Topp Pickleball Paddles Review: Take Your Game To Next Level

As pickleball paddles continue advancing with new materials and designs, it’s crucial to find the right one aligned with your skills and style. We’ll assess options from leading U.S. brand Topp Pickleball, respected for quality and innovation.

Topp Pickleball Paddle Review

By diving into key specs, construction details, performance perks, and actual user reviews, you’ll get the full picture on if a Topp pickleball paddle suits your needs. We will extensively evaluate these 3 models:

  • Reacher Graphite
  • Revive Composite
  • Viper Fiberglass

Read on for Topp Pickleball Paddle Review comprehensive paddle profiles, comparison, and recommendations. Let’s explore what gives Topp’s paddles the edge!

Reacher Graphite Pickleball Paddle Review

The Reacher Graphite pickleball paddle incorporates an elongated “blade” design to increase reach and leverage on shots, especially lobs and overheads. The lightweight graphite face aims to supply quickness and finesse.

Reacher Graphite Pickleball Paddle Review


Who It’s For:

  • Players needing more reach and coverage for lobs/overheads
  • Seeking quick maneuverability and reaction time
  • Wanting lightweight graphite touch and control

Spec Summary:

  • Length: 16” (2” longer than standard) Width: 7.5” Weight: 7.7-8.0 oz
  • Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb Face: Graphite Grip: 4.25” circumference, 4.75” length

Reacher Blade Shape & Surface Area

The Reacher’s standout feature is its elongated paddle length, made possible by its narrow blade shape. At 16 inches long, the blade reaches 2 inches further than a conventional paddle length. This extended blade enhances reach and court coverage to successfully return lobs and smashes directed far overhead. The slimmer hitting shape also aids reaching balls at wider angles.

Despite the narrow blade, the Reacher maintains a generous 7.5 inch width to retain a large sweet spot. Combined with the elongated length, this expanded high-positioned sweet spot gives you more leeway with ball contact overhead. The additional 2 inches of leverage also enables cranking up power and depth on serves, drives, and groundstrokes. You can really lean into shots without sacrificing control.

Core & Face Materials

At the core, the Reacher utilizes a polypropylene honeycomb design. Polypro aims to supply a tuned blend of flexibility and control. By dampening vibrations, polypro cores deliver decent touch and response. Sandwiching the polypro is a rigid graphite fiber face. Graphite offers exceptional strength-to-weight properties. Its low density provides a super lightweight but highly reactive hitting surface.

Graphite faces are prized for optimizing touch, control, and quickness. The graphite weave has a smooth texture that increases ball spin off the paddle.

Topp Reacher Graphite Pickleball Paddle Review

Weight Distribution & Grip

Despite its elongated shape, the Reacher weighs just 7.7-8.0 oz thanks to the lightweight polypro and graphite construction. This featherlight feel enhances maneuverability.

In the grip, a 4.25 inch circumference caters to medium hand sizes. It has a slightly extended 4.75 inch length to supply added leverage for the elongated blade. The grip aims for a secure hold and sweat absorption.

Playability & Performance Attributes

Pace – The reactive graphite face supplies impressive ball speed and pace. Your drives will have a potent, penetrating trajectory that jumps off the paddle. Serves and groundstrokes can be hit with extra velocity to push opponents back.

Control – Thanks to graphite’s responsiveness, the Reacher provides nuanced touch and control for shot placement. You can accurately direct and carve dinks, drops, angles, and spins with precision. The feedback fosters excellent finesse capacity.

Reach – The 2 extra inches extend your hitting radius for getting a paddle on lobs and smashes sailing deep or wide. Less strain is needed to reach overhead shots. You’ll also cover more ground laterally.

Maneuverability – Between the mobile polypro core and the featherlight graphite face, the Reacher changes direction on a dime. Quick lateral movements and reaction time come easily for handling speedy returns.

Touch – The finely-tuned graphite fibers deliver awesome delicate touch on drop shots, lobs, and dinks requiring finesse. You can expertly control speed and trajectory for trickier placement.

Reasons to Buy
  • Elongated blade enhances reach on distant shots
  • Expanded sweet spot higher on the face
  • Lightweight graphite responsiveness fosters quickness
  • Impressive control and delicate touch from graphite
  • Generates great speed and pace on drives/groundstrokes
  • Polypro core provides decent flex and response
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not as inherently powerful as carbon fiber or fiberglass faces
  • Polypropylene core doesn’t maximize pop like higher-end materials
  • Grip could use more cushioning for improved comfort
  • Higher price than similar polypro core paddles
  • Elongated shape may feel too head-heavy for some


The Reacher Graphite succeeds in providing players more court coverage thanks to its elongated blade design and expanded overhead sweet spot. Graphite supplies awesome finesse, touch, and control for all-around play.

