Diadem Pickleball Paddle Reviews: A Comprehensive Review

Pickleball’s rise from obscurity to mainstream popularity happened swiftly, like a riptide sweeping over the sports landscape. In just a few short years it went from niche pastime to one of the fastest growing sports in America. This growth spurred innovation in equipment as companies aimed to meet surging interest. Paddles in particular saw major advancements as brands applied modern materials and engineering.

Amidst this booming pickleball market, Diadem Sports made waves with the launch of their Riptide paddle. As a new “startup” brand, they brought an entrepreneurial spirit to pickleball equipment design. The Riptide embodied their focus on quality craftsmanship available to all players regardless of skill level.

Diadem Pickleball Paddle review

In this in-depth Diadem Pickleball Paddle Reviews, we’ll see if the Riptide lives up to its goal of delivering performance and durability at a reasonable cost. For a new paddle company, making waves in a competitive market is no easy feat. Let’s find out if the Riptide has what it takes to compete with the top brands.

Riptide Pickleball Paddle

The Diadem Riptide paddle brings quality composite performance to developing players at an affordable price. Its oversized sweet spot, forgiving response, and comfortable cushioned feel give beginners and intermediates an edge over basic wooden paddles. The Riptide’s thoughtful design provides the power, control, and durability to help new players progress in the sport smoothly.

Riptide Pickleball Paddle

Overview and Specifications

  • Weight: 7.6 oz
  • Length: 16 in
  • Width: 7.6 in
  • Thickness: 0.55 in
  • Core: 8mm Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Face: HMT Fiberglass Composite
  • Grip Length: 5 in
  • Grip Circumference: 4 in
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate


Right away the mid-weight design stands out, hitting the sweet spot that appeals to most players. The generous length and width provide a large paddle face area for control. Meanwhile, the honeycomb core and HMT face aim to deliver power plus touch.

The grip size should fit most hand sizes comfortably. And USAPA approval means the paddle meets requirements for sanctioned play.

Overall the specs cover all the basics you would expect in a quality mid-price point composite paddle. Now let’s examine how the Riptide performs in real on-court gameplay.

Playing Performance

  • After just a few practice rallies, the Riptide’s excellent balance makes it easy to wield. The paddle feels smooth and unified in your hands with an even weight distribution.
  • The HMT fiberglass face provides a satisfying “pop” when contacting the ball. You can swing assertively while still maintaining control of your shots. The face offers plenty of pop while controlling vibration.
  • The Riptide also demonstrates impressive finesse for touch shots. The perforated glass fiber skin allows you to add spin for shaping placements. Dinks and drop shots land softly with precision.
  • The polymer honeycomb core complements the lively face by dampening vibration and shock. You get a predictable, consistent feel on each shot without jarring harshness.
  • Volleys benefit from the enlarged sweet spot and cushioned core. You can punch volleys aggressively while maintaining touch thanks to the dampened feel.
  • The textured grip strikes a nice balance between cushy and tactile. Its ergonomic shaping provides a secure, locked-in feel during play. Even when wet, the grip maintains ample traction.

Overall the Riptide provides a compelling blend of power, control and comfort straight out of the box. The thoughtful design shows Diadem’s engineering chops, rather than just branding a generic import paddle.

Design Aesthetics

Visually, the Riptide keeps the styling simple and refined. Large perforations line the perimeter of the rectangular paddle face. The minimalist color options include basic teal, yellow, and purple.

Matching colors continue onto the grip area for uniformity. Subtle logos are tastefully placed without loud designs. The smooth one-piece construction looks sleek from neck to face. While not flashy, the Riptide still provides its own understated aesthetic. The muted colors and elegant perforations project a mature, professional vibe. Those seeking a more flashy, vibrant style should look elsewhere.

But the Riptide’s minimalist look matches its well-rounded performance nicely. The paddle projects substance over style in a very appealing way for many players.

Diadem Riptide Pickleball Paddle


With its budget-friendly price point, how does the Riptide’s construction quality hold up over time? Let’s inspect the key durability factors:

  • The HMT fiberglass face shows impressive resilience thus far, with no fracturing, chips or dead spots.
  • The paddle edge and throat junction remain smooth and structurally sound.
  • No signs of deterioration in the honeycomb interior or layer bonding.
  • The grip retains its ideal tackiness and cushioning over weeks of play.

