Gamma Pickleball Paddle Review: Level Up Your Game

Pickleball is exploding in popularity as one of the fastest growing sports in America. Choosing the right paddle can make a huge difference in improving your skills and enjoyment of the game. Below are in-depth Gamma Pickleball Paddle Review of some top pickleball paddle models to help you find the ideal match for your playing style and abilities.

Gamma Pickleball Paddle Review

Gamma Obsidian Pickleball Paddle

Featuring a super fast swing speed and massive spin potential, the Gamma Obsidian is built for intermediate to advanced players who want to aggressively attack shots. Key attributes include:

Gamma Obsidian


  • Tapered edges significantly reduce aerodynamic drag for faster swing speed
  • Raw carbon hitting surface with gritty texture generates heavy topspin and slice
  • Thin profile and generous sweet spot provide outstanding control
  • Slim elongated grip makes maneuvering seamless
  • Ideal for technical players who control points through spin and placement
  • With its sleek head shape and lightweight build, the Obsidian excels at quickly swinging through the ball with pace and heavy spin. The paddle grants you the tools to really rip shots while maintaining directional precision. Let’s take a closer look at what sets this paddle apart.

Design and Construction

The Obsidian comes in two thickness options – 13mm and 16mm. Both models feature a durable lightweight polypropylene SensaCore interior surrounded by a raw carbon fiber hitting surface.

The thin profile and tapered edges are the standout design feature. By significantly reducing surface area and drag, Gamma Pickleball engineered this paddle for lightning fast swing speed off both the forehand and backhand. Even at full power, the head shape remains aerodynamically slick, allowing you to aggressively rip shots with control. The carbon fiber exterior provides a gritty texture for taking big cuts at the ball, generating heavy topspin and slice.

Weighing in at 7.8oz, the 16mm model offers a nice blend of maneuverability and stability. Gamma’s slim elongated handle and small 4 1/8″ grip circumference ensure you can easily adjust hand placement for firing shots from all positions.

Gamma Obsidian Pickleball Paddle

Performance and Feel

Right off the bat, you’ll notice the Obsidian’s uniquely fast and fluid stroke speed. The paddle just whips through the air with minimal drag. It makes unleashing nasty forehand drives and backhand slam a breeze.

The grippy carbon fiber surface allows you to impart heavy topspin on groundstrokes. You can take full aggressive cuts and still maintain control of placement. The Obsidian really shines for putting away mid-court balls with topspin venom. When exchanging dinks at the net, the paddle feels extremely precise and stable. The thin profile offers outstanding touch and feel for dropping shots delicately over the net. The luxuriously large sweet spot ensures you get buttery smooth control even when contact strays from the center.

The grip and handle provide exceptional maneuverability. The elongated design let you easily slide hand placement up and down depending on the shot. Whether ripping a forehand drive, finesse drop shot, or reaching for a backhand stab, the Obsidian feels like an extension of your arm. While the paddle exhibits plenty of power, it especially shines on control. The thin profile delivers extremely predictable response across the face. You can confidently swing at full speed, knowing the paddle will shoot the ball where you want.

Advanced players will also appreciate the tremendous spin potential. The grippy carbon surface lets you impart heavy topspin or slice. Angling cross-court dinks that sharply curve away becomes much easier. You can pull off tricky spin shots with enhanced control.

Reasons to Buy
  • Extremely fast swing speed from aerodynamic head shape
  • Carbon surface provides massive spin potential
  • Outstanding control from thin profile and large sweet spot
  • Great touch and feel for finesse shots up at the net
  • Slim grip and elongated handle enable easy maneuvering
  • Predicts ball direction very accurately even at high speed
Reasons to Avoid
  • Touch shots require finesse and precise technique
  • Lacks forgiveness and power of thicker core paddles
  • Carbon surface more prone to cracking vs composite
  • Not much wrist support from the slim grip


With its uniquely sleek and lightweight design, the Gamma Obsidian lets you aggressively attack shots with speed, spin, and control. Quick reactions and fluid strokes give you an edge in setting the pace. The paddle is ideal for intermediate and advanced players focused on out-maneuvering opponents through placement and spin. If your game relies on technical skills and strategic ball manipulation, the Obsidian should suit you perfectly.

