Tao Thongvanh: Meet the Pro Pickleball Player

Professional pickleball player Tao Thongvanh is well-known for his outstanding abilities and successes on the court. Tao’s commitment to the game has paid off in a variety of ways, including a series of stunning tournament victories and a reputation as one of the game’s top players. He has played at the highest levels of professional pickleball, and he has a devoted following because to his aggressive style of play and quick reactions.

He has dedicated a lot of time to developing his skills over the years, and as a result, he has emerged as one of the pickleball community’s most well-known and revered players at grand junction pickleball. Tao is renowned for having a kind, personable demeanour and for being open to imparting his wisdom to other players. Tao is constantly focused on aiding others in developing their abilities and their passion for the game of pickleball, regardless of whether he is competing in a competition or delivering a clinic to aspiring players.

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Background Information About Tao Thongvanh

The writer’s brother had introduced him to pickleball a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that he actually tried the game. The writer had an impressive background in various racket sports, having played table tennis professionally in the French national league in the early 90s, tennis for over 20 years, and also a few years of badminton and racquetball.

One day, while on his way to play golf, the writer happened to walk by some local pickleball courts. Intrigued by what he saw, he decided to take a closer look. After watching for only five minutes, a lady who was playing offered him a paddle and asked him to join in. Without hesitation, he dropped his golf bag and stepped onto the court.

To everyone’s surprise, including the writer’s, he played incredibly well for a first-timer. His background in other racket sports had clearly paid off, as he displayed impressive skills in his pickleball debut. The experience left him completely hooked, and he was eager to play again.

Overall, the writer’s initial reluctance to try pickleball quickly turned into a newfound passion for the sport. His extensive background in other racket sports undoubtedly played a significant role in his success, but it was his natural talent and enthusiasm that made him a quick study on the pickleball court.

Tao Career Details

The author has participated in several regional and national tournaments and has achieved significant accomplishments in the sport of badminton. Although they acknowledge that they have not been competing for a long time, they are proud of the medals they have won.

At the Great Plains Regional in Colorado Springs in 2015, the author won the gold medal in the Men’s Singles event, which is a remarkable achievement considering the level of competition in the tournament. Additionally, they won the silver medal in the Men’s Doubles event and the bronze medal in the Mixed Doubles event, which shows their versatility and skillfullness in playing different game formats.

The author competed against some of the best players in the area at the West Regional competition in St. George the following year, when they won the silver medal in the Men’s Singles Open division. They also took home the gold in the Mixed Doubles Open competition, demonstrating their versatility in playing with varied partners.

The author’s accomplishments carried over into 2016, when they participated in the renowned U.S. Open competition and earned the silver medal in the Men’s Doubles 40+ division, proving their capacity to perform well across age categories.

Lastly, the author participated in the SoCal Tournament in Encinitas, where they won the silver medal in the Men’s Doubles 35+ category, highlighting their consistency in performing at a high level across different tournaments and age groups.


Tao Thongvanh Tips

As a seasoned tennis player who frequently faces off against players at the 4.0 and 3.5 levels, I am adamant that there is no “secret sauce” to raising one’s level of play. Instead, persistent drilling and regular practise are the keys to improvement. You must be prepared to invest the time and effort necessary to improve your abilities and increase your confidence on the court if you want to take your tennis game to the next level.

Having said that, there are always things you can work on and develop in your tennis game, even if you are already a strong player. For instance, rather than depending just on strong, “out of control” slams, I personally like to concentrate on factors like ball placement. 

Another important tip that I have for tennis players of all skill levels is to pay close attention to the trajectory of the ball. For balls that are above the net, it is often more effective to hit downwards with a bit of spin, rather than trying to hit straight through the ball. This will assist you to keep the ball in play and make it more challenging for your opponent to return it.

On the other hand, when the ball is below the net, drop shots can be an unbelievably effective tool for catching your opponent off guard and winning points. By mixing up your shots and being strategic in your approach, you can take your tennis game to new heights and continue to amend and grow as a player. You can improve your pickleball game by taking tips from other pro player such as mario najera pickleball player and Jackie Faegre pickleball.


How many hours a week does Tao play? How does he makes time to play?

He Used to play golf 5 days a week, but now pickleball is taking all his golf time! He put in an average of about 25 hours a week from playing, drilling and coaching players from our community. Making time for pickleball is easy for him.

Does he like singles or doubles better? Why?

He prefer doubles. There are more strategies to it. Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles and Mixed doubles require different strategies as well. The kitchen is very important in doubles and it’s what defines Pickleball.  Playing singles is like playing mini tennis, in his opinion.

Does he have any pickleball goals he would like to share?

He doesn’t have any goals, really, He only wishes to team up with some good players in the future. As for now,  He loves to play the game and hopefully stay healthy.


Tao Thongvanh is a true star in the world of professional pickleball. Through his hard work, dedication, and skill on the court, he has become one of the most successful and respected players in the sport. His aggressive playing style and incredible reflexes have earned him numerous tournament wins and a reputation as one of the best players in the game.

Off the court, Tao is just as impressive, known for his friendly personality and willingness to help others improve their skills. He is a beloved figure in the grand junction pickleball and a true ambassador for the sport.

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