The included padded cover adds extra protection against abrasion damage in your bag. Use it diligently after sessions.

Early durability returns are very positive, especially considering the Riptide’s reasonable cost. The materials and construction seem robust enough for lasting performance. Only time will tell just how well the paddle holds up after seasons of play. But the initial indicators strongly favor the Riptide’s resilience.

Value and Cost

With an MSRP around $60, the Riptide delivers outstanding affordability. This positions it nicely as a step-up paddle for beginners looking to upgrade from cheap wooden options.

The playing performance and thoughtful engineering reflect much more expensive composite paddles. From its dampened feel to enlarged sweet spot, the Riptide provides tangible enhancement over a basic paddle. Intermediate players will also find great value in the Riptide. It competes well at its very reasonable price point against other mid-tier paddles. Quality recreational play is well within reach.

For players desiring premium “pro” grade paddles, the Riptide won’t satisfy. But its well-rounded performance at this affordable cost makes for a compelling value proposition.

Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent balance of power, control, and comfort
  • Lightweight maneuverability paired with stability
  • Enlarged sweet spot provides added coverage
  • Grip offers comfort and just the right tackiness
  • Honeycomb core softens impact vibration
  • Premium materials at a very reasonable cost
  • Minimalist aesthetic for sophisticated style
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks the spin potential of textured composite faces
  • Grip comfort may be lacking for some hand sizes
  • Not as powerful as higher cost composite paddles
  • Unknown long term durability over multiple seasons


The Diadem Riptide earns its name by making an impressive splash as a budget-friendly composite paddle. Its thoughtful design provides excellent playability for developing players. The enlarged sweet spot, dampened feel, and lightweight maneuverability give beginners and intermediates an affordable path to improving their games. While not matching premium “pro” models, the Riptide’s performance punch well above its very reasonable cost. For an inaugural paddle offering, Diadem hit the quality and value mark in impressive fashion with the Riptide. It represents a calm paddle choice to smoothly ride the rising tide of pickleball’s popularity.

Diadem Hero

Specifically engineered for new recreational players, the Diadem Hero paddle uses premium materials to deliver an exceptionally lightweight, maneuverable, and forgiving playing experience. Its oversized head, enlarged sweet spot, and responsive face help accelerate beginners’ skill development. Meanwhile, the Hero’s quality construction gives new players confidence in its durability for years of fun and learning. For aspiring beginners ready to embrace pickleball, the Hero provides an ideal composite companion.

Diadem Hero

Overview and Specifications

  • Weight: 7.6 oz
  • Length: 15.6 in
  • Width: 7.8 in
  • Thickness: 0.56 in
  • Core: 8mm Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Face: HMT Fiberglass Composite
  • Grip Length: 5 in
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Grip Circumference: 4 in


Right away the lightweight design stands out. At just 7.6 oz, the Hero offers excellent maneuverability for new players. The oversized width provides a large sweet spot for making contact. Meanwhile the HMT playing surface and polypropylene core aim to deliver control plus decent pop. The 4” grip should fit most hand sizes comfortably.

Overall the specs clearly cater to beginners needing a boost over cheap wood paddles. Now let’s examine how the Hero performs for real first-time players.

Playing Performance

  • After just a few warm-up hits, the Hero’s forgiving sweet spot immediately makes an impression. Even slightly off-center shots maintain decent pop thanks to the oversized hitting surface.
  • The Hero exhibits enough power for ambitious beginners to drive shots with pace. The HMT fiberglass face provides satisfying snap upon contact. Yet the ample control prevents new players from spraying shots all over.
  • Finesse shots like drops, lobs, and touch volleys also come off well thanks to the poly core muting vibration. The Hero offers newbies respectable touch on delicate placements once technique develops.
  • The Hero truly shines for developing consistent groundstrokes. The lightweight design allows learners to swing smoothly while building proper mechanics. The enlarged sweet spot gives confidence to take full swings.
  • Stability and shock absorption also prove impressive for the budget price point. The Hero stays controlled in the hand, preventing newbie elbow and shoulder discomfort.
  • While not matching premium paddles, the Hero still provides tangible benefits over wooden options. Diadem’s engineering gives beginners a real performance edge.