Gamma Micron 5.0 Pickleball Paddle

The Gamma Micron 5.0 pickleball paddle provides outstanding control and versatility for intermediate players thanks to its Polypropylene core and tactile composite surface. Key features include

Gamma Micron 5.0 Pickleball Paddle


  • Polypropylene honeycomb core dampens vibration for outstanding touch and control
  • Composite surface with Microbead texture allows easy modifications of spin and pace
  • Midweight 7.9oz design offers excellent maneuverability
  • Perforated cushioned grip improves moisture absorption and stability
  • Forgiving face with large sweet spot helps keep shots consistent
  • With its excellent blend of power, precision, and finesse, the Micron 5.0 is a top choice for well-rounded players looking to keep improving their shot-making skills. Let’s take a closer look at why this paddle suits touch and control focused players so well.

Design and Construction

Gamma constructed the Micron 5.0 using a Polypropylene Honeycomb core sandwiched between two composite fiber faces. This layered design enclosed the core to optimize durability and performance consistency over time.

The Polypropylene core material muted vibrations extremely well while providing a soft, pillowy response off the face. This lends itself perfectly to control and finesse-focused play. Composite materials like Polymer generate more pop and explosiveness. The composite fiber exterior features Gamma’s specialized Microbead surface texture. This grippy finish allows for both slicing under the ball as well as brushing up for topspin. The bead-like patterns vary friction across the face, enabling easier shot shaping.

Weighing 7.9oz, the paddle moves with lightning quickness yet still feels stable through the hitting motion. Gamma’s perforated cushioned grip has a tacky feel that prevents rotational slipping. The grip absorbs sweat and gives great tactile feedback for properly holding the paddle.

Gamma Micron 5.0

Performance and Feel

The Micron 5.0 delivers buttery smooth response across the entire generous sweet spot. It provides outstanding directional control even when you don’t strike the ball perfectly. The Polypropylene core gives the paddle a uniquely soft, muted pop.

Touch shots feel extremely crisp and sensitive right off the strings. Finesse players will love the paddle’s precision on carefully angled shots. Compared to the lively explosive pop of Polymer cores, the Micron 5.0 has a more dampened and reserved overall feel. This lends itself perfectly to focusing on control, placement, and strategy over raw power. The paddle almost hugs the ball, allowing you to sustain contact an instant longer to direct pace and spin. The bead-textured exterior grabs and releases the ball with uniform precision.

While dominant smashers favor the lively punch of paddles like the Gamma Shard, touch players will appreciate the Micron’s refined finesse. It gives you pinpoint control for targeting opponent weaknesses and moving them around the court. The paddle stays smooth and accurate across all types of strokes. Drives, drops, blocks, and quick reflex shots all feel natural and instinctive with this paddle in hand. The ample 8″ face creates a very forgiving sweet spot, minimizing mishits.

Reasons to Buy

Polypropylene core provides excellent feel for touch shots
Beaded composite surface adds spin control and versatility
Nice balance of stability and quickness
Tactile grip improves moisture absorption
Large swee

Reasons to Avoid

Lacks the explosiveness and pop of polymers
Not as powerful or spin friendly as graphite faces
Grip tends to wear out and deteriorate quickly
Some lack of stability on very hard-hit shots


With its control-focused design, the Gamma Micron 5.0 is an elite paddle choice for intermediate players looking to master ball placement, spins, and finesse. The Polypropylene core and composite surface provide excellent all-around performance capabilities with a refined touch. Control specialists will love the paddle’s accuracy and responsiveness. It’s a great choice for taking your skills to the next level.

Gamma Compass Pickleball Paddle

The Gamma Compass pickleball paddle is built for intermediate to pro players seeking top-notch blend of power, finesse, and lightweight maneuverability. Key attributes include:


  • Lively NeuCore polymer core surrounded by graphite faces for optimal blend of pop and touch
  • Elongated paddle head shape improves reach and coverage for keeping balls in play
  • Midweight 7.75oz build allows quick positioning and smooth strokes
  • Ideal for all-around players who charge the net and attack strategically
  • Provides elite level blend of speed, spin, control, and stability
  • Featuring Gamma’s latest high-performance NeuCore technology, the Compass paddle delivers an exceptional level of versatility suited for competitive match play. Let’s examine what makes this such a well-rounded high-intensity paddle.

Design and Construction

The Compass paddle features a NeuCore polymer core material, a revolutionary new design from Gamma. The polymer has enlarged cell walls which deliver a uniquely lively, responsive pop off the paddle face.

The core is encased between two faces made of durable textured graphite. This imparts enhanced control and feel. Textured graphite also channels friction optimally across the surface for adding or reducing spin. At just 7.75oz, the Compass paddle is extremely quick and smooth while still providing necessary stability for drives and blocks. The 16 5/8″ elongated head shape gives you bonus reach and expanded hitting surface area for playing shots off the court.

