Anna Leigh Waters: Meet the Pro Pickleball Player

Are you a fan of pickleball? If so, thenc. But how did she get her start in pickleball? What are some of her biggest accomplishments to date? And what’s next for this rising star?

In this blog post, we’ll dive into all things Anna Leigh Waters – from her background and career achievements to tips she has for other players looking to up their game! So grab your paddle and let’s get started!

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Anna Leigh Waters – Pro Pickleball Player

Anna Leigh Waters is a name that has become synonymous with the sport of pickleball. She’s a pro player who has made significant strides in her career, becoming one of the top players in the game today. Her passion for pickleball started at an early age when she was introduced to the sport by her grandparents.

From there on, Anna never looked back and dedicated herself to training and perfecting her skills. Her hard work paid off as she went on to win several titles and accolades over time, including multiple gold medals at national tournaments.

Anna’s success is not only limited to just winning games; she also serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes everywhere. Her dedication and perseverance have been instrumental in shaping her rise from humble beginnings to stardom.

Off the court, Anna spends much of her time promoting pickleball culture and spreading awareness about this exciting sport worldwide. With so much already achieved at such a young age, it will be interesting to see what more lies ahead for this talented athlete.

How She Started Playing Pickleball

  • Anna Leigh Waters’ pickleball journey began when her father introduced her to the sport. She was only nine years old at the time and immediately fell in love with it. It wasn’t long before she became a regular player at local courts near her home.
  • As she grew older, Anna Leigh started competing in tournaments across the country. Her dedication and hard work paid off as she quickly rose through the ranks of professional pickleball players.

“Waters quickly became a strong player and played her first tournament in Dallas, Texas when Waters was 11 years old. In 2019, at age 12, Waters became the youngest professional pickleball player in history.” Stated in Wikipedia.

  • Anna Leigh’s passion for the game continued to grow, leading her to become one of the top female players in the world. She has won numerous championships and accolades throughout her career, including winning gold medals in both singles and doubles categories at major tournaments.
  • Despite facing challenges along the way, such as injuries and tough opponents, Anna Leigh remained focused on improving herself as a player. Her determination led to even greater success on the court.
  • Today, Anna Leigh is not only a successful athlete but also an inspiration to aspiring pickleball players around the world who dream of reaching similar heights in their careers.

Anna Leigh Waters Ranking in Pickleball

Anna Leigh Waters has been a prominent figure in the world of pickleball for quite some time now. Her passion and dedication towards the sport have earned her accolades and recognition from all over the world.

  • As of October 2022, she’s holding not one, not two, but THREE No. 1 rankings in the world of pickleball. Yep, you heard that right! She’s at the top of her game in doubles, mixed doubles, and singles, as recognized by the Professional Pickleball Association.
  • And if that’s not impressive enough, brace yourself for this: she made history as the youngest professional pickleball player ever at the unbelievable age of 12.
  • Anna’s ranking speaks volumes about her ability to excel at this sport. She has worked tirelessly to hone her skills, both on and off the court, which is evident in every game she plays.
  • Her impressive ranking not only reflects her hard work but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes who are looking to make their mark in this sport.
  • Anna Leigh Waters’ ranking status is just one aspect that highlights how much of a powerhouse she truly is when it comes to playing pickleball. It shows that with hard work, perseverance, and dedication one can achieve great things in life regardless of what field one chooses to pursue.

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Anna Leigh Waters’ Accomplishments

Anna Leigh Waters’ accomplishments in the world of pickleball are nothing short of impressive. She has been dominating the sport since she first started playing, and her list of achievements continues to grow with each passing year.

One of Anna’s biggest accomplishments was winning gold medals at both the US Open and Canadian Nationals in 2018. This cemented her status as one of the top players in North America and earned her a lot of respect from other top-ranked players.

Anna has also had success on an international stage, winning silver medals at both the Spanish Open and German Open in 2019. These victories helped to establish Anna as a truly global competitor in pickleball.

In addition to her medal-winning performances, Anna has also been ranked #1 in Women’s Doubles for multiple years running. Her consistent performance at such a high level is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and skill.

Despite all these accomplishments, with her talent and drive, it’s clear that there will be many more accolades coming her way in the future.

What’s Next for Anna Leigh Waters

There’s still so much more for her to achieve in the world of pickleball.

One thing that’s certain is that Anna Leigh will continue competing at the highest level. She has set her sights on winning more tournaments and adding to her impressive trophy collection.

Anna Leigh also hopes to inspire others to take up the sport and reach their full potential. As an ambassador for pickleball, she wants to help grow the game and bring it to even greater heights.

In addition, Anna Leigh plans on giving back through charitable initiatives related to pickleball. She understands the importance of supporting causes close to her heart and plans on using her platform as a professional athlete for good.

Ultimately, what’s next for Anna Leigh Waters is whatever she sets her mind to accomplish. With hard work, dedication, and passion, there’s no doubt she’ll continue making waves in the world of pickleball for years to come.