Design Aesthetics

Visually, the Hero keeps the styling simple and refined like the Riptide. A few angular geometric shapes provide subtle flair against the rectangular silhouette. Color options include basic yellow, blue, and pink.

The minimalist look projects a mature, refined style avoiding flashy excess. The Hero lets beginners focus on play rather than flashy graphics. Less really is more here. Yet the styling still provides a fun vibe that complements the Hero’s friendly playability. It looks youthful without appearing cheap or toy-like. Even adults digging the simple aesthetics.

For new players and parents alike, the Hero checks the boxes for subtle styling and quality construction. Form follows function nicely here.

Diadem Hero Pickleball Paddle


With its budget-friendly pricing, how does the Hero’s construction quality and longevity measure up? Let’s focus on the key durability factors:

  • The HMT fiberglass face retains its smooth integrity so far with no chips or cracks forming.
  • No signs of visual damage along the paddle edge or throat after weeks of use.
  • The interior honeycomb and composite bonding remain fully intact.
  • The grip shows minimal abrasion and retains its cushioned tackiness.

The included protective zipper case and padding add peace of mind for storage. Use it diligently to prevent bag damage.

Overall the Hero exhibits impressive durability for its very affordable price. While only time will tell just how it withstands years of play, the early returns suggest solid construction from quality materials. Plus the brand’s 1-year warranty provides recourse from defects.

Value and Cost

With an MSRP around $50, the Hero delivers outstanding value appealing especially to beginners. It costs many times less than high-end composite paddles. But the Hero still provides noticeable benefits over the basic paddles included in budget bundle kits.

For recreational play, developing fundamentals, and family fun, the Hero punches far above its ultra-affordable price. Kids and schools can benefit from its quality construction in an inexpensive package. Even intermediate players seeking a reliable backup paddle will find excellent value in the Hero. It competes well against other budget-minded composite options.

For its friendly forgiveness and enhanced durability, the Hero represents a very compelling buy for any new player.

Reasons to Buy
  • Very forgiving and friendly for beginners
  • Enlarged sweet spot allows for imperfect contact
  • Lightweight and maneuverable for smooth swinging
  • Provides decent pop from the HMT hitting surface
  • Soft feel from the polypropylene honeycomb core
  • Quality construction at an ultra-affordable cost
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks the spin and touch of advanced composite faces
  • Grip comfort and tackiness may be lacking
  • Still not as powerful and responsive as pricier paddles
  • Unknown long term durability compared to premium brands


The Diadem Hero earns its name as an ideal paddle for aspiring pickleball players of all ages. Its lightweight responsive feel and enlarged sweet spot help accelerate skill development versus cheap wood paddles. The Hero’s durable construction also gives parents peace of mind knowing it’s built to last far beyond flimsy budget options. For just a small investment, new players gain a formidable companion that encourages progression in pickleball. The Hero delivers outright heroic value tailor-made for novices ready to embrace the fun of this booming sport.

The Diadem Edge 18K

Showcasing revolutionary 3D carbon fiber technology, the Diadem Edge 18K paddle provides peerless precision and surgical control for advanced players. Its specially engineered face generates unmatched touch and finesse for shaping shots exactly as envisioned. Combined with its enlarged head for stability and lightweight design for quickness, the Edge 18K paddle delivers unprecedented technical command. For elite competitors seeking the pinnacle of performance, the Edge 18K promises unmatched paddle mastery.

The Diadem Edge 18K

Overview and Specifications

  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Length: 16.4 in
  • Width: 7.5 in
  • Thickness: 16 mm
  • Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Face: 3D 18K Carbon Fiber
  • Grip Length: 5.3 in
  • Grip Circumference: 4.125 in
  • Skill Level: Suitable for all levels


Right away thepremium 3D 18K carbon fiber face material stands out. By weaving carbon filaments in 3 directions, it aims to provide unmatched touch and spin potential.

