Steve Cole: Meet The Pro Pickleball Player

Are you a fan of any pickleball pros? If yes, we have one pickleball pro named Steve Cole. He is one of the most excellent professional pickleball player. If you want to know about Steve Cole Pickleball, read this blog. Because today in this blog, we are going to discuss about steve cole pickleball instructor in Vegas and a pickleball player, strategies used by him for winning in the pickleball sport, and how he has started playing pickleball.

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Biography of Steve Cole Pickleball Player

Steve Cole, a native of Daytona Beach, Florida, dedicated a significant part of his life to coaching youth sports before moving to Las Vegas in 1997. He spent 36 years in the retail pharmacy industry, and retired in 2017. Furthermore, in 2014, Steve achieved a significant personal milestone by marrying his beloved wife, Denise Marie Cole. It was also the year when he discovered Pickleball, a sport that he quickly grew to love and became one of his favorite pastimes.

Steve Cole Pickleball Pro

Steve Cole is an accomplished Head Pro Instructor at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, with a track record of over 3,500 successful student outcomes. He attained Senior Pro status in 2016 and became an IPTPA Certified Instructor in 2018. Steve has shared his passion for Pickleball by teaching over 4000 players how to play the sport. He has conducted numerous camps, clinics, and private and group lessons across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Steve had undergone back surgery and wanted to find a sport that wasn’t too hard on his body. Despite being skilled at racquetball, table tennis, and basketball, he was hesitant to try out pickleball until his wife, who was already playing the sport, persuaded him. Steve soon discovered a passion for pickleball, and his achievements in the sport are impressive – he has won over seventy 5.0 Pro Event Tournaments.

Steve has won the U.S. Open twice, the Huntsman World Senior Games 10 times, and the Las Vegas Open Senior Pro division three times. In addition, Steve has achieved four National Championships in Pickleball. His success in the sport can be attributed to his strategic playing style and expertise in proper techniques.

As a teacher, Steve employs a unique approach that focuses on improving consistency in players through the implementation of sound techniques and effective strategies. His ultimate goal is to help his students reach the next level of proficiency in pickleball. Steve is a sponsored Pro Player by Onix and prefers to play with an ONIX Evoke Pro paddle.

How Steve Cole Has Started Playing Pickleball?

Steve Cole’s wife introduced him to Pickleball, which initially captivated him as a recreational pastime. After undergoing back surgery in 2013, Steve discovered that Pickleball provided a low-impact way to stay active and fit, prompting him to become a passionate player and instructor of the sport.

Steve Cole’s journey with Pickleball began in 2014, and the game has become an essential aspect of his life. He has a favorable view of Pickleball because it provides a good workout while being gentle on the body due to its low-impact nature. Additionally, the sport is inclusive and has no age restrictions, making it accessible to everyone.

Achievements Of Steve Cole In Pickleball

  • Steve Cole played in his first Pro Tournament in 2016 and won a gold medal.
  • Steve Cole has achieved victory in over 120 Pro/5.0 Tournaments, which includes 6 National Championships, 5 U.S. Opens, and 13 World Senior Games.
  • He is a Huntsman World Senior Games champion and has won the Triple Crown.
  • Steve Cole Pickleball Player, has won the US Open Championship twice.
Steve Cole As The Winner At The US Open Championship In Pickleball
  • Steve Cole has won the USA National Champion in pickleball.

What Are the Strategies Steve Cole Has Used for Winning the Pickleball Match?

Steve Cole is a pickleball pro, national champion, and certified instructor who has won over 70 5.0/pro event tournaments. Here are some strategies Steve Cole has employed to win pickleball matches:

Blocking Slammers: Steve Cole emphasizes the significance of a strong hold on the paddle, taking a short swing back, and swinging the paddle low-to-high while instructing players on how to control swiftly moving pickleballs. He also advises players to strike the ball with a light touch to keep control.

Being Consistent: Steve Cole concentrates on assisting players in enhancing their consistency by teaching proper techniques and successful strategies. He emphasizes the importance of consistency in playing pickleball, which involves keeping the ball in play, avoiding unforced errors, and prioritizing high-percentage shots.

Using Skill Shots And Drills: Complimentary Steve Cole pickleball lessons are offered at the Plaza Hotel and Casino every week, where players are taught new skill shots and drills. During these lessons, Steve Cole imparts various skill shots to players, including the drop shot, lob, dink, and volley.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Steve Cole Got To Know About Pickleball?

Steve Cole got to know about pickleball from his wife, Denise Marie Cole, who was playing pickleball before him.

In Which Year Steve Cole Pickleball Became The Head Pro Instructor At Plaza Hotel And Casino?

Steve Cole became the Head Pro Instructor for teaching pickleball at Plaza Hotel and Casino in the year 2019.

What Advice Would Steve Cole Give To Aspiring Pickleball Players?

According to Steve Cole, aspiring pickleball players can benefit from focusing on their footwork and court posture. These components are essential to the sport’s success. He also emphasizes the importance of constant practice and competing against more talented opponents because doing so speeds up skill development. Finally, he suggests that players prioritize having fun while playing, which makes pickleball a fantastic sport.


This blog has provided you the detailed information on Steve Coles, who is a pickleball player, a head pro instructor at Plaza Hotel and Casino, Certified Pickleball Instructor, IPTPA, and a Senior Pro. We have explained how he got to know about pickleball and started playing pickleball, strategies used by him for winning the pickleball match, and his achievements. After writing this blog, we hope the information about Steve Cole Pickleball Pro provided here will be sufficient for you.

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