Tyson McGuffin: Meet the Pro Pickleball Player

Do you consider Tyson McGuffin as your idol? Do you want to know some facts about Tyson McGuffin pickleball pro? If yes, you are at the right place. Today, we are going to tell you in this about his biography, how he started playing pickleball, and his achievements.

Additionally, we are going to reveal other activities that he performs in his free time when he is not playing pickleball in this blog. In this blog, we are going to provide some valuable tips shared by Tyson McGuffin on pickleball to the pickleball players.

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Biography of Tyson McGuffin: The Pro Pickleball Player

Tyson McGuffin was born on December 16th, 1989, and he grew up in Lake Chelan, Washington. He grew up actively participating in various sports, including soccer and basketball. However, it was his discovery of pickleball that ignited his true passion. Starting from the age of 17, he wholeheartedly committed himself to the sport, taking it seriously and working diligently to develop his skills.

Tyson McGuffin Pickleball Player

Tyson McGuffin’s journey into the world of pickleball began through his extensive experience as a certified tennis instructor and head tennis pro at the Yakima Tennis Club. It was through his tennis connections that he first encountered pickleball, and he decided to try it. 

Utilizing his tennis background and an unwavering competitive spirit, Tyson wholeheartedly dedicated himself to mastering pickleball, despite the initial challenges. Remarkably, within just six months of embarking on his pickleball journey, he attained professional status and emerged as one of the leading players worldwide.

What distinguishes McGuffin apart is his exceptional athleticism and the assertive style he brings to the game. Fans are enthralled by his relentless approach on the court, where he leaves no opportunity unexplored to gain an edge. Furthermore, he demonstrates his strategic expertise by anticipating his opponent’s actions and executing swift responses, showcasing his adeptness in the game.

In addition to his impressive on-court abilities, McGuffin is adored for his warm and approachable nature. He consistently exhibits friendliness towards fans and fellow players, fostering a welcoming atmosphere around him. As a result, he has garnered widespread popularity and admiration within the pickleball community. You can also know biography and life story of other pro players Steve Cole pickleball and bobby riggs pickleball player.

Achievements Of Tyson McGuffin In The Game Of Pickleball

Throughout his career, Tyson McGuffin has achieved numerous notable victories in various esteemed tournaments. Let’s list out the achievements of Tyson McGuffin in the game of pickleball:

  • He has won several US Open Championships in Men’s Singles Open, Mixed Doubles Age 30+, and Men’s Doubles Age 30+. 
  • He has also showcased his talent on the international stage, securing the Men’s Singles Open title at the International Indoor Pickleball Championships in 2019. 
  • Additionally, in 2022, he emerged victorious in both The Lakes Spring Fling and the Hawaii Open tournaments, further solidifying his remarkable success in the sport.
  • In 2020, before the pandemic altered the world of pickleball, Tyson McGuffin enjoyed impressive rankings in the sport. He was acknowledged as the second-ranked player worldwide in Mixed Singles, the fifth-ranked in Men’s Doubles, and the fourth-ranked in Mixed Doubles.
  • He won the silver medal at the USAPA Nationals in Men’s Single after less than a year of playing the sport professionally.
  • Tyson McGuffin has achieved great success in national championships, winning four Grand Slam Gold Medals in Men’s Open Singles, four National Championships, and his first Grand Slam in Men’s Open Doubles at the Tournament of Champions in 2018.
  • 2016 USAPA Nationals: Tyson McGuffin won the Silver medal in Men’s 19+ Singles and Men’s Open Singles categories.
  • 2016 International Indoor Pickleball Championship: He secured the Gold medal in Men’s Singles Open.
Tyson McGuffin Was A Gold Medalist In International Indoor Pickleball Championship For Men's Singles Open
  • 2016 So Cal Summer Classic: McGuffin emerged as the Gold medalist in Men’s Singles Open.
  • 2016 Coeur D’Alene Classic Pickleball Tournament: He achieved the Gold medal in 5.0 Men’s Singles and earned the Bronze medal in 5.0 Men’s Doubles alongside Jay Rippel.

What Does Tyson McGuffin Do When He’s Not Playing Pickleball?

