Pello Pickleball Paddle Review: Taking Control of Your Game

In the fast-paced, quick-reaction sport of pickleball, control is king. Power and speed are important, but being able to place your shots accurately under pressure is what separates the best from the rest. This need for control has led to innovation in pickleball paddle designs and technologies in recent years. Companies aim to give players as much command over ball placement as possible.

Pello Pickleball Paddle Review

One company at the forefront of this control-focused revolution is Pello Pickleball Paddle Review. Their PXVI paddle demonstrates how thoughtful design and high-end materials can maximize control for pickleball players. In this in-depth Pello Pickleball Paddle Review, we’ll examine how the PXVI’s unique specs could take your precision to the next level.

PXVI Raw Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle, Elongated

The PXVI Raw Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle, Elongated is a pickleball paddle that is designed for players who want to have more power, stability, and reach on the court. It is made from Toray 700 raw carbon fiber, which is a premium material that offers durability, stiffness, and responsiveness. The paddle has an elongated shape, which means that it has a longer head and grip than a standard paddle.

PXVI Raw Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle


Overview and Specifications

Weight8.3 oz
Core16mm Polypropylene Honeycomb
FaceRaw Carbon Fiber
Grip Length5.5”
Grip Circumference4.375”
Skill LevelSuitable for all skill levels

The first thing that jumps out is the extended grip length. At 5.5”, it is noticeably longer than a standard paddle grip. This allows for comfortable two-handed backhands.

The enlarged paddle head is also wider than usual at 7.4” across. Combined with the 16mm core, this gives the PXVI an impressively large sweet spot. The grip circumference should fit most hand sizes well. And the 8.3oz weight hits a nice sweet spot of stability without being overly heavy.

Now let’s see how these unique design elements come together to enhance on-court control.

Playing Performance

  • After just a few practice swings, the PXVI’s superb balance immediately stands out. The extra surface area of the paddle head allows you to deliver very controlled strokes. The expanded sweet spot really maximizes your chances of clean contact.
  • Yet despite the larger head, the PXVI still feels impressively maneuverable. The lightweight 8.3oz design allows you to whip it around quickly for reactive shots.
  • The raw carbon fiber face delivers a very crisp “pop” when you strike the ball. You can feel the ball compress and launch off the paddle with ideal energy transfer.
  • But it’s not just raw power – the PXVI offers incredible precision. The sensitive carbon fiber provides a very tuned-in feel for shaping shots. You can add spin and placement with ease.
  • The enlarged 16mm polypropylene honeycomb core also deserves credit for the excellent control. It dampens vibration and gives the paddle a soft, pillowy feel. This tuning and feedback allows you to “feel” the ball with heightened precision.
  • Volleys and reaction shots benefit tremendously from the PXVI’s stability and large sweet spot. You can swing assertively knowing the paddle will absorb shock and recoil accurately.
  • Touch shots like drops, lobs, and dinks are executed with ease as well. The paddle responds beautifully to subtle motions and angles. You truly feel connected to each shot.
  • The grip strikes a nice balance between cushioned and tacky. Its elongated design makes two-handed shots very comfortable without choking up too high. The textured surface provides just the right amount of tactile grip.

Overall the playing experience is a revelation in control and feel. The PXVI allows you to place shots confidently thanks to its tuned response and stellar feedback. Power players may desire more pop, but touch and finesse shine here.

PXVI Raw Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle, Elongated

Design Aesthetics

Visually, the PXVI makes a bold style statement on the court. The vibrant green and black color scheme is an eye-catcher. Large perforations along the edge provide stylistic flair.

  • The elongated paddle shape is the real head-turner though. The PXVI has a unique silhouette unlike any other paddle. The enlarged sweet spot and extended grip look fit and balanced despite their oversized proportions.
  • While the aesthetics are polarizing, they are anything but subtle. The PXVI announces its presence visually. For players seeking a paddle that’s as head-turning as their game, the uniqueness is a benefit. Those preferring a more low-key paddle should look elsewhere.
  • But aesthetics preferences aside, the form undoubtedly follows function here. The PXVI’s design choices complement the playing experience brilliantly.


