Upstreet Pickleball Paddle Review – A Colorful Addition to Your Game

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in North America. With its fun, social nature and ease of play, it’s no wonder why people of all ages are flocking to the pickleball courts. As the sport continues to gain popularity, so does the equipment. Paddles in particular have seen major innovations in recent years. Companies are using advanced materials and technology to give players an edge.

Upstreet Pickleball Paddle Review

One such company is Upstreet. Their Plaid patterned graphite pickleball paddles add some colorful flair to the minimalist paddle design. In this Upstreet Pickleball Paddle Review, we’ll take an in-depth look at these paddles to see if the performance matches the aesthetic. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Plaid Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddles

Make a colorful statement on the court with the Upstreet Plaid Graphite Pickleball Paddle. This high-performance paddle features a graphite face for power and pop, while the polymer honeycomb core provides control and stability. The eye-catching plaid design in vibrant hues gives this paddle plenty of style to go with its playability. With exceptional power, maneuverability, and craftsmanship, the Upstreet Plaid Graphite Pickleball Paddle will give your game an instant boost.

Plaid Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddles

Overview and Specs

  • Size: 16.38” x 9.36” x 0.97”
  • Weight: 7.8 oz
  • Grip: 4.5” circumference
  • Core: Polymer Honeycomb
  • Face: Graphite
  • Skill level: Advanced


At first glance, the dimensions are in line with other paddles in this price range. The weight is right in the sweet spot that most players prefer. Not too heavy, not too light.

The grip size will fit most hand sizes, though people with smaller hands may want to add an overgrip for a more customized fit. The 4.5” circumference corresponds to about a 4 1/4” grip, which is considered a standard or midsize grip. The honeycomb polymer core encased in graphite is also typical for performance paddles. This combination offers a nice balance of power, control, and durability.

So on paper, the Plaid paddle specs check all the right boxes. Now let’s see how they perform in real gameplay.

Playing Performance

  1. Right out of the package, the Plaid paddles have a premium, high-quality feel. The graphite face is smooth with a subtle texture that provides a good grip on the ball. The weight feels evenly distributed, making the paddles well balanced.
  2. Upon striking the ball, two things stand out immediately – pop and control. The paddles offer asatisfying “pop” when you make contact. You can feel the ball compress and launch off the sweet spot. The graphite face really maximizes the energy transfer for speed and power.
  3. But it’s not just raw power. The Plaid paddles offer pinpoint control to place shots accurately. The honeycomb core dampens vibration to provide a consistent, predictable response. Compared to aluminum core paddles, these have a more precise feel with fewer errant shots.
  4. The graphite face also yields great touch on finesse shots like dinks and drop shots. You can really impart spin and shape shots how you want. The paddles are flexible enough for quick flicks of the wrist without being too springy.
  5. On hard driven shots, the Plaid paddles hold up well even when hitting the ball with full force. They feel very stable and resistant to twisting. The honeycomb core absorbs a lot of the shock to reduce arm fatigue.
  6. The grip area provides a nice tacky feel, even when hands get sweaty. The ribbed texture helps prevent any slippage during play. The moderate thickness cushions the impact nicely.

Overall, the playing performance leaves little to be desired. The Plaid paddles offer the best of both worlds – power and control. They feel great for all types of shots and styles of play.

Design Aesthetics

Beyond performance, the Plaid paddles also deliver visual appeal. The blue, green, red, and yellow plaid pattern provides an eye-catching burst of color. It’s a nice change from the typical black, gray, or wood paddle finishes.

The plaid theme continues onto the grip area with alternating color bands. Small logos and text are subtly printed in white, avoiding any gaudy graphics. The paddles have a clean, refined aesthetic.

For those looking to add some flair to their game, the Plaid paddles will certainly draw attention on the courts. They have personality without looking toyish or cheap. The playful design suits the fun spirit of pickleball.

Upstreet Plaid Pickleball Paddle


  • Durability is always a concern with pickleball paddles. Composite materials like graphite can chip or crack over time. So how do the Plaid paddles hold up?
  • After several weeks of play, the paddles are showing minimal signs of wear. The faces have no chips or cracks. The edges look smooth and intact. The grips remain firmly bonded with no peeling.
  • Compared to other graphite paddles used heavily, these are aging gracefully. The paddle faces have proven resistant to dings or fractures thus far. The honeycomb core seems very durable within the graphite skin.
  • The included paddle case is also high quality and protects the paddles well. The dense foam lining prevents any motion inside the case during transport. For longevity, be sure to store the paddles in the case when not playing.
  • While long term durability is tough to predict, the initial signs are very good. With proper care, the Plaid paddles should last many seasons of steady play. Their construction quality appears strong enough for the rigors of pickleball.

