Gearbox Pickleball Paddle Reviews – Taking Your Game to the Next Level

Gearbox consistently leads the way in pickleball paddle innovation and high-performance engineering. Their paddles set the standard when it comes to maximizing power, control, spin, and playability. Gearbox pickleball does not compromise on quality, utilizing the most advanced materials and patented technologies in every model.

Gearbox Pickleball Paddle

In this in-depth Gearbox Pickleball Paddle Reviews, we’ll be showcasing Gearbox’s stellar 2022 lineup. You’ll discover what makes their paddles so special along with detailed insights into the performance and playability of 4 top models to matches different playing styles and strengths. From ultra-forgiving lightweight control paddles to powerful spin machines, Gearbox has a solution dialed to give your game an instant boost.

CX11 Quad Control – Optimized for Strategic Finesse Play

Ideal for beginners and intermediates focused on developing technical skills and finesse play.

The CX11 Quad Control is a paddle tailored specifically for control and finesse play. The premium technologies and thoughtful shape optimize touch shots and keeping balls in play. Let’s examine why this paddle is fantastic for developing next-level kitchen skills.

CX11 Quad Control


Optimized Midsize Control Shape

The CX11 Quad utilizes a midsize, slightly wider quad head shape that provides excellent maneuverability and quick changes of direction. The modest 8″ width enhances feel and control. The quad shape’s broader surface hits a sweet spot between the circular faces of tennis rackets and oversized elongated heads.

This makes the CX11 Quad Control very forgiving while still retaining a high level of finesse. The shape caters to tennis converts used to the familiar racket handle and face dimensions. The contouring along the edge adds stability for confident shot placement and generating spin.

Premium Construction & Materials

The core of this paddle utilizes Gearbox’s high-performance ribbed carbon fiber core encased in 3K woven carbon. The advanced rib structure with internal I-beams behaves like a geared mechanism to transfer energy from the ball efficiently into your shots.

The ribbed core is highly effective at absorbing impact vibrations, resulting in a very comfortable and arm-friendly feel. Surrounding the core is a premium 3K carbon weave on the hitting surface and edge guard. This unlocks a larger sweet spot, optimizes spin potential, and bumps up durability.

The paddle face utilizes Gearbox’s Hyper-Bite finish that adds just the right amount of surface texture to grip and impart spin on the ball after contact. The edgeless frame design further improves the sweet spot consistency and power transfer.

Gearbox CX11 Quad Control

Weighing Just 7.8 Ounces For Quick Reflexes

A standout stat on the CX11 Quad Control is the featherlight 7.8-ounce weight. This encourages faster swing speeds, quicker reaction time, and enhanced control. The paddle moves effortlessly in your hands for placing delicate touch shots or making last-second adjustments at the net.

Despite being lightweight, the paddle still provides decent pop thanks to the controlled flex of the ribbed core. Gearbox pickleball optimized the paddle’s balance by concentrating more mass in the head to generate kinetic energy. The lightweight design allows for effortlessly quick exchanges when dinking back and forth.

CX11 Quad Control – Purple – 7.8ozSpecification
Weight7.8 oz (221 g)
CoreQuad Core Polymer Honeycomb
FaceCarbon Fiber
Grip Size3 15/16″ (10 cm)
Grip Length5″ (12.7 cm)
Paddle Length15.75″ (40 cm)
Paddle Width8.25″ (21 cm)
Edge GuardNo

Plush Control-Focused Feel

In terms of playability and feel, the CX11 Quad Control lives up to its name by offering unmatched touch and control. The ribbed core technology delivers a uniquely plush and cushioned feel on contact. There is a muted pop even on hard hits that enhances control.

The paddle truly excels at gently placed dink shots in the kitchen, allowing you to take command of the net. Finessing drop shots close to the net feel buttery smooth with precise placement. The control grip and comfortable contours fit smoothly in hand even during long play sessions.

Reasons to Buy
  • Extremely lightweight at just 7.8 oz for quick maneuverability
  • Quad shape offers excellent control and forgiveness
  • Cushioned face optimizes touch shots and keeping balls in play
  • Ribbed core provides plush, comfortable feel on contact
  • 3K carbon weave and edgeless design enlarge sweet spot
  • Textured surface bites the ball for added spin potential
  • Ideal for strategically playing the net and finesse shots
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks the power and stability of thicker core paddles
  • Lower inertia can result in some twisting on off-center hits
  • Less reach than elongated heads for baseline play

Final Verdict

The CX11 Quad Control is the clear choice for experienced players looking to level up their finesse game and technical abilities. The lightweight maneuverability and control-focused shape excel in doubles matches where you need quick reaction times up at the net.