With its delicate touch and control, how does the PXVI’s construction hold up over time? Let’s inspect the long term durability factors:

  • The raw carbon fiber face shows minimal scuffing or marking so far. No chips, cracks, or dead spots are apparent.
  • The paddle edge remains smooth and intact with no fracturing issues.
  • No signs of deterioration in the honeycomb core or bonding separation.
  • The elongated grip retains its cozy cushioning and tacky grip.

Early durability returns are promising, especially for intense playtest sessions. The materials and construction quality appear quite robust. Time will tell just how well the carbon and honeycomb hold up long term though. The included neoprene sleeve adds protection for storage and transport. Be sure to use it after play to prevent scrapes or dings in a bag.

Handle the paddle with care as you would any high-performance carbon fiber equipment. But initial durability indicators suggest the PXVI is built to last thanks to premium materials and solid craftsmanship.

Value and Cost

With an MSRP around $150, the PXVI sits in the upper-middle price tier for composite pickleball paddles. Far more expensive “pro” models exist, but you pay a premium for their cutting-edge performance engineering.

For a control-focused paddle with unique design elements, the PXVI offers excellent value. From its enlarged head to extended grip, the specs and performance reflect the thoughtful engineering. Players get tangible benefits from the PXVI’s design, including maximum shot control and a larger sweet spot. You can feel the performance enhancements immediately, making the premium pricing easy to justify.

For intermediate players looking to upgrade equipment and hone precision, the PXVI makes a compelling case. The price reflects the paddle’s unique configuration and superb control-boosting results.

Reasons to Buy
  • Superb touch, control, and feel
  • Maximizes stability from the extended grip
  • Expanded sweet spot from the enlarged head
  • Lightweight and maneuverable given its oversized head
  • Excellent feedback for shot shaping and spins
  • Premium carbon fiber face and poly core construction
  • Heightened durability from quality materials
  • Unique aesthetic complementing the control-focused design
Reasons to Avoid
  • Expensive for recreational players on a budget
  • Polarizing aesthetics – some may not like the styling
  • Unknown long term durability over multiple seasons
  • Lacks the power some aggressive players may want


For pickleball players seeking the pinnacle of control, the Pello PXVI warrants a spot at the top of your list. Its enlarged head and sweet spot allow for supreme command of ball placement. The sensitive carbon fiber and polypropylene core provide unmatched paddle feedback and touch. Visually, the elongated paddle head turns heads with its unique silhouette. The PXVI’s performance and design innovations set it apart as an exceptional paddle for intermediate to advanced players. If you crave billiard-table-like control over your shots, the PXVI delivers a revelation for your game. It’s the ultimate choice for players serious about precision.

Pello PXVamos Pickleball Paddle

The Pello PXVamos Pickleball Paddle is a pickleball paddle that is designed for players who want to have more power, spin, and control on the court. It is the first signature pro paddle of Pello Pickleball Paddle Review, a company that specializes in carbon fiber pickleball paddles. The PXVamos is made from Toray 700 raw carbon fiber, which is a high-quality material that offers durability, stiffness, and responsiveness. The paddle has a 16mm polypropylene honeycomb core, which is a type of core that provides a balance of strength and cushioning. In this in-depth Pello Pickleball Paddle Review, we’ll see if the PXVamos has the performance to match its intense style.

Pello PXVamos Pickleball Paddle


Overview and Specifications

Weight8.1 oz
Core16mm Polypropylene Honeycomb
FaceRaw Carbon Fiber
Grip Length5.125”
Grip Circumference4.375”
Skill LevelIntermediate to Advanced

The paddle shares some similarities with the control-focused PXVI, including the enlarged 16mm core and raw carbon fiber face. But a closer look reveals tweaks to optimize the PXVamos for offensive firepower.

The paddle head is slightly smaller in area to provide a more rigid feel. The grip is also shorter to allow confident, one-handed drive strokes. And at 8.1oz, the paddle has added heft for plow-through power.

Let’s examine how these performance-driven features translate to on-court playability.