Gamma’s excellent perforated honeycomb cushion grip features on this paddle as well. The grip’s tactile surface prevents slippage while channeling moisture and dampening vibration through your hand.

Performance and Feel

The Gamma Compass delivers sensational popping responsiveness off the face thanks to the NeuCore polymer core. You’ll immediately notice the lively kick compared to classic Polypropylene honeycomb cores designed for control.

Yet it’s not just raw power – the NeuCore tech maintains outstanding precision and feel even at full speed. Crushing forehand drives feels snappy and accurate. Finesse shots benefit from extended dwell time and stability. The grippy graphite exterior grabs hold of the ball with each stroke, allowing you to flexibly add backspin or brush up for topspin if needed. The textured surface provides the right balance of hold and release.

The midweight build makes the Compass extremely well balanced and maneuverable. Accelerating into return shots and moving across the court feels quick and instinctive. The paddle stays smooth and rock steady throughout rallies, blocking hard shots with ease.

The elongated paddle head shape lets you cover more surface area for keeping balls in play, especially up at the net. The blended pop and touch means you can dink and drop as effectively as smashing drives. This is among the most versatile and responsive paddles available today.

Reasons to Buy
  • Lively NeuCore polymer core provides top-notch blend of power and finesse
  • Gritty graphite face enhances touch, control, and spin potential
  • Elongated shape improves reach and coverage during play
  • Midweight build offers outstanding maneuverability
  • Excellent
Reasons to Avoid
  • Polymer core lacks the finesse and control of classic honeycomb materials
  • Paddle face prone to roughening up over time
  • Touch shots require very precise swing techniques
  • Elonga


The Gamma Compass Pro paddle is optimized for competitive and aggressive players seeking a high performance option. The revolutionary NeuCore polymer core and graphite faces allow for dynamic two-way play. From blistering drives to deft drop shots, the Compass provides elite level capabilities for intermediates through pros. All-around players who like controlling points through versatile shot-making will love this paddle.

Gamma Shard Pickleball Paddle

The Gamma Shard paddle features a state-of-the-art NeuCore Polymer core for intermediate to pro players seeking explosive power blended with finesse. Key features include:


  • NeuCore polymer core surrounded by graphite faces generates massive pop and responsiveness
  • Midweight 7.75oz build provides ideal heft and maneuverability
  • Excellent touch from the graphite exterior adds spin and control
  • Works well for both aggressive smashes and delicate touch shots
  • Ideal for all-around players with versatile technical skills
  • With its optimized blend of power, control, and responsiveness, the Shard is a top choice for competitive players who rely on technical skills to overpower opponents. Let’s examine why this paddle works so well for attacking shots as well as finesse play.

Design and Construction

The Gamma Shard showcases the innovative NeuCore polymer core design. This proprietary material uses enlarged cell walls and extreme compression techniques to generate a uniquely lively and explosive pop off the paddle face.

The core is encased between durable textured graphite exterior faces which improve surface grip. Graphite construction imparts a precise, sensitive feel for spin shots, blocks, and volleys up at the net. Weighing 7.75oz, the Shard delivers outstanding maneuverability without sacrificing hitting power. Gamma’s perforated cushioned honeycomb grip provides excellent moisture absorption and traction during play.

The classic paddle shape places the sweet spot strategically in the center for superior overall balance. The midsize hitting surface area generates plenty of speed while remaining accurate.

Performance and Feel

The most immediate aspect you’ll notice with the Shard is the amazing pop and responsiveness generated by the NeuCore polymer core. This advanced material delivers extreme liveliness and springy action as you make contact with the ball.

The explosive power lets you aggressively drive shots deep with lightning pace. The paddle transfers all your forward momentum into the ball with a uniquely snappy sensation off the strings. Smashing balls down the line feels incredible with this paddle. Yet the Shard offers more than just brute power – the graphite exterior provides outstanding touch and control for finesse shots as well. You can shape delicate drop shots and angle shots with enhanced precision.

The graphite surface creates tacky friction against the ball for adding backspin or brushing up to create topspin. Although the paddle excels at power shots, the lively feel translates well to strategically played touch shots too. From the baseline or at the net, the Shard provides the best of both worlds – extreme dynamism on drives complemented by nuanced control on placements. The midweight build stays smooth and steady through maneuvers and quick reaction shots.