For intermediate players seeking to improve touch and placement, the CX11 Quad Control’s forgiveness helps develop sound technique. Gearbox pickleball managed to blend stability and power with finesse playability all into a durable and comfortable high-performance package.

GBX – Impressive Power, Control & Spin

Versatile option great for intermediates to advanced players seeking more power and spin potential.

The GBX is an exciting new addition to Gearbox’s catalog, representing their first foray into premium honeycomb core pickleball paddles. The GBX sets a new standard for honeycomb paddles, pairing lightning-fast reflexes with impressive power and spin potential.



Midsize Elongated Shape

The GBX utilizes a 7-3/8″ width paddle head which hits a nice sweet spot right in the middle – not too large but still generous enough for outstanding reach. The elongated shape gives you plenty of surface area for plowing through two-handed backhands or scooping up low shots.

Despite the midsize length, the GBX still retains a high level of maneuverability and court quickness. The balance shifts more weight into the paddle head for stability while the slim elongated neck enhances reflexes and touch shots. The shape caters well to both singles combat at the baseline or quick exchanges at the net.

Weight8.0 oz (227 g) or 8.5 oz (241 g)
CoreHyper Bite Spin Technology Honeycomb
FaceCarbon Fiber
Grip Size3 15/16″ (10 cm)
Grip Length5″ (12.7 cm)
Paddle Length16.5″ (41.9 cm)
Paddle Width7.375″ (18.7 cm)
Edge GuardNo

Hyper Spin Textured Face

One of the GBX’s most impressive technologies is the new Gearbox Hyper Spin textured face. Micro divots are laser engraved into the paddle face mold before the carbon fiber layers are added and compressed under extreme heat and pressure.

This process results in a dimpled surface across the entire face that violently grabs and imparts topspin on the ball after contact. The GBX excels at keeping balls down with heavy slice or ripping topspin shots that arc over the net and dive downwards. The Hyper Spin texturing amplifies spin potential substantially.

Carbon Fiber & Honeycomb Core Construction

The GBX utilizes premium materials including an aerospace grade polypropylene honeycomb core surrounded by tough carbon fiber skins. The core absorbs shock and vibration while providing excellent pop and stability. The core walls are just 7mm thick, resulting in a responsive and lively feel.

The core is sandwiched between sheets of high-grade woven carbon fiber containing the Hyper Spin textured layer. Along the paddle edge is an added carbon reinforcement dubbed “R3 technology” by Gearbox for enhanced durability and chip resistance. Special Power1 reinforcements are added in the paddle throat for stability and punch.

Gearbox GBX Pickleball Paddle

Optimized Balance & Power Transfer

Weighing in at 8.5 ounces, the GBX hits a nice sweet spot between maneuverability and power. The balance is optimized to feel head-light by concentrating more mass in the paddle head. This extra inertia results in effortless power transfer and stability through shots.

Despite the lively and powerful pop, Gearbox optimized the carbon fiber skins and core construction to retain a high level of control and finesse. Touch shots and quick dinks still feel buttery smooth and consistent across the large sweet spot and edges. Gearbox struck an impressive balance with the GBX between power, spin, and refined handling.

Playability & Performance

During play, the GBX immediately impresses with its lively pop and stability. The flex of the honeycomb core transmits excellent feel and control even on off-center hits high on the edge guard. The spin production is exceptionally high, allowing you to dunk angled drop shots that bite and stick inside the kitchen lines.

The GBX feels very comfortable and arm-friendly even during long, high-intensity matches. Gearbox utilizes comfortable contouring along with vibration-dampening technology to prevent arm fatigue. The GBX retains the buttery smooth signature of Gearbox paddles while introducing elite-level power and spin for offensive domination.

Reasons to Buy
  • Impressive blend of stability, power, and maneuverability
  • Midsize elongated shape provides outstanding reach
  • Hyper Spin laser textured face creates massive spin potential
  • Power1 reinforcements in throat boost power and speed
  • Premium honeycomb core optimizes pop and stability
  • R3 reinforced edge prevents chipping and boosts durability
  • Comfortable and arm-friendly even during long matches
Reasons to Avoid
  • Higher 8.5 oz weight requires strong swings for maximum power
  • Edge guard reinforcements slightly enlarge the handle
  • Honeycomb core lacks the plushness of Gearbox’s ribbed cores

Final Verdict

The GBX represents a new pinnacle for honeycomb core pickleball paddles – an exceptional blend of control, finesse, power, and spin production. Gearbox proves they can innovate and enhance honeycomb materials just as effectively as their patented ribbed cores. Players seeking more pop or a larger sweet spot will love the GBX.

