How to Clean Pickleball Paddle?

Do you remember when you last cleaned your pickleball paddle? The grains of the pickleball can catch dirt, so if you don’t regularly clean it, the pickleball will become slippery, resulting in less rotation efficiency. Keeping the pickleball paddle clean and enjoying its structured surface is essential if you want to keep it as new as possible.

Taking good care of your Pickleball paddle is essential, as well as cleaning it regularly. A well-maintained Pickleball paddle will last longer, and you will be able to play longer for much less money. In case you wanted to learn how to clean Pickleball paddles, you are in the right place.

Here, we will discuss the best method for cleaning your pickleball paddle and some maintenance tips. In addition, we will let you in on a quick way to extend the lifespan of your paddle, so if that sounds interesting to you, read on.

Why To Clean A Pickleball Paddle?

There are several ways players can extend the lifespan of pickleball paddles and maintain quality, even though pickleball paddles will inevitably experience wear and tear over time just as everything else will. There are several ways that players can improve their pickleball experience, including cleaning the grip on their pickleball paddle regularly. However, despite being so easy to do, they often need to pay more attention to do this task. We have made an article on how to choose a pickleball paddle, you can go through the article to find the perfect pickleball paddle.

Pickleball Paddle

There are several answers to your question about how to clean pickleball paddle? to keep it in good working order:

Clean Magic Eraser

When using the Magic Eraser to gently rub the dirt off the surface of the paddle with a damp cloth, remember to wipe off any residue from the paddle with water and allow it to dry completely. After rubbing the surface of the paddle with the Magic Eraser, wipe off any residue from the paddle with a damp cloth and allow it to dry completely.

Glass Cleaner And Microfiber Cloth

You can clean a pickleball paddle using a glass cleaner and microfiber or non-woven cloth. After spraying your glass spray on the fabric, rub gently through the dirt using your glass spray. Once you have wiped off the pickleball paddle, let it dry for a short period of time. Only use an extremely harsh cleaning solution since it may leave a residue on the paddle if it is done correctly.

Steps To Clean The Pickleball Paddle


Pickleball paddles can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth and abrasion-resistant liquid dishwasher soap or with a glass cleaner. It is important not to rub the cloth too hard on the surface to avoid any further damage. Rub it gently till you think all dirt has been removed.

Use a soft terry tower and warm water to clean your paddle, but keep any excess moisture off with a dry cloth. Also, avoid using a heavier cleaning solution, which may leave behind some sticky residue that will attract more dirt the next time you play.

PickleBall Paddle Care

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Preserving the Grip

Keeping the grip in good condition is absolutely important to its longevity. It is ideal for everyday handling with ergonomic, high-absorption grips. However, the grip needs to be cleaned and maintained as time passes. To do this, wipe the surface with a damp cloth or towel after you have finished playing. It should be replaced when the grip becomes loose and loses comfort and cushioning. It can damage your paddle if you play with such a grip.

Avoiding Extreme Temperatures

If you keep your paddles in a climate-controlled environment when they aren’t in use, you can extend their lives. Pickleball paddles are convenient to keep in your car, so you can also leave them there. When heated, paddle cores are weakened and expanded; if frozen, they become fragile. Take your paddle inside with you, and make sure it’s also inside when you’re inside!

Being Careful

Players want their paddles to last as long as possible, and how they treat them off the court will affect how long they last. In addition to general care off the court, how they are handled on the court also matters! Your paddles are designed to absorb the impact of a pickleball, not body weight or a heated smack to the ground after an intense match.

Pickleball Paddle Care Methods

Avoid Paddle Clashes: 

Nowadays, players usually clink their paddles before and after matches. If you tap on your paddle, you can leave minor scratches. If the ball hits that scratch, it can further damage your paddle’s surface. This is why clinking should be avoided if you wish to increase the life of your paddle.

Avoid Using Paddles to Lift Balls:

Make sure you don’t use your paddle to scoop up pickleball from the ball court. This will cause your paddle to wear out much more quickly than it should due to the constant scraping. 

Keep Paddles off the Ground:

Keep your paddle off the ground when you are not playing. If you can opt for a bench or locker for it to be off the ground, it will prevent you from tripping over it accidentally. 

PickleBall Paddle Care

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Avoid Water:

It is a good idea to keep a towel in your bag, so you can wipe your paddle down after each match. And remember to wipe your paddle’s grip, too. You can use a cup of mild glass cleaner in this case or dampen the towel with water before wiping. 

Pickleball paddle Edge Guard:

Over time, the edge guard on your Pickleball paddle may loosen from the edges of the paddle. If this happens, you can fix it with contact cement from your local hardware store. Doing this can significantly enhance the life of your paddle.

Pickleball Paddle Storage

As a result, it’s vital to store your paddle correctly and safely after you’ve cleaned it so that it does not get dirty again. Doing this can prevent it from getting ruined again and again.

Having a good storage bag for your paddle is something that is highly recommended. As a result of the weather being subject to both extremes, there are better options than leaving your paddle on in the open air. This is because cold and hot temperatures will tremendously impact your paddle’s surface.

After cleaning your paddle with a microfiber cloth, it’s important to store it in a storage bag after you’ve cleaned it. Cold weather shrinks the paddle and causes cracks, while hot weather softens the paddle surface and causes delamination.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I replace my pickleball paddle grip?

You should not replace your pickleball paddle grip on a regular basis, as there is no official guideline for how often you should do so. It is simply a matter of personal preference. The moment your grip begins to lose its tackiness, it is time to replace it.

How long can a pickleball paddle last?

Competitive players usually replace their paddles approximately once a year, but if they receive new paddles from their sponsors, they will change them even earlier. The average recreational player should be able to use graphic or composite paddles for around 2 to 3 years without any damage. As a result, your paddle will eventually start getting “dead” spots.

Can you modify a pickleball paddle?

Pickleball paddles are the most common modified on which you can add an overgrip. Although this is the most common way to enhance the performance of your paddle, it is at the same time incredibly affordable to do so. For between $5 and $8, you can purchase a pack of three over-grips.

Pickleball Paddle Storage

End Note

It is common to see pickleball paddles constructed with textured hitting surfaces. Players can use this surface to generate spin as the texture bit into the ball, creating spin on their pickleball shots. Pickleball balls bring dirt with them as they pass up to your paddle from the court surface, and if not removed, this dirt sticks to the paddle’s textured surface. 

A pickleball paddle that is not regularly cleaned can lose its texture, resulting in reduced spin and poor overall performance if the textured surface does not retain its texture. You should want your pickleball paddle to function correctly! You can maintain it with minimal effort by keeping it clean! And that’s How to clean Pickleball Paddle! 

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