Value and Cost

The Plaid paddles have a retail price around $100 for the set of two. This puts them in the mid-range tier of composite pickleball paddles. More affordable options exist, but performance and quality will be lacking. Higher-end paddles can cost over $150 each.

For the materials, construction, playability, and design – the Plaid paddles offer excellent value. They compete well with other paddles costing much more. The included padded case also adds value compared to basic vinyl cases. Players who appreciate both form and function will find a lot to like with the Plaid paddles. They deliver on performance but also provide a stylish aesthetic. At this reasonable price point for a set of two, it’s easy to recommend trying them out.

Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent pop and power from the graphite face
  • Controlled, consistent feel from the polymer core
  • Provides touch, spin, and placement for finesse shots
  • Durable honeycomb core and graphite face construction
  • Visually appealing plaid pattern design
  • Quality included paddle case for protection
  • Reasonable price for performance and quality
Reasons to Avoid
  • Grip size on the smaller end (adds overgrip for larger hands)
  • Not as affordable as basic recreational paddles
  • Durability over many years still unproven


Upstreet’s Plaid paddles earn top marks for their playing performance and thoughtful design. The graphite and polymer construction provide a great blend of pop, control, and durability. Visually, the plaid pattern looks and feels fun. For intermediate to advanced players seeking an edge, the Plaid paddles deserve strong consideration. They deliver on all fronts – power, precision, style, and value.

Upstreet Chalk Pickleball Paddles

Master precision and finesse with the Chalk Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle. This lightweight paddle offers incredible touch and control thanks to its responsive graphite face and cushioned polymer core. The paddle absorbs vibration and allows you to place shots accurately with little effort. Its minimalist matte finish and muted color options give the paddle a refined, sophisticated look. Designed for unmatched maneuverability and subtlety, the Chalk Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle rewards players who value surgical placement over power.

Upstreet Chalk Pickleball Paddles

Overview and Specs

  • Dimensions: 16.38” x 9.36” x 0.97”
  • Weight: 7.7 oz
  • Grip: 4.6” length, 4.4” circumference
  • Core: Polymer Honeycomb
  • Face: Graphite
  • Skill Level: Suitable for all levels
  • Approval: USAPA certified


At first glance, the dimensions and weight fit into the typical range for most composite pickleball paddles on the market. The midsize grip will accommodate most hand sizes comfortably.

The graphite face encasing a honeycomb polymer core is also standard for high performance paddles. This combination aims to provide the best of both worlds – power from the graphite and control from the polymer. USAPA certification means the paddles meet the dimensions and specifications to be used in sanctioned tournament play. This is a must for paddles used by competitive players.

Overall, the specs check all the boxes you would expect from a quality graphite pickleball paddle. Now let’s examine how they perform on the court.

Playing Performance

  1. Immediately when hitting balls with the Chalk paddles, the excellent balance and feel stands out. The paddles have a light, maneuverable quality that makes it easy to whip them around quickly.
  2. Despite their agility, the paddles still pack plenty of pop on shots. The graphite face provides good power to drive the ball with pace. Yet the paddles don’t feel overly rigid or stiff.
  3. The polymer core gives the paddles a soft, muted feel on contact. You can “feel” the ball sink into the face, which provides great control on shots. The paddles absorb vibrations extremely well to deliver a very consistent, predictable response.
  4. Directional control and placement reign supreme with the Chalk paddles. You can aim shots with pinpoint precision thanks to the paddle’s superb responsiveness. The lightweight design allows you to make minute adjustments and angles with ease.
  5. Finesse shots like dinks and drop shots work exceptionally well with the Chalk paddles. You can shape and carve shots with subtle wrist flicks. The paddles provide a very natural, extension-of-the-arm feel on touch shots.
  6. Driven groundstrokes and volleys also remain accurate with control prioritized over raw power. The paddles have enough pop to be offensive, but reward precision shotmaking.
  7. The grip strikes a nice balance between cushioned and tacky. It absorbs shock while still allowing the paddle to pivot smoothly in your hand. Even when wet, the textured grip maintains traction.

Overall, the Chalk paddles excel with their maneuverability and fine touch. They prioritize control over power, allowing you to place shots strategically. The lightweight responsiveness makes them a great choice for players valuing finesse over brute force.

Design Aesthetics

Visually, the Chalk paddles sport a simple, minimalist style. The graphite playing surface has a matte finish devoid of any glossiness. Large perforations line the edge of the paddle faces.

The molded one-piece grip and neck provide a seamless transition without edges or ridges. Small logos are subtly printed on the playing surface. Chalk paddles are currently offered in five muted color options: white, gray, coral, aqua, and navy. The colors evoke a subtle, refined vibe. Those seeking loud, flashy paddle graphics should look elsewhere.