It comes at a higher price than comparable polypro paddles. And the grip and core have room for refinement. But if you want more reach on lobs without overswinging, the Reacher is a top choice. Also great for quick reaction volleys and drop shots.

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars Very versatile graphite paddle ideal for maximizing reach.

Revive Composite Pickleball Paddle Review

The Revive paddle combines a lively composite core with rigid fiberglass face to supply maximized power, control, and an oversized sweet spot. The lightweight yet responsive build aims to optimize ball speeds.

Revive Composite Pickleball Paddle Review


Who It’s For:

  • Intermediate and advanced players wanting power and control
  • Seeking excellent speed and pop off the paddle
  • Players desiring lightweight composite construction

Spec Summary:

  • Length: 15.75” Width: 8” Weight: 7.6-7.9 oz Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Face: Fiberglass Grip: 4.25” circumference, 5.5” length

Shape & Surface Area

The Revive utilizes an elongated, widebody paddle shape for an oversized hitting surface. At 15.75” x 8”, it provides an exceptionally large sweet spot zone to increase ball-striking accuracy.

This enlarged yet elongated face also supplies added reach on shots. The bigger surface area delivers more leverage for cranking up power on drives and serves. You get impressive coverage.

Core & Face Materials

At the core, a polypropylene honeycomb design aims to balance rigidity and flex. Polypro expertly transfers energy to the hitting surface for maximized pop and amplified ball speed off the face.

The paddle surface uses a woven fiberglass composite build. Compared to basic aluminum and polymer, fiberglass offers superior touch and control. It adds decent power while optimizing finesse.

This robust fiberglass face also enhances durability and protection for the inner polypro core. It provides a rigid outer layer able to withstand repeated hard impacts.

Topp Revive Composite Pickleball Paddle Review

Weight Distribution & Grip

Despite its size, the Revive remains extremely lightweight at just 7.6-7.9 oz. This keeps the oversized paddle maneuverable and easy to swing freely.

The grip combines a comfortable 4.25 inch circumference with a slightly extended 5.5 inch length. This aims to give added leverage and stability when swinging the elongated, large-faced paddle.

Playability & Performance Attributes

Power – With its lively polypro core and rigid fiberglass face, the Revive delivers awesome pop and speed. Both drives and serves have impressive pace and penetrating trajectory.

Control – Remarkably given its high-powered hits, the Revive provides outstanding touch and accuracy for shot placement. The huge sweet spot sustains precision across the paddle face.

Reach – The oversized surface stretches your hitting radius for driving balls further outside your core. You can also take lobs and overheads out of the air with less effort.

Maneuverability – Despite the large face, the ultra-lightweight Revive remains highly maneuverable for quick lateral movements and reacting to returns. The paddle feels nimble.

Touch – Thanks to the tuned polypro core and sensitive fiberglass face, the Revive offers tremendous delicate touch on finesse shots requiring precision placement near lines.

Reasons to Buy
  • Fiberglass face optimized power, control, touch
  • Oversized sweet spot for maximized ball-striking accuracy
  • Lightweight yet powerful at just 7.6-7.9 oz
  • Polypro core enhances responsiveness and ball speed
  • Grip provides stable, leveraged handling
  • Elongated shape increases reach on shots
Reasons to Avoid
  • Larger hitting surface may feel too bulky for some
  • Polypro core less durable over time than other materials
  • Higher price tier reaches intermediate players budget


With its synergistic blend of control-amplifying polypro core and rigid fiberglass face, the Revive paddle really maximizes power, speed, finesse, and sweet spot accuracy.

It comes at a higher budget tier but delivers substantially upgraded performance from basic wood and aluminum. For advancing intermediate players and competitive-minded doubles partners, the Revive is a top choice for reaching the next level.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars Excellent power, control, and supersized sweet spot.

Viper Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle Review

The Viper Fiberglass paddle utilizes a unique V-shaped design to enlarge the sweet spot and overall playing surface, delivering maximized pop and leverage. The lightweight build maintains control.

Viper Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle Review


Who It’s For:

  • Intermediate players seeking a blend of power and control
  • Those looking for fiberglass responsiveness and durability
  • Players wanting a maximized sweet spot and hitting surface

Spec Summary:

  • Length: 15.75” Width: 8” Weight: 7.6-8 oz Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb Face: Fiberglass Composite Grip: 4.25” circumference, 5” length

Shape & Surface Area

The Viper incorporates a unique V-shaped paddle profile that’s wider at the shoulders and narrower at the waist. This anticipates the shot impact zones.

By slimming the lower corners, the Viper maximizes overall surface area and sweet spot coverage beyond a traditional shape. Impressively, it reaches 15.75” x 8”.

This huge hitting zone provides outstanding leverage for really driving through shots with extra power. The oversized sweet spot also gives tremendous consistency across the entire face.

