Helium Pickleball Paddle Review:Detailed Summary

Pickleball’s soaring popularity stems from its fun, active nature and social component that brings people together. If you’re looking to get into this addicting paddle sport, finding the right equipment is key. A properly fitted paddle that suits your playstyle and skill level can instantly elevate your game.

In this comprehensive Helium Pickleball Paddle Review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at several pickleball paddle bundles from leading brand Helium Sports. We’ll assess their construction, materials, key features, performance, and actual customer reviews.

Helium Pickleball Paddle Review

Helium Pickleball offers paddles for recreational through competitive play. We’ll provide detailed analysis on the following four bundle options:

  • Helium Patriot 2-Pack Fiberglass Paddles
  • Helium Atmos 4-Pack Carbon Fiber Paddles
  • Helium Paragon 4-Pack Fiberglass Paddles
  • Helium Versus 4-Pack Fiberglass Paddles

Read on for extensive evaluations to determine which Helium Pickleball paddle bundle best fits your needs and budget. By the end, you’ll have all the info to select the ideal paddles to elevate your pickleball game. Let’s jump in!

Helium Patriot 2-Pack Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle Review

The Helium Patriot 2-pack bundle delivers a complete starter set for new recreational players at an affordable price point. With two entry-level paddles, balls, and a carrying bag, it contains everything two novices need to start playing pickleball.

Helium Patriot 2-Pack Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle Review


Ideal Bundle For:

  • Beginners looking for their first paddles
  • New players who compete recreationally
  • Those seeking an inexpensive introductory set

Helium Patriot Paddle Construction

Blade Shape: The Patriot features a wide-body shape with a medium-sized sweet spot intended to provide some forgiveness for beginners. It measures 15.88” long x 7.75” wide.

Core: At the core is a 12mm honeycomb polymer which Helium states is both lightweight and responsive. Polymer honeycomb is a common budget-friendly core material. It aims to generate a bit of pop while reducing vibrations.

Face: The paddle face is made of fiberglass. This woven fabric material helps increase rigidity for improved ball control. It also adds durability to withstand repeated impacts. The textured face promotes decent spin potential.

Weight: These lightweight paddles come in between 7.5-7.7 oz according to Helium Pickleball, which aids maneuverability for beginners. The honeycomb core contributes to the light feel.

Grip: The Patriot grip circumference measures 4.5 inches in diameter, a comfortable size for most hand sizes. The grip material has a perforated cushioned texture to absorb sweat and provide a non-slip hold even during active volleys.

Helium Patriot 2-Pack Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle

Paddle Performance & Playability

Power: With its polymer core and fiberglass face, the Patriot delivers a moderate degree of power and pop. It can generate decent speed for volleys and service returns, though lacks the explosiveness of higher-end paddles. The budget construction understandably limits the power output.

Control: The fiberglass face offers a level of control and touch beyond basic polymer paddles. Beginners will be able to place dinks and volleys with decent accuracy. The medium sweet spot provides some forgiveness for mishits. Finesse shots take a bit more effort than top composite paddles.

Touch: The integrated polymer core gives the Patriot decent touch and feel for ball placement, especially in the hands of a beginner. It provides a responsive sensation on contact to feel shots. Touch falls short of premium graphite blends but exceeds basic polymer.

Maneuverability: Weighing in at just 7.5-7.7 oz, the Patriot paddle has a lightweight feel in the hand that aids maneuverability. Beginners should find it easy to react quickly and change direction on shots. The honeycomb core and fiberglass face keep it mobile.

Consistency: While it can’t match the precision of elite paddles, the Patriot’s forgiving sweet spot helps provide consistent returns, even on off-center hits. Fiberglass gives a level of uniformity while the polymer core absorbs vibrations. Ideal for building repetitive skills.

Durability: Helium constructed this budget paddle to withstand frequent use. The fiberglass face adds an extra element of longevity compared to basic polymer. While it won’t last as long pro carbon fiber, the Patriot should retain its playability over multiple seasons.

Reasons to Buy
  • Complete all-in-one starter bundle at affordable price point
  • Forgiving sweet spot allows beginners to develop skills
  • Fiberglass face increases durability and touch over basic polymer
  • Lightweight honeycomb core enhances maneuverability
  • Perforated grip provides secure hold and sweat absorption
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks exceptional power and spin generation of premium paddles
  • Polymer core doesn’t provide the finest touch and feel
  • Grip comfort could be improved with more cushioning
  • Not suitable for competitive tournament match play


Considering its budget-friendly price, the Helium Patriot 2-pack bundle succeeds as a high-value starter set for pickleball newcomers. While it understandably doesn’t match the performance of expensive composite paddles, it lets beginners get into the game affordably.