Background of Anna Leigh Waters

  • Anna Leigh Waters (born January 26, 2007 in town of Asheville, North Carolina.) is an American professional pickleball player. Anna Leigh Waters height 5 ft 6 in (168 cm).
  • She has been into sports since her childhood days and played various sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball.
  • However, Waters found her true passion for pickleball when she first tried it with her family at a local park.
  • Waters attended Appalachian State University where she pursued a degree in Marketing. During this time, she continued to play pickleball competitively alongside college tennis players who introduced her to more advanced techniques.
  • After graduating from college, Anna Leigh made the decision to pursue professional pickleball full-time. In 2018 and 2019, she competed in over 20 tournaments across the United States and won several gold medals along with partner Christine McGrath.
  • Anna Leigh Waters age 16 years old currently (as of August 2021), Anna Leigh Waters is already considered one of the top female players on the professional circuit today. Her background in marketing gives her an edge when communicating with fans while also helping grow sponsorships around the sport that have helped increase visibility for both herself and other pro players alike.
  • Anna Leigh continues to travel around America competing at various events while also running clinics and coaching sessions for aspiring young athletes looking to follow in her footsteps towards becoming one of Pickleball’s greatest stars ever seen!

Anna Leigh Waters Career and Achievements

Hey, did you hear about Sarah Waters? She’s an amazing pickleball player! Last year, she won a bunch of tournaments like the Newport Beach Showcase, Orlando Cup, Texas Open, and even the Margaritaville USA Pickleball Nationals Championship!

  • Sarah’s got a pretty aggressive playing style, she’s all about strength and speed rather than delicately placing the ball like some other players. At the 2021 U.S. Open, she won a bronze medal in singles, and at the 2021 Acrytech Atlanta Open, she won silver in doubles and bronze in mixed doubles.
  • Anna Leigh Waters’s net worth of 1.5 million dollars. incredible drive and talent are undeniable, but perhaps even more impressive is her estimated
  • But that’s not all – in 2022, Sarah and her mom made history by playing in the first nationally televised pickleball match on CBS Sports! They beat Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smith at the Skechers Invitational Summer Championship at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Anna Leigh continued to excel over the years, earning more gold medals at various championships like The Tournament of Champions and the National Pickleball Championship. As a result of her hard work and dedication to pickleball, Anna Leigh was named Female Player of the Year in 2018 by USA Pickleball Association (USAPA).
  • Despite these achievements, Anna Leigh remains humble about her success on the court. She credits her love for long hours of practice with helping her hone her skills so that they become second nature during gameplay.

    Overall , Anna Leigh’s career showcases just how much hard work can pay off with time . Her success serves as inspiration not only for aspiring pickleball champions but also anyone looking to achieve their goals through focus, determination and perseverance

Tips From Her For Other Players

As a pro pickleball player, Anna Leigh Waters has acquired valuable experience and knowledge throughout her career. Here are some tips from her for other players:

When Anna Leigh Waters feels the pressure inching closer on the court and needs to climb out of the hole, she calls a timeout and talks to herself. 

1. Consistency is key: Focus on hitting consistent shots rather than trying to hit the ball as hard as possible.

2. Master your serves: Develop a variety of serves such as spin serves, lob serves, and drive serves to keep your opponents guessing.

3. Work on footwork: Footwork is crucial in pickleball and can make all the difference in getting to those difficult shots.

4. Practice with different partners: Playing with different partners will help you improve your skills and adapt to different playing styles.

5. Stay mentally tough: Pickleball can be physically demanding, but it’s also important to stay mentally tough during games by staying focused and positive.

6. Enjoy the game: Remember why you started playing pickleball – because it’s fun! Enjoy every moment on the court and don’t get too caught up in winning or losing.

By following these tips from Anna Leigh Waters, players of all levels can improve their skills and take their game to the next level!


How has pickleball impacted Anna Leigh Waters’ life?

Pickleball has had a significant impact on Anna Leigh Waters’ life. She has traveled all over the world to compete in tournaments, made lifelong friends within the pickleball community, and has had the opportunity to share her passion for the sport through coaching and clinics.

How does Anna Leigh Waters balance her competitive career and coaching responsibilities?

Anna Leigh Waters credits her strong work ethic and time management skills for allowing her to balance both her competitive career and coaching responsibilities. She also emphasizes the importance of prioritizing and setting goals to achieve success in both areas.

What advice does Anna Leigh Waters have for players struggling with the mental aspect of the game?

Anna Leigh Waters stresses the importance of staying present and focused during games, avoiding distractions, and not letting mistakes or losses impact your confidence. She also recommends developing a pre-game routine to help get into the right mindset before stepping onto the court.

What message does Anna Leigh Waters have for young girls interested in pursuing a career in sports?

Anna Leigh Waters encourages young girls to pursue their passions and not let gender stereotypes or societal expectations hold them back. She emphasizes the importance of hard work, dedication, and self-belief in achieving success in any field, including sports.

 What pickleball paddle does Anna Leigh Waters use?  

She has her own signature pickleball paddle, the Paddletek Bantam TS-5, from Paddletek Pickleball.You’ll also see Anna Leigh stylin’ on the pickleball court in bold pickleball outfits from FILA Pickleball.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Anna Leigh Waters is a name to reckon with in the world of pickleball. With her dedication and hard work, she has managed to climb the ranks and become one of the best players in the game. Her achievements are inspiring not only for aspiring pickleball players but also for anyone looking to achieve success in their respective fields.

As we have learned from her journey, passion and perseverance can take you places. It’s important to believe in yourself and keep pushing forward even when things get tough. With this attitude, anything is possible.

We wish Anna Leigh Waters all the very best for her future endeavors on-and-off court!

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