When Tyson McGuffin is not actively playing pickleball, he engages in various activities related to the sport and his personal life. Here are some of the things he enjoys when he is not on the court:

  • Tyson creates online content and instructional videos to help players improve their pickleball game and learn from his wealth of experience.
  • In addition to his passion for pickleball, Tyson values cherished moments spent with his family. He is happily married to his wife Megan, and together they have four children – three sons and one daughter. On certain occasions, Tyson includes his family in his tournament schedule by bringing them along to major events, creating meaningful experiences together.
  • In his free time, he indulges in other hobbies and interests, such as hiking, attending music festivals, spending time at the lake, nurturing his faith, and enjoying playful wrestling sessions with his kids.
  • He organizes Tyson McGuffin pickleball camps across the country and sometimes internationally, where he shares valuable tips and techniques with pickleball enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Tyson McGuffin leads a well-rounded life, balancing his passion for pickleball, his family, and various personal pursuits.

What Tips Does Tyson McGuffin Gives to the Pickleball Players for Winning in the Pickleball Match?

Tyson McGuffin gives many tips to the pickleball players for winning in the pickleball match. Here are some of the tips he provides:

  • Know the three zones of hitting the pickleball: red zone (below the knees), yellow zone (knees to waist), and green zone (above the waist). Attack the balls in your green zone, defend the balls in your red zone, and be cautious with the balls in your yellow zone.
  • To effectively approach an offensive play in sports, it is crucial to possess essential qualities such as excellent balance, a favorable position, and a well-defined strike zone (referred to as BPS). Emphasize the utmost importance of maintaining a stable center of gravity, ensuring that you and your partner can effectively cover the entire court. Additionally, pay careful attention to keeping the ball within your optimal hitting range.
  • Be patient and wait for the right opportunity to attack. Avoid rushing or attempting low-percentage shots. Remember that the returning team generally holds a higher chance of winning the point, so employ a strategic and consistent approach.
  • Choose the right grip for your style and preference. Tyson McGuffin uses a continental grip for most of his shots, which allows him to switch between forehand and backhand easily. He also uses a semi-western grip for his forehand drives and a modified eastern grip for his backhand drives.
  • Devote time to honing your dinking abilities and acquire the proficiency to skillfully control the pace, placement, and spin of the ball. Dinking holds great significance in pickleball, as it enables you to effectively prepare for your offensive maneuvers or counter your opponent’s advances.


What Pickleball Paddle Does Tyson Mcguffin Use For Playing Pickleball?

Tyson McGuffin uses the Selkirk Labs Project 002 paddle for playing pickleball. This concept paddle was created for him by Selkirk, and it delivers pure, unstoppable power. It features an open throat technology, a hybrid carbon and fiberglass face, a GreenTec polypropylene core, and a ProSpin+ surface. He also used to play with the Selkirk Amped Invikta paddle, which has an enlarged sweet spot and a FiberFlex fiberglass face.

How Much Money Does Tyson McGuffin Earn?

Tyson McGuffin is a professional pickleball player who earns money from various sources. His estimated earnings from tournament prize money are $84,075. He also earns money from gear sponsorship, endorsements, pickleball camps, and social media engagements. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million by 2022. He also makes approximately $3.22K per month from his YouTube channel. Also, ben johns net worth is similar to Mcguffin.

How Many Hours A Week Does Tyson Mcguffin Play Pickleball?

In a previous interview, Tyson McGuffin revealed that he dedicates a significant portion of his day to pickleball, engaging in five to eight hours of play. It is important to mention that this duration includes both his personal practice sessions and the time he spends coaching. Furthermore, Tyson demonstrates his dedication to the sport by actively competing in prestigious tournaments such as the PPA Tour and the US Open Pickleball Championships.

Where Will You Get Online Updates Regarding Tyson Mcguffin And His Upcoming Pickleball Camps?

You can get online updates regarding Tyson McGuffin and his upcoming pickleball camps from his official website, YouTube channel, social media accounts(Instagram and Facebook), and other pickleball websites. You also have the opportunity to register for Tyson’s camps online. However, it is important to note that available spots are limited and tend to sell out rapidly. He offers pickleball camps for different skill levels and locations.


Tyson McGuffin started his career as a pickleball player from the time when he was working as a tennis instructor and head tennis professional at the Yakima Tennis Club, where he got to know about pickleball from his connections and decided to try the pickleball game. He has numerous achievements in the game of pickleball. 

Apart from playing pickleball, he conducts Tyson McGuffin pickleball camps, creates online content and instructional pickleball Tyson McGuffin videos, spends leisure time with his family, etc. We hope the information about Tyson Mc Guffin: A Professional Pickleball Player mentioned in this blog will be sufficient for you.

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