The Patriot provides decent power, control and touch for recreational play. Fiberglass gives it an edge over basic polymer paddles in terms of responsiveness and durability. The grip and face materials deliver good traction and spin potential.

No major flaws exist given the price point. The main limitations – power, finesse, cushioning – are typical tradeoffs at this level. For anyone looking to buy their first paddle on a tight budget, the Patriot bundle offers solid quality.

Top value beginner bundle to start playing pickleball recreationally.

Helium Atmos 4-Pack Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Review

The Helium Atmos 4-pack provides advanced players with a quartet of premium carbon fiber paddles ready for competitive play. With an included stash of balls and carrying bag, it’s built to take on intense doubles training and tournaments.

Helium Atmos 4-Pack Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Review


Ideal Bundle For:

  • Intermediate to advanced competitive players
  • Doubles partners looking to practice and enter tourneys
  • Those seeking high-end carbon fiber construction

Helium Atmos Paddle Construction

Blade Shape: The Atmos blade has an elongated shape with a large oval sweet spot spanning most of the face. At 16” x 8”, it provides a big target zone for clean contact.

Core: Helium utilizes a polypropylene honeycomb core in the Atmos paddle. This extremely lightweight material flexes on impact for more pop and touch. It also amplifies speed and spin.

Face: The paddle face features an aerospace grade carbon fiber build. This rigid woven graphite material optimizes ball control and feel. It also generates tremendous power and consistency.

Weight: Remarkably, the Atmos weighs just 8.1 oz according to Helium. This featherlight design allows for lightning-quick reaction time and handling. The polypro core contributes to minimal heft.

Grip: The Atmos grip measures 4.5 inches in circumference with perforations to increase absorption and prevent slipping. The grip material provides a comfortable, contoured hold.

Helium Atmos 4-Pack Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

Paddle Performance & Playability

Power: Packed with explosive power, the Atmos delivers devastating speed and pop on shots. The rigid carbon fiber face and flexible polypro core combine to generate some of the hardest, most blistering hits in the game.

Control: Incredibly, the Atmos offers both extreme power and precise control. The carbon fiber construction provides pinpoint accuracy for shot placement. Excellent finesse for touch shots along with lightning-fast reflex returns.

Touch: Between the responsive core and rigid carbon face, the Atmos enables superior touch and ball feel. Paddle feedback gives a nuanced sensory experience to dial in finesse shots. Excellent precision on touch shots.

Maneuverability: At just 8.1 ounces, the Atmos almost feels weightless in-hand. This nimble paddle promotes lighting-quick changes in direction for reflex returns. The pure maneuverability enhances shot-making versatility.

Consistency: Thanks to its oversized sweet spot and carbon fiber rigidity, the Atmos delivers unmatched consistency and precision, even on shots off center. Performance remains uniform whether strikes land on the edge or dead center.

Durability: Carbon fiber provides a nearly indestructible level of durability. These paddles can withstand thousands of hard-hitting impacts in high-intensity matches and retain their integrity. Built for longevity.

Reasons to Buy
  • Premium carbon fiber construction optimizes power, control, touch
  • Ultra-lightweight for extremely quick reaction time
  • Highly maneuverable for versatile shot-making
  • Extremely durable and resilient construction
  • Large sweet spot maintains consistent contact
  • Polypro core enhances pop and touch
Reasons to Avoid
  • High price tag, though justified by superb quality
  • Polypro core less durable over time than polymer/fiberglass
  • Overkill for casual recreational play


The Helium Atmos 4-pack delivers an exceptional premium playing experience designed for competitive players. The aerospace carbon fiber build provides elite-level performance exceeding that of basic wood and fiberglass paddles.

From its well-balanced power and control to the ultra-responsiveness and refined touch, the Atmos plays fantastic. It’s arguably overkill for a casual player but a potentially transformative piece of equipment for serious competitors looking to maximize ball striking and consistency.

The only downside is the lofty price tag. But investments in high-end gear pay dividends when every match is on the line. For tourney players seeking every edge, the Atmos is a winner.

