How To Drive In Pickleball?

Pickleball is a dynamic and fast-paced sport that demands a blend of skill, strategy, and precision. Within the game, the drive shot holds significant importance, as it involves striking the ball with strength and purpose. But many pickleball players and beginners ask, “How to drive in pickleball?”.

In this blog, we are going to explain the definition of the drive in pickleball with its three types. We will also explain when to use the drive shot in pickleball, why to take the drive shot, and how to drive the ball in pickleball. So let’s start this blog which will explain in detail on how, when, and why to drive in pickleball.

What Is a Drive Shot in Pickleball?

A drive shot in pickleball is a powerful offensive shot that is aimed low and hit forcefully over the net. Its main purpose is to apply pressure on the opponent and push them into a defensive stance. By using a forward swinging motion, the player generates both power and speed, propelling the ball rapidly and keeping it close to the net.

Drive In Pickleball

When executing a drive shot, the player aims to hit the ball with a flat paddle face, making contact slightly below waist level. This technique helps keep the ball low and fast, making it more challenging for the opponent to return. The shot is usually hit with less topspin compared to other shots like the dink or lob, which allows for a flatter trajectory.

Players often employ the drive shot in pickleball to seize control of the point, disturb the opponent’s flow, or establish a chance for an offensive maneuver. It requires precise timing, agile footwork, and skilled racket control to deliver consistent and precise shots. However, it is crucial to use the drive shot judiciously and with careful selection, as improper execution can lead to the ball being hit out of bounds or into the net.

Three Types of Drive Shots in Pickleball

There are three types of drive shots in pickleball: the Near Net Drive Shot, the Back-Court Drive, and the Mid-Court Drive Shot. Let’s take a closer look at each of these shots:

Near Net Drive Shot:

The Near Net Drive Shot is a low, fast shot that is hit near the net. This shot is typically used when you are at the non-volley zone line (the seven-foot area near the net where volleys are not allowed) and want to keep your opponents back or force them to make a difficult shot. The Near Net Drive Shot is hit with a slight upward angle to clear the net and then quickly travels parallel to the net, making it difficult for your opponents to reach and return the ball.

Near Net Drive Shot As The Type Of Pickleball Drive Shot

Back-Court Drive:

The Back-Court Drive is a powerful shot hit from the back of the court similar to 4th shot in pickleball. The objective of a drive shot is to keep your opponents far away from the net, preventing them from moving forward and launching offensive attacks. The Back-Court Drive is executed by hitting the ball with a flat trajectory, usually targeting the baseline or a location near it. This shot demands proper timing and technique to generate substantial power. This shot can be used to create offensive opportunities or to regain control of the rally by putting your opponents on the defensive.

Mid-Court Drive Shot:

The Mid-Court Drive Shot is a versatile shot that can be employed for both offensive and defensive purposes. It is executed from a position between the non-volley zone line and the baseline, allowing players to demonstrate both power and precision in their shot. When used offensively, it aims to strategically place the ball away from opponents or compel them to make lateral movements. Defensively, the Mid-Court Drive Shot is used to reset the rally and regain control. It involves hitting a deep shot that forces opponents to face the challenge of launching an effective pickleball attack or puts you in a defensive position.

Why Do You Take a Drive Shot in Pickleball?

Drive shots in pickleball are taken for several reasons:

Offensive Strategy: Drive shots serve as offensive weapons in pickleball, exerting pressure on opponents and generating scoring opportunities. Executed with power and precision, these shots aim to position the ball in challenging locations for opponents to handle. By effectively executing a drive shot, opponents are compelled to react swiftly, impeding their ability to establish their shots and increasing the chances of you winning the point.

Keeping Opponents On The Defensive: Drive shots in pickleball effectively keep opponents on the defensive, preventing them from taking control of the game. When a powerful drive shot is executed, it compels opponents to react swiftly and rely on defensive shots, limiting their ability to launch attacks or take control of the rally. This strategic advantage enables you to control the pace of the game and keep your opponents uncertain, ultimately enhancing your chances of success.

Creating Openings: A precisely executed drive shot can strategically expose openings in your opponent’s defense. By striking the ball with speed and accuracy, you can compel your opponents to adjust their positions or stretch to reach the ball, resulting in gaps in their court coverage. This creates advantageous situations for you to take advantage of the gaps and aim shots into open areas, greatly increasing your likelihood of winning the point.

Resetting The Rally: Drive shots can also be used defensively to reset the rally and regain control. If you ever find yourself in a disadvantaged position or feeling pressured, executing a deep and forceful drive shot can push your opponents towards the back of the court, giving you valuable time to regain a favorable position and recover effectively. By hitting the ball deep into your opponent’s court, you make it more difficult for them to attack or put you on the defensive, allowing you to regain control of the rally.

When to Use Drive Shot in Pickleball?

In pickleball, the drive shot is a powerful offensive shot that can be used in certain situations to put your opponents on the defensive. Here are some instances when you might want to use a drive shot in pickleball:

Mid-Court Battle: During a pickleball match, when you and your opponents are engaged in a continuous exchange of shots near the center of the court, if the ball is at an ideal height for a strong hit, you can choose to utilize a drive shot. By using this powerful shot, you can apply significant force to the ball, generating pressure on your opponents and compelling them to respond defensively to your shot.

Weak Returns: When your opponents deliver a weak return that bounces high and is easily reachable, it presents an advantageous opportunity. In such cases, you can take full advantage by executing a forceful drive shot. The objective is to strike the ball with power, propelling it deep into the court at a fast pace. This strategic approach creates challenges for your opponents, making it harder for them to return the ball effectively.

