exclusively for recreational use. The courts are open to the general public, accessible on weekdays from 9 am to 9 pm and on weekends from 9 am to 5 pm. If you’re interested in joining a welcoming and enthusiastic community of players, the Gompers Park Pickleball Club is open to individuals of all skill levels, including beginners and advanced players.

The club hosts a range of engaging activities such as drop-in sessions, clinics, and tournaments, providing ample opportunities to connect, socialize, and enhance your skills. To gather more information or stay up-to-date, you can contact the club at (773) 685-3270 or visit their Facebook page.

Players Sport & Social Group: 

Players Sport & Social Group is a company that specializes in organizing leagues and tournaments for various sports, including pickleball. They also provide pickleball clinics tailored for both beginner and intermediate players, along with corporate outings and glow events. For further details, you can contact them at (773) 528-1999 or visit their website.

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness: 

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness is a sports and fitness club with two locations in Chicago: Illinois Center and Lincoln Park. They provide pickleball lessons, leagues, tournaments, and events suitable for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, you can find opportunities to improve your pickleball skills and enjoy the game. They provide both indoor and outdoor pickleball courts and offer rental and purchase options for equipment. Contact them at (312) 856-1111 (Illinois Center) or (773) 348-6377 (Lincoln Park) for more details.

Learn To Play Pickleball In Chicago At Lakeshore Sport & Fitness


Are There Any Pickleball Lessons Available For Advanced Players In Chicago, USA?

Yes, pickleball facilities in Chicago cater to players of all skill levels, including advanced players. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, you can find lessons and coaching specifically tailored to your level of experience.

Are There Any Outdoor Pickleball Courts In Chicago?

Yes, the Chicago Park District manages numerous parks throughout the city that provide outdoor pickleball courts. Parks such as Welles Park, Hamlin Park, and Skinner Park are highly favored among pickleball enthusiasts in Chicago when it comes to playing pickleball in outdoor settings.

Can Children Learn Pickleball In Chicago?

Yes, children of all ages can learn pickleball and participate in this sport in Chicago. There are various locations in Chicago that offer pickleball lessons specifically designed for kids, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for them to learn and engage in the sport.

What Is The Cost Of Pickleball Lessons In Chicago?

The cost of pickleball lessons in Chicago may vary based on factors such as the location, duration of the lesson, and the instructor’s expertise. Contacting the specific facility or instructor is advisable to inquire about their pricing details. They will be able to provide accurate and up-to-date information to you regarding the costs associated with their pickleball lessons.


If you’ve been wondering, “Where can I learn pickleball in Chicago?” you’re in luck! Chicago offers a diverse range of places where you can learn and enjoy this exciting sport. From dedicated pickleball facilities to health clubs, parks, and training centers, there are ample opportunities in Chicago to start your pickleball journey or enhance your existing skills. So grab a paddle, find a court near you, and discover the joy of playing pickleball in Chicago, USA!

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