Elite carbon fiber paddle engineered for competitive tournament play.

Helium Paragon 4-Pack Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle Review

The Helium Paragon 4-pack provides intermediate players with a quartet of quality fiberglass paddles to help refine their skills for recreational games. With its forgiving sweet spot, it builds confidence.

Helium Paragon 4-Pack Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle


Ideal Bundle For:

  • Intermediate players seeking to improve skills
  • Small groups competing recreationally
  • Value-focused players on a budget

Paddle Construction

Blade Shape: The Paragon blade is moderately sized with a classic shape featuring a forgiving sweet spot to provide some mishit protection for intermediate players. Dimensions are 15.9” x 7.75”.

Core: Inside is a 12mm polymer honeycomb core designed to increase control and touch. Polymer balances rigidity with flex for decent pop and response. It also lessens vibrations.

Face: The Paragon paddle face uses a fiberglass material for increased durability and decent ball control relative to basic wood. The textured face generates moderate spin.

Weight: Helium lists the Paragon’s weight at a featherlight 7.7 oz. This allows intermediate players to swing the paddle quickly as skills progress but not feel too clunky initially.

Grip: The grip measures 4.5 inches in circumference for easy handling. Its ergonomic contour shape molds naturally into hand geometry. The grip aims to provide a secure non-slip hold even when wet.

Helium Paragon 4-Pack Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle Review

Paddle Performance & Playability

Power: With its polymer core and fiberglass face, the Paragon delivers very solid pop and decent ball speed for intermediate play. While it can’t match the explosive power of elite graphite, it provides respectable pace and drive on shots.

Control: The Paragon gives players noticeably better control over ball placement than basic wood paddles, ideal for developing skills. The fiberglass face offers improved accuracy for keeping volleys and returns in play.

Touch: Intermediate players should find the Paragon provides good touch and feel for properly controlling finesse shots. The polymer core transfers paddle feedback into hands to allow delicate placements.

Maneuverability: Weighing just 7.7 oz, the Paragon offers nice mobility and handling for intermediate play as skills evolve and quickness increases. Yet it retains enough stability for learning proper technique without feeling flimsy.

Consistency: Thanks to its medium sweet spot, the Paragon gives players some leeway for off-center mishits and still keeps shots consistent. Performance drop-off is gradual rather than severe on mishits.

Durability: Between the exterior fiberglass face sheets and polymer core, the Paragon paddle offers decent longevity for withstanding those initial learning impacts as players reach intermediacy.

Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent value bundle for intermediate players
  • Forgiving sweet spot builds confidence
  • Fiberglass face increases control and touch over wood
  • Lightweight for easy swinging and maneuverability
  • Polymer core provides decent flex and feel
  • Durable enough for repeated impacts
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks high-end power and spin of premium paddles
  • Polymer core doesn’t optimize pop like graphite or fiberglass
  • Grip comfort could be improved
  • Not for competitive match play


As an affordable high-value intermediate bundle, the Helium Paragon 4-pack hits a sweet spot between price and performance. While it understandably doesn’t compare to $100+ composite designs, it succeeds for the budget level.

With its fiberglass construction that improves control and durable polymer core offering decent flex, the Paragon outplays basic wood paddles. The grip and weight also build confidence in progressing skills.

It avoids any notable performance drawbacks relative to competing budget bundles. For recreational games, the Paragon makes a great compassion for refining your game affordably before upgrading to high-end graphite.

Outstanding value bundle with quality construction for intermediate playability.

Helium Versus 4-Pack Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle Review

The Helium Versus 4-pack provides beginning and advancing intermediate players with quality fiberglass paddles for recreational play, practice, and training without breaking the bank.

Helium Versus 4-Pack Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle Review


Ideal Bundle For:

  • Beginners transitioning to intermediate skill level
  • Budget-focused players seeking value
  • Recreational games and practice sessions

Paddle Construction

Blade Shape: The Versus paddle features a moderately wide profile measuring 15.9” long x 7.75” wide. It has a classic shape geared towards a forgiving sweet spot.

Core: Inside is a 12mm polymer honeycomb core that aims to balance decent touch and control with rigidity. Polymer generates some pop while lessening vibrations.

Face: Helium uses a fiberglass fabric to create the paddle face. Adding fiberglass increases durability while optimizing ball control and spin potential versus basic wood.