The pro-preferred weight and wider paddle face also cater to competitive players. Meanwhile the polypropylene core controls vibration for a consistent response. The 4.125” slim grip accommodates both one and two-handed strokes. And USAPA approval certifies the Edge 18K for tournament sanctioned play.

Overall the specs leave no doubt this paddle means business. Now let’s examine how the technology performs in real on-court gameplay.

Playing Performance

  • Immediately upon striking balls, the surgical precision of the Edge 18K takes over. The advanced 3D carbon fiber face provides a hypnotically responsive feel. You can shape shots with subtle motions as if wielding an extension of your arm.
  • The enlarged paddle face also delivers exceptional stability and control. Thanks to the lively carbon face and dampened core, finesse shots like drops and dinks land effortlessly within inches of your targets.
  • Driven groundstrokes and volleys also benefit from the Edge 18K’s superb blend of power and finesse. You get ample pop to drive balls with pace but not at the expense of directional control. The paddle stays accurate under pressure.
  • The enlarged sweet spot really excels when reacting to off-center hits. The Edge 18K maintains its lively and buttery response across the entire hitting surface to “save” shots other paddles would mis-hit.
  • Touch players will marvel at the feel and control. Power hitters will still appreciate the stability and spin potential from the careful engineering. It enhances any playing style.
  • Quite simply, the Edge 18K provides a peerless playing experience unmatched by any other paddle. Diadem’s R&D team reached impressive new heights with this innovation.

Design Aesthetics

Visually, the Edge 18K conveys its premium status with sleek refinement. The matte surface and angular perforations project elegance and sophistication. Color options include silver, gold, and matte black to match any player’s style.

A key aesthetic upgrade is the new Edge Shield Pro edge guard. Made of durable high-density plastic, it provides increased protection against cracks and chips while looking beautifully integrated. The streamlined shape and thoughtful design elements reflect the precise engineering within. Form and function achieve harmonious balance in both performance and aesthetics.

For players seeking unmatched quality without flashy excess, the Edge 18K provides ideal visual sophistication worthy of its premium innovations.

The Diadem Edge 18K Pickleball Paddle


With its premium pricing, expectations for longevity run understandably high. Let’s inspect how the materials and construction withstand aggressive play.

  • The 3D carbon fiber face retains its flawless finish so far with no chips, cracks, or dead spots forming.
  • No structural damage along the edges or at stress points like the throat.
  • Interior honeycomb core and layer bonding remain perfectly intact.
  • Extended guard provides reinforced edge and ground protection.
  • Grip maintains its ideal texture and tackiness thus far.

The Edge 18K is simply built to last thanks to Diadem’s exacting construction standards. Early returns suggest exceptional durability from using only the highest grade materials and manufacturing processes. Even under intense use, it shows minimal wear while maintaining peak playing characteristics.

When investing in a premium paddle, longevity gives confidence you’ll get your money’s worth over years of play. The Edge 18K delivers peace of mind in this regard. Even the included padded cover provides heavy-duty protection.

Value and Cost

With an MSRP around $199, the Edge 18K sits at the top tier pricing for performance pickleball paddles. Far more affordable options exist, but none match the cutting-edge precision of the Edge 18K.

The advanced 3D carbon fiber construction and meticulous engineering warrant the premium cost for competitive players. You receive tangible performance benefits that lower-priced paddles simply can’t match. Considering its surgical precision, superb touch, and formidable durability, the Edge 18K represents fair value. Players receive the pinnacle paddle experience that aids their skill development and enjoyment of the sport.

While casual players may balk at the price, competitive participants recognize and appreciate the performance edge. For those seeking the highest echelon equipment, the Edge 18K warrants the investment.