Reasons to Buy
  • NeuCore polymer core creates lively explosive pop off the face
  • Graphite surface adds control for spins and finesse shots
  • Outstanding blend of stability and quickness
  • Works great for both aggressive drives and touch shots
  • Excellent maneuverability from the midweight build
Reasons to Avoid
  • Control requires more precise technique than classic cores
  • Grip tends to deteriorate quicker than other materials
  • Polymer core can feel too lively at times
  • Not as elongated as other paddle shapes


The Gamma Shard Pro paddle unlocks new levels of responsiveness and pop thanks to its cutting-edge NeuCore polymer core. The lively feel generates tremendous pace on drives while aiding finesse shots with enhanced control. Technical players who rely on spin, placement, and quick maneuvers will love the Shard. It’s built for dynamically alternating between power and touch during high-intensity play.

Gamma Needle Pickleball Paddle

The Gamma Needle pickleball paddle is engineered specifically for control and finesse players who keep balls in play through placement and strategy. Key attributes include:


  • Extra elongated shape for increasing reach and coverage
  • Polypropylene core optimized for control and feel
  • Graphite faces maximize snap and pop on all shots
  • Lightweight 7.6oz build enhances quickness and reactions
  • Ideal for touch-centric players focused on ball placement
  • Featuring an advanced elongated design, the Needle paddle provides a level of court coverage and finesse perfect for control specialists. Let’s examine how the technologies and shape benefit defensive play.

Design and Construction

The Needle paddle features a Polypropylene SensaCore interior designed for optimizing touch and feel. The Polypropylene dampens vibrations for a uniquely soft and muted paddle response.

Gamma encased the core between two durable graphite fiber faces for enhancing snap and stability through shots. The exterior graphite surface also maximizes spin potential with its tacky porous friction. Weighing just 7.6oz, the Needle offers outstanding wrist mobility and quick reaction time. Yet it still provides necessary hitting stability thanks to its precise head balance and Polypropylene core.

The noticeably elongated 16 5/8″ paddle length enables clearer blocking vision and extended reach/coverage without sacrificing much width. Gamma’s excellent perforated honeycomb grip improves comfort, traction, and vibration damping.

Performance and Feel

The elongated paddle head shape immediately provides the benefit of expanded court coverage for blocking shots. The slim profile cuts through the air smoothly for quick defensive reactions.

Despite the lightweight build, the paddle still feels very solid during hits thanks to the Polypropylene core material. You sacrifice a bit of explosiveness but gain outstanding control and touch in return. Dinking and dropping delicate finesse shots becomes much easier with the muted sensitive response of the paddle face. The Polypropylene core excels at tightly hugging the ball for smarter placements and spin shots.

Though not as powerful as paddles using Polymer or Graphite cores, the Needle offers incredible finesse capabilities. You can sustain rallies with clever trajectories and spin manipulation, strategically moving opponents around. The paddle pairs its excellent control with stability and decent pop thanks to the graphite hitting surface. All shots stay accurate through the hitting zone with clean releases for directional target practice.

Reasons to Buy
  • Elongated shape enhances reach and court coverage
  • Polypropylene core optimized for control and finesse
  • Lightweight build improves quickness and maneuverability
  • Graphite faces add nice pop and stability
  • Excellent for touch shots, spins, and strategic placement
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks power and explosiveness of other cores
  • Not as forgiving on off-center hits
  • Touch shots require very precise technique
  • Elongated shape takes adjustment if used to classic paddles


The Gamma Needle Pro paddle provides finesse players with specialized equipment optimized for control and placement. The elongated design expands your reach while the Polypropylene core delivers expert-level touch. Keeping the ball in play with clever trajectories becomes much easier with this paddle. Fans of strategy, defense, and mistakes-free play will love the Gamma Needle.

Gamma Fusion LE Pickleball Paddle

As an affordable beginner-friendly pickleball paddle, the Gamma Fusion LE focuses on accessibility and smart versatility using fiberglass and Polypropylene. Key features include:


  • Lightweight fiberglass face creates decent pop and responsiveness
  • Polypropylene core balances power and control for novices
  • Perforated cushion grip improves comfort and absorption
  • Very forgiving sweet spot helps beginners make solid contact
  • Budget-friendly price point under $50 ideal for new players
  • While it won’t match elite performance paddles, the Fusion LE delivers admirable quality given its low cost. Let’s examine why it works so well as a starter paddle.

Design and Construction

Gamma constructed the Fusion LE using a Polypropylene honeycomb core surrounded by durable fiberglass hitting faces. This tricky composite design encases the core to enhance durability and consistent performance.

At 8oz, the paddle has a nice lightweight feel built for maneuverability. Gamma’s perforated cushion grip provides a soft compliant hold with reduced sting on off-center hits. The textured honeycomb surface also excels at moisture absorption. The Polypropylene core manages to blend power and control well, offering a balanced responsive feel. Fiberglass tends to lack the finesse of carbon or graphite, but provides good durability and decent pop.