CX14E Ultimate Power – Hard-Hitting Performance with Elite Control

Best suited for competitive and advanced players wanting maximum power and control.

The CX14E Ultimate Power demonstrates Gearbox’s obsession with pushing paddle innovation and performance to the limits. This paddle refines the popular CX14 design and takes power and finesse to the next level using Gearbox’s game-changing Power Band technology.

CX14E Ultimate Power


Elongated Head for Baseline Dominance

The CX14E utilizes an oversized elongated paddle head shape that exceeds USAPA length guidelines. The elongated design offers outstanding reach for doubling up backhands or extending your range at the net. The head is 7-3/8″ wide, finding a nice balance between control and power.

Despite the larger surface area, the CX14E Ultimate Power retains a high level of quickness and agility. Gearbox reinforced the sweet spot for explosive power while still retaining a buttery touch on finesse shots. The shape provides excellent stability for crushing forehands while giving you inventory to defend effectively on the backhand wing against angle shots.

CX14E Ultimate PowerSpecification
Weight8.0 oz (227 g) or 8.5 oz (241 g)
CoreQuad Core Polymer Honeycomb with Power Band Technology
Face3K Woven Carbon Fiber
Grip Size3 5/8″ (9.2 cm) or 3 15/16″ (10 cm)
Grip Length5″ (12.7 cm)
Paddle Length16.5″ (41.9 cm)
Paddle Width7.375″ (18.7 cm)
Edge GuardNo

Revolutionary Power Band Technology

The Power Band is an engineering masterclass – Gearbox completely reimagined how to amplify power and ball velocity off a paddle face for the CX14E Ultimate Power. The technology works by essentially suspending the core and detaching it from the paddle perimeter using a proprietary molding process.

This allows the paddle face to flex and deform more freely upon impact, creating a unique trampoline effect. The result is explosive power and effortless access to pace and speed. Despite the hardcore power boost, the CX14E Power Band still maintains high levels of control and stability.

Gearbox CX14E Ultimate Power

Durable Construction with Premium Materials

The foundation of this paddle is Gearbox’s time-tested ribbed core made of aerospace-grade T700 carbon fiber. The unique ribbed chambers absorb vibrations while creating a highly efficient energy transfer mechanism into shots. The core is encased in high-grade 3K woven carbon fiber.

Gearbox strategically placed additional carbon fiber reinforcements along the paddle edge and handle for maximum durability and chip resistance – especially important for a paddle this powerful. The materials come together to both amplify ball speed potential and retain control.

Power on Demand with Ideal Weight

Weighing in at 8.5 ounces, the CX14E Ultimate Power finds the perfect equilibrium between lightning-fast reflexes and stability through shots. The paddle feels extremely quick and lively in hands but has enough mass to plow through returns without twisting on off-center hits.

Despite being so lightweight, the CX14E Power Band technology allows you to generate maximum power simply by taking full cuts – no need to muscle the paddle. Gearbox designed this for easy access to pace and punishing opponents with heavy shots while retaining maneuverability.

Reasons to Buy

Revolutionary Power Band technology unlocks explosive power
Elongated head shape offers generous reach
Optimized weight distribution for stability and quickness
Premium materials including 3K carbon weave and ribbed core
Upgraded reinforced edgeless frame prevents chipping
Enlarged sweet spot improves consistency across face
Ideal choice for competitive players and baseline sluggers

Reasons to Avoid
  • Power Band tech makes touch shots more challenging
  • Elongated shape less optimal for quick exchanges at net
  • Exceeds USAPA guidelines for maximum paddle length

Final Verdict

The CX14E Ultimate Power represents the pinnacle for competitive players and power hitters seeking maximum ball speed and penetration. Gearbox pulls out all the stops with cutting-edge Power Band technology along with a paddle shape engineered for high-velocity shots.

Thanks to its dialed balance and quality materials, the CX14E still rewards touch and feel. There’s no better choice currently on the market for players wanting hardcore power without compromising control and finesse.

CX14 Hyper – Control and Pop in a Unique Design

Forgiving design good for beginners to intermediate players wanting stability.

The CX14 Hyper has an intriguing shape and construction that sets it apart in Gearbox’s catalog – offering the generous sweet spot of their 14mm ribbed core paddles blended with quick handling and finesse. Let’s take a closer look at the tech powering this unique playstyle.

CX14 Hyper


Compact Quad Head for Maneuverability

The CX14 Hyper utilizes a shorter, wider quad head shape compared to traditional elongated paddles. This compact design offers outstanding maneuverability and court coverage speed despite the thicker 14mm profile. Gearbox paired the compact head with an extended 5 5/8″ handle for even quicker reflexes.