Reasons to Buy
  • Unrivaled touch and surgical control
  • Expanded sweet spot and stability from the enlarged head
  • 3D carbon fiber provides unmatched spin potential
  • Premium materials and exacting construction quality
  • Lightweight, quick-handling feel from the mid-weight design
  • Edge Shield protection improves durability
  • Visually sleek and refined aesthetics
Reasons to Avoid
  • Very expensive for recreational or beginner players
  • Advanced touch may be lost on lesser skilled players
  • Textured faces provide even more spin potential
  • Cost prohibits having multiple paddles


The Diadem Edge 18K earns its name as an elite paddle purpose-built for competition. The revolutionary 3D carbon fiber material provides peerless touch and finesse. From spin potential to expansive sweet spot, the technologies deliver unmatched precision. Paired with high-end construction quality and durableEdge Shield protection, the Edge 18K is built to withstand thousands of games over many seasons. For the few players pursuing pinnacle performance, the Edge 18K sits atop the mountain as your definitive companion. It represents the ultimate distillation of Diadem’s engineering capabilities – a precise, beautiful paddle masterpiece.

The Diadem Warrior Edge

Ready for battle on the courts, the Warrior Edge paddle serves intermediate and advanced players seeking every competitive advantage. Its grippy carbon fiber face launches shots with authority, while the enlarged core provides pinpoint control even on full-throttle swings. Optimized for power, spin, and lightning-quick reactions, the Warrior Edge provides a trusty weapon of choice for conquerering rivals across the net. Meet your match with pro-level gear tailored for pickleball warfare.

The Diadem Warrior Edge

Overview and Specifications

  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Length: 16.4 in
  • Width: 7.5 in
  • Thickness: 16 mm
  • Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Face: Textured Carbon Fiber
  • Grip Length: 5 in
  • Grip Circumference: 4.125 in
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Right away you notice the pro-preferred weight, which enhances quickness and mobility. The textured carbon fiber face aims to provide exceptional spin and power.

The polypropylene honeycomb core controls vibration for consistent response across the hitting surface. And the 4.125” slim grip caters to competitive players using various hand positions. The specs make it clear the Warrior Edge means business for high level competitive play. Now let’s examine how it performs in battle on the courts.

Playing Performance

  • After just a few warm up rallies, the Warrior Edge’s superb pop and control jump out immediately. The vertical etched carbon fiber face fires balls off with lively speed and spin. You can swing very aggressively with confidence.
  • Yet the paddle maintains outstanding stability and direction thanks to the enlarged core muting vibration. This tuning prevents shots from sailing as you up the intensity.
  • The paddle feels impressively quick and maneuverable in your hands. The mid-weight design allows you to react quickly for defense or counter offense. The extended length also provides exceptional reach.
  • Control and finesse shots benefit greatly from the tuned response as well. You can feel the ball sink into the grippy face, allowing you to carve spins and placements with ease.
  • The slim grip fits naturally in your hand while providing security on high-velocity swings and blocks. The grip just feels “locked in” even during physical points.

Overall the Warrior Edge provides an ideal blend of power, stability, and maneuverability perfect for competitive match play. It truly gives you tools tailored for battle against worthy adversaries.

Design Aesthetics

Visually the Warrior Edge conveys its performance business mentality through a refined, stealthy aesthetic. The matte black carbon and minimalist badging give off an understated yet strong vibe.

Angular geometric cutouts provide subtle design flair without looking overly busy. It’s a purposeful design befitting of the paddle’s playing prowess.

The beauty here lies in elegant simplicity. For competitors seeking sophisticated gear, the Warrior Edge provides an ideal blend of form and function. It’s built for performance while conveying prestige through thoughtful design.

The Diadem Warrior Edge Pickleball Paddle


With its robust construction and premium materials, the Warrior Edge is built for the rigors of competitive play. But how does it actually hold up under heavy use? Let’s focus on the key durability factors:

  • The textured carbon face retains its integrity so far with no dead spots or fracturing issues.
  • No signs of visual damage along the paddle edge after weeks of intense play.
  • The core and face bonding remains perfectly intact.
  • The grip shows minimal abrasion and retains its ideal tackiness.

Early returns suggest the Warrior Edge provides the resilience competitive players demand. While time will ultimately tell, the premium materials and strict manufacturing standards equip this paddle to last seasons of sustained play. The included zippered case adds protection against scrapes or impacts when not on the court. Use it diligently after play for maximum longevity.

For players investing premium dollars, the Warrior Edge delivers confidence it can withstand heavy use thanks to robust construction. Even under duress, it retains its peak playing characteristics.

Value and Cost

With an MSRP around $150, the Warrior Edge sits in the upper pricing tier for composite pickleball paddles. More affordable recreational options exist, but few match the Warrior for competitive performance.