Overall, the Chalk paddles aim for function over fashion. The streamlined appearance complements the maneuverable playing performance nicely. Players seeking a sleek, mature paddle look will appreciate the Chalk’s refined style.

Upstreet Chalk Paddles


  • With their lightweight maneuverability, how do the Chalk paddles withstand the rigors of pickleball? Let’s examine the durability factors.
  • After several weeks of play, the paddles are showing minimal signs of wear. No chips, cracks, or fracturing on the graphite faces. The perforated edges remain smooth and intact.
  • The seamless one-piece construction between the grip and neck has held up perfectly. Often this intersection is a weak point on paddles, but the Chalk’s appear nearly molded as one solid piece.
  • No grip separation or peeling issues either. The cushioned grip material remains perfectly bonded to the core. The paddles still look and feel brand new after consistent play.
  • While long term durability is hard to predict, the initial signs are very positive. The Chalk paddles seem constructed to last thanks to quality materials and manufacturing. Their durable design perfectly complements the playing performance.

Value and Cost

With an MSRP around $100 for the set of two, the Chalk paddles are reasonably priced for their performance quality. They compete well with other mid-range composite paddles costing $100 to $150.

Due to their maneuverability and control focused design, the Chalk paddles are particularly suited to beginner and intermediate players focused on developing proper technique. The value proposition is strong for recreational or club players. For competitive tournament players, the Chalk paddles offer an affordable alternative to pro models costing $200+. The excellent construction quality and USAPA approval makes them suitable for any skill level.

Overall, the performance and durability justify the reasonable cost relative to other high composite paddles. Players get a lot of quality and playability for the price.

Reasons to Buy
  • Superb touch and control
  • Lightweight agility and maneuverability
  • Excellent vibration dampening for consistent feel
  • Minimalist, sleek aesthetic for mature players
  • Durable construction quality for longevity
  • Reasonable price for the performance
  • Suitable for all skill levels
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks the power some aggressive players may want
  • Perforated edges may prematurely wear over time
  • Not as flashy looking as some paddles
  • Durability past 2-3 years is uncertain


For pickleball players who prioritize control over power, the Chalk paddles are a superb option. Their lightweight responsive feel empowers players to aim shots with precision. The paddle faces provide enough pop for offense while still rewarding touch. Visually, the Chalk paddles evoke a refined, minimalist aesthetic. Their quality construction also proves impressively durable. For intermediate players on up seeking surgical maneuverability, the Chalk paddles warrant a spot atop your list. They represent an outstanding value at their price point that Beginners and experienced players alike can appreciate.

Upstreet Aqua Skyline Pickleball Paddle

Make a splash on the court with the vibrant Aqua Skyline Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle. Its eye-catching aqua and sky blue colors jump off the court. But this paddle offers more than just flashy looks – the graphite face provides power and pop while the polymer core softens feel for control. Optimally balanced, comfortable, and responsive, the Aqua Skyline paddle amps up your fun whether you’re a beginner or intermediate player.

Upstreet Aqua Skyline Pickleball Paddle

Overview and Specs

  • Dimensions: 16.38” x 9.36” x 0.97”
  • Weight: 7.8 oz
  • Grip Circumference: 4.25”
  • Grip Length: 4.75”
  • Core: Polymer Honeycomb
  • Face: Graphite
  • Skill Level: Ideal for beginner to intermediate players


At first glance, the dimensions, weight, and materials used are typical for a mid-range composite pickleball paddle. The 4.25” grip circumference corresponds to about a 4 1/4″ grip size. This is considered a standard size that will fit most hand sizes.

The popular core and face combination of polymer and graphite aims to deliver control, power, and durability in one package. Overall, the specs indicate a capable composite paddle for recreational play. Now let’s see how the performance stacks up on the court.

Playing Performance

  1. After just a few minutes of hitting with the Aqua Skyline paddles, the excellent balance and feel is apparent. The paddles have a nice heft to them while still retaining quick maneuverability.
  2. The graphite face provides great pop and power on contact. You can feel the ball spring off the paddle with pace and speed. The paddles offer plenty of offensive punch.
  3. Yet the paddles don’t feel overly rigid or stiff. The polymer honeycomb core helps soften the feel while controlling vibration. This gives the paddles a very consistent, comfortable response.
  4. The paddles absorb shock impressively well on high velocity shots. The cushioned core smooths out the harsher feel of some graphite paddles. The result is a lively yet forgiving feel.
  5. Directional control is also a strength thanks to the paddle’s stability. The honeycomb core prevents torque or twisting, allowing you to deliver accurate shots under pressure.
  6. Finesse shots like taps, dinks and drops shots work well. The paddles have enough touch from the polymer core to impart spin and shape delicate shots.
  7. The ribbed grip strikes a nice balance between comfort and tackiness. Its ergonomic shape and ample cushioning further enhances overall paddle feel during play.