The Quad shape feels very lively and quick in hand – you can easily punch angle shots cross-court or defend against smashes. The compact design retains good touch and control for the kitchen. The Quad provides a degree of finesse not typically found in thicker “stability” paddles.

CX14H 8.0ozSpecification
Weight8.0 oz (227 g)
CoreSST Ribbed Core with Hyper-Bite Spin Technology
Face3K Woven Carbon Fiber
Grip Size3 5/8″ (9.2 cm) or 3 15/16″ (10 cm)
Grip Length5.6″ (14.2 cm)
Paddle Length15.63″ (39.7 cm)
Paddle Width8″ (20.3 cm)
Edge GuardNo

Gearbox’s Signature Ribbed Core

At the core of the CX14 Hyper is Gearbox’s time-tested ribbed carbon fiber core. The unique rib structure with interior I-beams functions like a gearbox for efficient energy transfer into shots. This amplifies speed and pop while retaining control.

The core geometry and carbon fiber construction absorb vibrations and strain exceptionally well – part of Gearbox’s vibration dampening technology that reduces arm fatigue. The core optimizes touch and feel across the hitting surface.

Gearbox CX14 Hyper Pickleball Paddle

Carbon Fiber & Hyper-Bite Spin Texture

The ribbed core is surrounded by premium 3K woven carbon fiber material on the hitting surface. Gearbox also adds their specialized Hyper-BiteSpin surface texture which helps impart extra bite and spin on shots – especially effective on touch shots and angle volleys.

The edge guard frame utilizes an extra carbon reinforcement to bolster durability and chip resistance – critical for a paddle this powerful. The materials all come together to amplify power and speed with no loss of finesse.

Stable Yet Quick Reflexes

The CX14 Hyper finds an impressive balance by offering the stability and power expected from a 14mm core but with maneuverability rivaling an 11mm paddle. Weighing just 8 ounces helps the paddle retain quickness and finesse.

Gearbox optimized the weight distribution concentrating more mass in the paddle head for extra punch on shots. The unique CX14 Hyper head shape enhances court coverage speed and reflexes for defense compared to traditional elongated paddles.

Reasons to Buy
  • Quad shape shorter face retains maneuverability
  • Impressive finesse for a 14mm thick core paddle
  • Stability and power for driving shots when needed
  • Extended 5 5/8″ handle quickens reaction time
  • Classic Gearbox ribbed core optimizes feel and control
  • Lightweight 8oz design easier on arms during play
  • Forgiving performance across large sweet spot
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks extreme power punch of Power Band models
  • Wider Quad face less ideal for baseline exchanges
  • Shorter design could cramp two-handed backhand grip

Final Verdict

The CX14 Hyper impresses by transcending the maneuverability limitations of thicker core paddles. Gearbox’s special construction offers heightened stability for confident drives but retains the quick reflexes to excel during doubles or volley exchanges.

The CX14 Hyper is a great choice for players that rely on stability for consistent power but don’t want to sacrifice touch shots and finesse play. This paddle truly brings together the best of both worlds.


What makes Gearbox paddles different?

Gearbox utilizes patented technologies like their ribbed core along with premium aerospace-grade materials to deliver unmatched power, control, and durability. Their designs offer tangible performance advantages.

What paddle technology does Gearbox use?

Key innovations include the SST ribbed core, PowerBand, HyperSpin surface, and R3 reinforced edges. These enhance power, spin, and sweet spot performance.

Are Gearbox paddles comfortable?

Yes, Gearbox optimizes comfort through contouring, lightweight designs, and vibration dampening technology to reduce strain on arms.

What skill level are Gearbox paddles best for?

Gearbox offers designs ideal for everyone – from forgiving beginner paddles to tour-level control and power for competitive players.

How long do Gearbox paddles last?

The premium materials and construction result in outstanding durability and longevity, even with heavy use. They maintain “pop” longer than cheaper paddles.


From Gearbox Pickleball Paddle Reviews it is concluded that Gearbox continues to innovate and push the boundaries of pickleball paddle performance and engineering. Their 2022 lineup offers cutting-edge designs tailored to every level of play. Whether you are a beginner seeking forgiveness or a competitive tournament player wanting maximum power and control, Gearbox pickleball paddle has a dialed paddle solution to instantly elevate your game.

Their patented technologies like the PowerBand and premium materials create a measurable performance advantage. The quality and refinement are evident from the very first hit. Gearbox pickleball paddle reviews proves you don’t need to sacrifice quality or suffer “dead spots” to get excellent performance at an affordable price point. Investing in a Gearbox paddle will provide a competitive edge while also enhancing the enjoyment and comfort of playing pickleball.

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