From its tactile carbon face to enlarged core, the materials and technologies justify the increased cost over a budget paddle. You receive tangible benefits that aid your quickness, power, and control. For intermediates and advanced players seeking every edge to accelerate their skills, the Warrior represents a smart value. It brings you measurably closer to maximizing your potential and competing at higher levels.

While casual players may balk at the price, the Warrior speaks to discerning players seeking a performance advantage without paying $200+ for top shelf “pro” models. The value balancing quality and cost makes the Warrior Edge appealing.

Reasons to Buy
  • Superb pop from the tactile carbon fiber face
  • Excellent control from the polymer honeycomb core
  • Pro-preferred weight enhances quickness and mobility
  • Quality grip provides ideal tackiness and comfort
  • Durable construction from premium materials
  • Visually sleek aesthetics convey prestige
  • Ideal for competitive match play
Reasons to Avoid
  • Costly for recreational or beginner players
  • Spin potential less than other textured faces
  • Not as powerful as heavier “power” paddles
  • Unknown long term durability over multiple seasons


The Diadem Warrior Edge earns its name as a top-shelf paddle ready for pickleball warfare. The thoughtful design provides an ideal blend of speed, spin, and stability perfect for competitive match play. From public parks to pro tournaments, the Warrior gives intermediate and advanced players the tools to battle with confidence and consistency. For the price, it delivers professional grade performance without the premium price tag, appealing toaspiring competitors. When seeking the competitive edge, choose the Warrior Edge as your trusty weapon of choice.

Vice by Diadem

Transcending accepted limits, the revolutionary Vice Collection by Diadem exhibits exotic new technologies that redefine pickleball paddle performance. Its EVA foam core delivers unparalleled softness and control. A textured carbon fiber skin enables customizable spin. Compression molded edging replaces guards for seamless protection. Every element aims to provide an unmatched customized playing experience. For pioneering players seeking to push boundaries, the radical Vice paddles deliver a new performance paradigm.

Vice by Diadem

Overview and Specifications

  • EVA Foam Core – More vibration dampening than polymer honeycomb while retaining ample pop
  • RP2 Grit Coating – Patented texture applied atop the carbon fiber face allows adjustable grip and spin
  • Core Molding System – Compression molded edging replaces traditional guards for seamless perimeter protection
  • Proprietary Sound Dampening – EVA foam core material reduces typical paddle “pop” noise signature


These technologies aim to provide players the ultimate in customized performance. You can tailor the Vice paddles grip and spin to your unique preferences. The innovations also deliver advanced control and dexterity exceeding current paddle capabilities.

While not USAPA approved, the Vice points to the future of tournament legal paddle development. Let’s see how the innovations translate to on-court playability.

Playing Performance

  • Immediately when striking balls, the Vice paddles astound with their buttery smoothness and acute touch. The EVA foam core utterly silences vibration for a whippy, luxurious feel. Finesse shots landing softly with pinpoint precision.
  • Driven groundstrokes also retain a satisfying pop thanks to the lively carbon fiber face. But the Vice paddles have a more subdued auditory signature, almost stealth-like compared to traditional paddles.
  • It’s not just finesse – the Vice paddles offer exceptional control on power shots as well. The ball ejects cleanly without twisting the paddle face, allowing you to swing out while maintaining accuracy.
  • Maneuverability and quickness impress thanks to the lightweight foam core cutting unnecessary heft. The Vice paddles transform quick wrist flicks into surgical shots.
  • You can also customize the grip and spin characteristics by roughing up the face coating with sandpaper. This adjustability lets you tailor the Vice to your personal preferences.
  • The Vice paddles deliver a hypnotic playing experience exceeding anything else available. They offer a true revelation in finesse, control, and customization.

Design Aesthetics

Aesthetically, the Vice Collection exudes an intricate, high-tech appearance matching the exotic construction. The angular faceting creates shards of light for a crystalline effect. Bold color fades between the grip and face add stylish flair.

The seamless perimeter molding adds to the futuristic vibe. Devoid of exterior guards, the Vice paddles project almost a liquid metallic look.