Third-Shot Drive: In pickleball, the third shot holds significant importance as it plays a pivotal role in setting up the point and establishing the game’s momentum. When you are receiving the serve, and your opponents execute a high, soft shot, you can choose a drive shot instead of a dink or a drop shot. Opting for a drive allows you to reclaim control of the net and apply pressure on your opponents. This strategic move can give you an advantageous position in the game.

Offensive Positioning: When you are standing at the non-volley zone line, also known as the kitchen in pickleball, a drive shot can be beneficial when you have the chance to hit a ball that bounces high which is enough for a forceful shot. By aggressively attacking the ball with a drive shot, you can push your opponents towards the back of the court or create an opportunity for a winning shot.

Mixed Doubles: In mixed doubles, where the male players often hit harder shots, the drive can be a valuable weapon. If you are a male pickleball player and receive a high ball that matches your aggressive playing style, opting for a drive shot can be advantageous. It allows you to sustain offensive pressure and keep your opponents alert and responsive to your powerful shots.

Remember, the drive shot requires good technique, timing, and control. It is important to practice and develop consistency with this shot to maximize its effectiveness.

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How to Drive the Ball in Pickleball?

Driving the ball in pickleball requires a combination of proper technique, timing, and strategy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to drive the ball effectively:

Establish A Solid Ready Position: To position yourself correctly, stand with your feet comfortably apart, bend your knees slightly, and distribute your weight evenly on the front part of your feet. Keep your paddle up and in front of you, ready to react.

Watch The Ball: Focus on the ball at all times, paying attention to its trajectory, speed, and spin. Anticipating the ball’s movement will help you to prepare for your shot.

How To Drive The Ball In Pickleball

Position Yourself Correctly: Move your feet quickly to get into the optimal position for driving the ball. Generally, you want to position yourself a few steps behind the baseline, giving yourself ample space to hit the ball with power.

Generate Power With Your Body: As the ball approaches, transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot, rotating your hips and torso. This rotational movement generates power and helps you hit the ball with more force.

Time Your Shot: Pickleball is a fast-paced game, so timing is crucial. As the ball reaches your hitting zone, be ready to strike. Wait for the ball to drop within your comfort zone before making contact.

Use The Correct Grip: Hold your paddle with a firm but relaxed grip. There are various grips you can use, such as the eastern forehand grip or the continental grip. Experiment with different grips to find the one that feels most comfortable and allows you to generate power.

Swing Through The Ball: With a compact backswing, bring your paddle forward in a smooth, controlled motion. As you make contact with the ball, snap your wrist slightly to add power and spin to your shot.

Aim For The Target: Have a specific target in mind for your shot. Whether you’re aiming for a deep baseline shot, a cross-court shot, or a shot at the opponent’s feet, focus on directing the ball precisely where you want it to go.

Follow Through: After striking the ball, continue your swing, extending your paddle forward. This follow-through helps with accuracy and allows you to recover quickly for the next shot.

Practice Regularly: To drive the ball well in pickleball, you should practice regularly. Set aside dedicated time for drills and practice during actual games to improve your shots. Through consistent practice, you will improve your timing, technique, and the ability to hit the ball accurately and consistently. Remember, the more you practice, the more your skills will improve in driving the ball effectively in pickleball.

Remember, driving the ball is just one aspect of pickleball. It is essential to balance power with control, adapting your shot selection based on the situation. As you gain experience and play more matches, you’ll refine your driving skills in pickleball and become a more formidable player.


How Can I Generate More Power In My Drive Shots?

To generate more power, focus on using your entire body, transferring weight from back to front, and utilizing proper body rotation. Additionally, practice and strengthen your core muscles to add power to your shots.

Can I Vary The Speed Of My Drive Shots?

Absolutely! Varying the speed of your drive shots can keep your opponents off balance and make it harder for them to anticipate and respond. Mix up your shot selection with varying speeds to keep your opponents guessing.

Is It Better To Aim For Depth Or Accuracy When Driving The Ball?

It depends on the situation. Aiming for depth can push your opponent further back, while accuracy allows you to strategically place the ball in areas that exploit their weaknesses or create openings for winning shots.

How Can I Improve My Timing For Drive Shots?

Timing is crucial for successful drive shots in pickleball. Pay close attention to the ball, follow its movement closely, and anticipate its path. Furthermore, invest time and effort in improving your footwork, which will enable you to position yourself effectively for executing the shot with precision. Consistent practice and gaining experience through playing matches will assist you in improving your timing.

What Should I Do If My Drive Shots Consistently Go Out Of Bounds?

If you find that your drive shots consistently go out of bounds, it is important to make adjustments. Focus on refining your aim and emphasize shot placement over sheer power. Strive to strike the ball with control, finding the right balance between power and accuracy. Regular practice and experimentation will improve your shot placement skills over time.


If you want to drive the ball in pickleball, it is crucial for you to know when and how to drive the ball in pickleball. By incorporating drive shots into your game, you can bolster your skills with increased power, control, and aggression. This will elevate your position on the court, allowing you to seize more points and relish the game to its utmost potential. If you make drive shots in pickleball, you can keep your opponents in the offensive position, apply pressure on them, compel them to adjust their positioning or stretch to reach the ball, etc.

We have discussed what is a drive in pickleball and what are its three different types. After that, we have explained how to drive the ball in pickleball, when to drive the ball in pickleball, and why to take drive shots while playing pickleball. We hope you have understood this blog mentioning how to drive in pickleball and will be able to use drive shots for winning the game.

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