Overall, the Aqua Skyline paddles deliver a compelling blend of power, control and comfort. They offer significant pop balanced with precise response. The honeycomb core technology puts these paddles ahead of cheap recreational models.

Design Aesthetics

Visually, the Aqua Skyline paddles make a bold stylistic statement. The aqua blue playing surface with sky blue accents creates an eye-catching colorway.

The same mixed blue hues continue onto the grip area. White logos provide subtle branding while allowing the colors to take center stage. The paddles definitely have a fun, playful vibe suited to the recreational spirit of pickleball. Those seeking a flashy paddle that stands out will appreciate the vibrant colors.

While the paddles prioritize style over subtlety, the graphics still maintain a refined quality. The colors pop without looking cheap or gaudy.

For players who want paddles as fun and lively as their game, the Aqua Skyline theme delivers. The paddles will make a vibrant statement on any pickleball court.

Upstreet Aqua Skyline Paddle


  • Graphite paddles reinforced with a polymer core should deliver decent durability. But how will the Aqua Skyline paddles hold up over time? Let’s inspect their longevity factors.
  • After a month of playtesting, the paddles show minimal wear and tear. No dings, cracks or fracturing to the graphite faces yet. The paddle edges remain smooth and intact.
  • The cushioned grip also shows impressive durability. No signs of peeling or separation from the core. It maintains its cozy feel and tacky traction.
  • One potential long term concern is the perforated paddle edge. The small holes could allow moisture or debris inside over years of play. Only time will tell if this affects durability.

Overall though, the paddles seem very sturdily constructed. Quality materials and manufacturing should equip them to last years of recreational use. While long term durability is hard to predict, the initial indicators are positive.

Value and Cost

With an MSRP around $80 for the set, the Aqua Skyline paddles deliver reasonable value. They offer noticeable step up from ultra-cheap wood and aluminum recreational paddles.

The Aqua Skyline’s also compete well price-wise with other graphite/polymer paddles in the $75 to $100 range. You get performance and quality aligned with the price point.

While more expensive “pro” models exist, the Aqua Skyline paddles don’t leave recreational players feeling short-changed. Beginners and intermediates will find they offer plenty of playability and power.

For players seeking fun, vibrant paddles for casual play, the Aqua Skyline set represents a great value. The performance and construction justify the reasonable cost.

Reasons to Buy
  • Eye-catching aqua and sky blue aesthetic
  • Ideal balance of power and control
  • Cushioned polymer core softens impact
  • Provides great touch for spins and finesse
  • Grip offers comfort and tackiness
  • Durable construction for longevity
  • Suitable for beginners up to intermediate skill levels
  • Reasonable price for a graphite/polymer paddle set
Reasons to Avoid
  • Perforated edge is a potential durability concern
  • Lacks the finesse for very advanced players
  • Graphite face may chip over time
  • Not professional quality for tournament play


With their vibrant aqua and sky blue colors, the Upstreet Graphite Aqua Skyline paddles make a lively statement on the court. But it’s more than just flashy looks – the playing performance also shines. The ideal blend of power, control and comfort make the Aqua Skyline paddles a compelling choice for recreational and club play. The quality construction should also equip them for longevity. For pickleball players seeking a fun, capable paddle set that delivers an edge over basic wood paddles, the Aqua Skyline warrants a spot on your radar. They provide a well-rounded package ideal for intermediate players and those progressing in their game.


Q: How much does paddle weight matter?

A: Paddle weight is mostly personal preference, but many players prefer paddles in the 7.0-8.5 ounce range. Lighter paddles offer maneuverability, while heavier ones provide power and stability.

Q: What grip size should I choose?

A: Grip circumference typically ranges from 4.0” to 4.5”. Measure your hand to determine ideal grip size. If between sizes, size down for more control or up for more power.

Q: How important is it to have a good paddle case?

A: A quality padded case is highly recommended to protect your paddle investment. Look for thick padding and durable exterior material.

Q: What are honeycomb and quad-core paddle cores?

A: These polymer cores absorb vibration and provide control. Honeycomb is most common while quad-core has larger polymer cells for more power.

Q: Can I use an old wooden paddle?

A: Wooden paddles work but don’t offer the power, control, and durability of modern graphite paddles. Upgrading equipment improves most players’ games.


From Upstreet Pickleball Paddle Review it can be said that Upstreet’s graphite pickleball paddles deliver an impressive blend of performance, quality, and design. The Plaid paddles provide power and flair. The Chalk rewards finesse and control. The Aqua Skyline excites with its vibrant aesthetics. While pricing varies, these paddles offer great playability and value for intermediate players on up. With their thoughtful construction and features, Upstreet’s paddles enhance any pickleball player’s game and enjoyment of this fast-growing sport.

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