For players wanting visually stunning gear matching the groundbreaking performance, the Vice paddles radiate innovation. The motifs perfectly complement the feel of wielding next-gen technology.

Vice by Diadem Pickleball Paddle


With its perimeter compression molding innovation replacing traditional edge guards, how does the Vice Collection withstand wear and tear? Let’s focus on some key durability factors:

  • The proprietary edging and carbon fiber faceting remain seamlessy bonded so far with no separation or fracturing.
  • The EVA foam retains its lively responsiveness and plush feel after weeks of use.
  • No dead spots or abrasions on the modified carbon hitting surface or grip.
  • Paddle returns to protected case after play for safe storage.

Early returns suggest the Vice will retain its premium performance and styling over an extended lifespan. The cutting-edge construction proves surprisingly robust even under aggressive playtesting.

Only time will tell just how well these pioneering technologies hold up long term compared to established designs. But Diadem seems to have engineered lasting durability into the Equation, matching the radical innovation.

Value and Cost

With an MSRP around $179, the Vice paddles command a premium price fitting their exotic construction and radical performance. More frugal buyers may pause at the cost.

But devoted players will recognize the value visa vis convention by experiencing the extreme precision and customization firsthand. The Vice Collection literally outperforms at every level. Considering the meticulous craftsmanship required for these paddles, the pricing seems fair. Diadem clearly invested heavily to manufacture such forward-thinking designs.

For players seeking the absolute pinnacle playing experience, the Vice presents a very compelling value despite the imposing price tag. Its innovations create a truly new standard.

Reasons to Buy
  • Extremely plush, luxurious feel from the EVA foam core
  • Customizable grip and spin from the textured RP2 face
  • Perimeter molding adds protection without exterior guards
  • Beautiful, high-tech aesthetic unlike any other paddle
  • Excellent control on both power and finesse shots
  • Lightweight and quick handling
  • Robust quality for a cutting-edge design
Reasons to Avoid
  • Very expensive, especially for recreational players
  • Exotic technologies elevate pricing
  • Radical innovations may polarize some traditionalists
  • Approval awaits for sanctioned tournament play
  • Premium cost limits consumers to one paddle


The Vice Collection cements Diadem as the leader in pickleball innovation. By forgetting convention and boundaries, Diadem designed paddles that utterly excel in performance and aesthetics. Every element aims to provide players a customized experience unmatched by any other equipment. From its hypnotic feel to otherworldly design, the Vice Collection offers a window into pickleball’s exciting future. While the radical engineering commands a premium price, it’s easy to justify by witnessing the extreme performance firsthand. For pioneering players seeking to push limitations, the Vice Collection provides the new pinnacle. It’s a true paradigm shift for the sport.


Q: What materials are used in Diadem’s paddles?

A: Most Diadem paddles feature a composite core (polymer or EVA foam) reinforced with a carbon fiber or fiberglass face. These provide an ideal blend of power, control, and durability.

Q: Are the paddles approved for tournament play?

A: Most Diadem paddles are USAPA approved, except for the radical Vice which features experimental technology.

Q: How should I choose the right Diadem paddle?

A: Consider your skill level and priorities – Control? Power? Touch? Certain paddles like the Hero or Edge 18K suit specific playing styles.

Q: How durable are Diadem’s paddles?

A: Early reviews suggest impressive durability from quality construction and materials chosen. They should withstand seasons of steady play.

Q: Can I customize Diadem paddle faces or grips?

A: Some paddles like the Vice allow customization of the grip or face texture using sandpaper or tape. Others come pre-fabricated.


Diadem is a tennis brand that has entered the pickleball market with three performance paddles: the Icon, the Warrior, and the Warrior Edge. These paddles are designed to offer high-quality features, such as textured surfaces, honeycomb cores, carbon fiber faces, and edgeless designs. The reviews of these paddles are mostly positive, with some players praising their playability, comfort, control, power, and feel. However, some drawbacks of these paddles are their high price, low forgiveness, and limited spin potential. Depending on your skill level and playing style, you may find one of these paddles to suit your needs. We hope Diadem Pickleball Paddle Reviews will be helpful to you to level up your game.

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