Viper Core & Face Materials

Inside is a polypropylene honeycomb core designed to balance flex and control. By damping vibrations, polypro aims to generate great touch paired with ample rigidity.

The paddle surface utilizes a woven fiberglass composite build. Compared to basic wood and aluminum, fiberglass boosts finesse, control, and durability. It adds respectable power and ball speed.

This rugged fiberglass face also protects the core from damage while retaining responsiveness. It stands up to repeated hard impacts while preserving feel.

Topp Viper Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle Review

Viper Weight Distribution & Grip

Despite the large, widebody surface area, the Viper weighs just 7.6-8 oz thanks to its efficient V-shape and fiberglass materials. This keeps the paddle easy to maneuver.

It utilizes a 4.25” grip circumference to fit medium hand sizes combined with a shorter 5” length for added control when handling the oversized paddle face.

Playability & Performance Attributes

Power – The Viper generates impressive ball speed and power thanks to its responsive core and rigid fiberglass face. The maximized surface area also supplies extra leverage for cranking up pace on drives and serves.

Control – Fiberglass gives players exceptional ability to accurately direct shots. You can carve dinks and volleys with precision. The expanded sweet spot retains great feel even on mishits high or low.

Reach – The generous length and width of the V-shaped profile allow you to reach more balls outside your core zone. Your hitting radius and paddle coverage are increased.

Maneuverability – Surprisingly for its generous size, the Viper remains highly mobile and agile during play thanks to its sub-8 oz weight. Quick lateral movements and reactions are no problem.

Touch – With its blend of tuned polypro core and sensitive fiberglass face, the Viper provides awesome delicate touch needed for executing fine drop shots and angle volleys requiring precision.

Reasons to Buy
  • V-shape expands sweet spot and hitting surface
  • Lightweight fiberglass responsiveness
  • Polypro core amplifies pop and ball speed
  • Huge surface area creates leverage for power
  • Maintains excellent control and finesse
  • Enlarged sweet spot provides uniformity across face
Reasons to Avoid
  • Slimmed V-shape at waist could take some adjustment
  • Polypropylene core less durable over time than other materials
  • Grip comfort could be enhanced with more cushioning
  • Higher price tag than basic polypro paddles


With its uniquely efficient V-shape, the Viper paddle definitely maxes out the all-important sweet spot and playing surface area. This provides tremendous consistency.

Meanwhile, the fiberglass face balances superb touch, control, and power. For advancing intermediate players, the Viper supplies a performance edge thanks to its optimized design.

I’d like to see more grip cushioning and a more durable core option like carbon fiber. But overall the Viper delivers awesome playability and quality for the price tag. It deserves a test drive.

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars Great specs and consistency across an oversized sweet spot.


Q: Does the Reacher paddle have good control and touch?

A: Yes, the graphite face offers exceptional control and delicate touch for accurately placing shots thanks to its tuned responsiveness.

Q: Why is the Reacher paddle longer than standard paddles?

A: The 2 extra inches of length provide more reach on distant lobs and overheads without overswinging. This expanded length also increases leverage for harder serves and drives.

Q: Does the Revive paddle offer good power?

A: Yes, its fiberglass face and polypro core work synergistically to deliver awesome pop and speed off the paddle face. Both drives and serves have impressive pace.

Q: Why does the Viper use a unique V-shape design?

A: The V-shape allows Topp to maximize the length, width, and overall surface area beyond a traditional shape. This expands the sweet spot for unmatched consistency.

Q: Does the Viper offer good finesse and touch?

A: Definitely, the polypro core and fiberglass face provide outstanding delicate touch needed for accurately placing finesse shots.

Topp Pickleball Paddles – Concluding Thoughts

After closely evaluating Topp’s Reacher, Revive, and Viper paddles, some clear takeaways emerge:

The Reacher Graphite supplies added reach and quickness with its elongated design. The expanded high-positioned sweet spot is ideal for lobs and overheads. It provides awesome touch and finesse. The Revive Composite cranks up power and speed using its rigid fiberglass face and huge sweet spot for maximized ball-striking accuracy. Excellent pop and control for advancing players.

The Viper Fiberglass incorporates a unique V-shape to enlarge the sweet spot and overall surface area for tremendous consistency across the paddle face. Great for dialing in finesse shots. No matter your skill level or strengths, Topp offers paddles built to optimize different parts of your game. If you need more reach, the Reacher delivers. Extra power and a bigger sweet spot? Check out the Revive. Want crazy consistency across an oversized surface? The Viper is for you.

Hopefully this deep dive intoTopp Pickleball Paddle Review, tech helps match you with your ideal partner! Thanks for reading and enjoy the continued pickleball journey. The right paddle awaits!

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