Weight: The Versus paddle comes in at a nimble 7.7 oz according to the company. This featherlight feel aids maneuverability for recreational play and practice.

Grip: This paddle utilizes a 4.5 inch circumference grip intended for comfort and tackiness. The grip material has perforations to absorb sweat and prevent slippage during active play.

Helium Versus 4-Pack Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle

Paddle Performance & Playability

Power: The Versus paddle delivers very playable power and decent pop coming off shots for a budget bundle. The fiberglass face drives solid speed and velocity. Power output remains modest but sufficient for recreational games.

Control: Players can place shots with precision exceeding wood paddles thanks to the responsiveness of fiberglass. Gives players better command over ball placement, ideal for rallying consistency.

Touch: Combining a polymer core and fiberglass face, the Versus paddle transmits nice sensory paddle feedback for executing controlled finesse shots. Provides very decent touch to keep the ball in play.

Maneuverability: At just 7.7 ounces, the Versus offers outstanding mobility and handling for recreational play. Its nimble lightweight design allows for quick reaction time as skills ramp up. Yet retains stability.

Consistency: The forgiving sweet spot maintains consistent returns by limiting drop-off on mishits. Performance stays relatively uniform whether strikes land center or slightly off-center across the face.

Durability: With its fiberglass reinforcement protecting the polymer core, the Versus delivers impressive longevity for the affordable price tier. Build quality withstands those first impacts of intermediate play.

Reasons to Buy
  • High-value bundle pricing for recreational games
  • Lightweight and mobile for easy maneuvering
  • Forgiving sweet spot sustains consistency on mishits
  • Fiberglass face optimizes control and touch over wood
  • Grip provides secure sweat-resistant hold
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks exceptional power and spin of premium paddles
  • Polymer core doesn’t maximize pop like higher-end materials
  • Grip comfort leaves something to be desired
  • Not suitable for competitive tournament match play


Considering its budget pricing, the Helium Versus 4-pack delivers outstanding recreational playability and quality. The fiberglass construction gives it an edge over basic wood paddles in terms of control, pop, and durability.

While the polymer core and grip have room for refinement, the Versus avoids any major performance drawbacks for the price. Its lightweight design and forgiving sweet spot make it ideal for practice sessions building skills.

For beginners ready to level up and intermediate players seeking value, the Versus bundle succeeds. Itprovides a quality experience exceeding expectations for the wallet-friendly cost. A top-tier budget buy.

Impressive value bundle with excellent recreational playability.


Q: Are the Helium Patriot paddles good for beginners?

A: Yes, the Patriot 2-pack is an excellent choice for beginners. The forgiving sweet spot provides some mishit protection to help build skills. The affordable price makes it a great value starter bundle.

Q: What player level are the Atmos paddles designed for?

A: With their premium carbon fiber construction, Atmos paddles are optimized for competitive intermediate to advanced players.

Q: Does the Atmos paddle provide good touch and feel?

A: Yes, the responsive materials like the polypro core maximize ball control and finesse for accurate placement of touch shots.

Q: Are Paragon paddles good for intermediate players?

A: Yes, the Paragon 4-pack is designed for intermediate players. It helps refine skills with its forgiving sweet spot and overall well-balanced performance.

Q: Do the Paragon paddles have good power?

A: They have very solid power for an intermediate budget paddle, with decent pop coming off shots using the responsive core and fiberglass face.

Concluding Thoughts

Helium clearly designed its pickleball paddle bundles with specific skill levels and play environments in mind. Each set aims to match performance with purpose. Here are some final recommendations based on needs:

Beginners – The Patriot 2-pack is the best value starter bundle to get into pickleball recreationally on a budget. Its friendly sweet spot builds skills with forgiveness.

Intermediate Players – Step up to the Paragon or Versus 4-packs for better quality and performance as skills improve. Both provide great recreational playability for the prices.

Advanced & Competitive – The Atmos 4-pack is in a class of its own for tournament play, built with premium carbon fiber materials that maximize power, control, touch, and consistency.

Recreational Play – For casual games, the Patriot, Paragon, and Versus bundles deliver solid quality without overspending on elite graphite construction.

Whatever your experience and needs, Helium offers paddles that enhance enjoyment of pickleball while fitting your budget. Hopefully this in-depth word Helium Pickleball Paddle Review provides the comprehensive info to choose the right bundle to elevate your play. Get out on the courts with your new Helium paddles!

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