Performance and Feel

Given the budget price point, the Gamma Fusion LE performs admirably well. The fiberglass face provides a direct yet forgiving responsive pop. You sacrifice some touch compared to advanced cores, but gain reliability.

The Polypropylene core gives a balanced lively feel. It lacks the buttery control of classic Polypropylene designs but offers nice versatility for beginners learning basics. Shot shaping definitely requires more effort compared to top composite surfaces. But the Fusion still enables making adjustments to pace and placement. The grip diameter caters to wide ranges of hand sizes.

The Fusion LE will clearly not match elite power, spin, or control – but does offer confidence-building forgiveness. Mishits stay relatively accurate in direction. The large sweet spot keeps shots consistent during learning. For new players focused on fundamentals, the Fusion LE builds competency and technique. Once skills improve, the paddle allows successfully competing against more advanced models. At this low price, it’s tough finding a better learning option.

Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent quality for the very low price
  • Lightweight and maneuverable feel
  • Polypropylene core balances power and control
  • Perforated grip offers comfort and tackiness
  • Very forgiving sweet spot good for beginners
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks finesse, spin, and touch of advanced paddles
  • Durability concerns on fiberglass exterior
  • Not suitable for competitive tournament play
  • Grip wears out quicker than other materials


For new players wanting quality gear on a budget, the Gamma Fusion LE is a top choice. It focuses on the fundamentals – good versatility, forgiveness, and comfort allow beginners to hone techniques with confidence. As an introductory paddle, the Fusion hits all the right notes. Gamers focused on value get excellent performance for the money.

Pickleball Paddle Buying Considerations

With so many materials and technologies available, selecting the ideal pickleball paddle involves evaluating multiple factors:

Weight and Balance
Heavier paddles around 8oz provide power and stability while lighter paddles around 7.5oz enhance quickness and maneuverability. Midweight builds around 7.75oz offer a blend. Also consider overall balance – evenly distributed weight offers better control.

Grip Size
Standard grip circumferences are 4” or 4 1/8”. Make sure your grip allows comfortable wrist action without restricting flow or requiring excess gripping force. Cushioned perforated grips reduce vibration and absorb sweat.

Core Material
Polymer cores like Gamma NeuCore provide extreme pop and responsiveness. Polypropylene cores optimize touch and control on finesse shots. Nomex honeycomb cores offer a blend of stability and touch. Graphite cores increase finesse and sensitivity.

Face Material
Composite fiberglass faces offer nice control and pop. Graphite faces maximize touch and spin with good durability. Carbon fiber and fiberglass faces are budget-friendly options. Textured surfaces aid spin.

Wider, shorter paddle heads provide power while elongated profiles enhance control. Larger surface areas increase the sweet spot size. Consider your grip style – elongated grips encourage two-handed hits and scooping motions.


What materials are used in Gamma pickleball paddles?

Gamma uses a variety of materials in their paddles including Polypropylene, Polymer, Graphite, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass and Composite faces. Popular cores include Polypropylene honeycomb, Polymer and the proprietary NeuCore.

What technologies do Gamma paddles use?

Key technologies include the PolyCore, NeuCore Polymer and NeuCore Poly Cores. PolyCore focuses on control while NeuCore provides extreme power and pop. Models like the Obsidian use a SensaCore polypropylene core.

Which Gamma paddle is best for beginners?

The Gamma Fusion LE paddle is an excellent choice for beginners. It uses a Polypropylene honeycomb core with fiberglass faces to provide nice balance, forgiveness and control at an affordable price point.

Should I choose Graphite or Carbon fiber faces?

Graphite maximizes spin and control with a softer touch. Carbon fiber improves power and pop. Evaluate your preference for touch shots vs. power hits when deciding between the two.

How can I choose the right Gamma Pickleball paddle?

Factor in your skill level, playing style, grip preference, need for power or control, desire for forgiveness and any areas needing improvement. Gamma Pickleball Paddle offers diverse models to cater to needs from beginners to competitors.

Final Thoughts

With the pickleball craze showing no signs of slowing down, manufacturers continue innovating paddle technologies and constructions to fit every playstyle. Understanding your skills, technique and what you want to improve is key to selecting the right paddle model. Whether you favor control, power, spin, or feel – there’s an ideal match to give you an edge. Be sure to demo paddle options from quality brands until you find your winning combination of weight, balance, grip, face material, core, and shape based on your abilities and athletic profile. The right paddle can elevate every aspect of your game!

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