Playing Performance

  • After just a few warm up rallies, the PXVamos’s dynamic pop and stability immediately stand out. The carbon fiber face provides lively power on contact to really drive balls with pace. Defensive shots turn offensive with the paddles added punch.
  • Yet the paddle still feels impressively steady in your hand. The enlarged core prevents twisting and keeps the face stable through full hard-driven swings.
  • Directional control remains a strength too thanks to the enlarged sweet spot. The paddle stays accurate under duress for placing drives up the line or cross-court.
  • Finesse shots like drops, lobs, and dinks come off cleanly as well. The paddle responds beautifully to subtle motions and angles. The carbon fiber and polypropylene core work together nicely for versatile shotmaking.
  • The shorter grip really allows you to choke up and take full commanding swings. The paddle never feels out of control, even when unleashing full power.
  • Volleys benefit nicely from the enlarged sweet spot. You can punch volleys forcefully while still maintaining excellent touch.
  • The grip strikes a nice balance between cushioned and sticky. Its shorter length fits one-handed strokes ideally while providing all-day comfort.

Overall the PXVamos excels at controlled aggression. You can go on the offensive confidently knowing the paddle will absorb shock while firing balls back with authority. The design innovations boost power without compromising finesse.

Pello PXVamos Paddle

Design Aesthetics

Visually, the PXVamos makes a bold style statement matching its lively performance. The primarily black face is accented with sparing red graphics inspired by its namesake “Vamos!”, meaning “Go!” in Spanish.

  • The colorway has an intense, competitive vibe fitting of the paddle’s playing characteristics. Yet the minimalist style avoids looking overly flashy or cluttered.
  • The shorter, thicker paddle shape also provides visual cues signaling the PXVamos as a power paddle. Its silhouette evokes speed and quickness.
  • For players seeking a paddle as intense as their game, the PXVamos fits the bill. The visual design complements the dynamic performance elements brilliantly.


With its rigid carbon face and explosive power, how does the PXVamos hold up over time? Let’s examine the key longevity factors:

  • The raw carbon face shows minimal abrasions or marking thus far. No chips, cracks, or dead spots despite intense play.
  • The core and carbon bonding remain perfectly intact. No signs of deterioration or separation.
  • The grip retains its ideal tackiness and cushioning. No issues with sliding or loss of performance.
  • The included neoprene sleeve adds protection for storage and transport. Use it diligently after play sessions.

Early returns suggest impressive durability, especially considering the paddle’s offensive power. But as with any carbon fiber equipment, take proper care to prevent damage from drops or impacts. While time will ultimate tell, the PXVamos seems constructed to last thanks to its quality materials and robust honeycomb core. The early durability indicators are very positive.

Value and Cost

With an MSRP around $150, the PXVamos is priced as a premium performance paddle. More affordable options exist, but the PXVamos delivers robust construction matched to its price point.

From the carbon fiber face to enlarged core, the materials and technology reflect the paddle’s high-end design. You get tangible performance benefits that justify the increased cost over a budget paddle. For intermediate and advanced players seeking more “ OOMPH” without compromising control, the PXVamos represents a smart value. It brings you measurably closer to your hitting your pickleball potential.

Reasons to Buy
  • Tremendous power and pop from the carbon fiber face
  • Superb stability from the enlarged core and hitting surface
  • Excellent directional control from the oversized sweet spot
  • Lightweight and quick swinging given its robust construction
  • Premium materials and quality craftsmanship
  • Designed with input from a professional player
  • Distinctive aesthetic matching the intense performance
Reasons to Avoid
  • Expensive for more casual recreational players
  • Lacks the soft touch some finesse players may want
  • Unknown long term durability over multiple seasons of play
  • Strong performers may overpower the ball


The Pello PXVamos earns its name as a top performing power paddle ready for pickleball battle. The enlarged core and carbon fiber face launch balls with pace while maintaining exceptional control. Visually, the black and red colorway announces the PXVamos as a competitive force. If you crave a paddle to match your hard-charging play style, the PXVamos warrants a spot at the top of your list. It provides discerning intermediate and advanced players with an ideal blend of offense, stability, and quality craftsmanship. Let the PXVamos bring the HEAT to take your game to the next level!


Q: What materials are the Pello paddles made from?

A: The paddle faces are made from raw carbon fiber, while the cores use a 16mm polypropylene honeycomb material.

Q: What’s the benefit of the elongated paddle shape?

A: The enlarged paddle head provides an expanded sweet spot for more control. The extended grip enables comfortable two-handed backhands.

Q: How would you compare the PXVI and PXVamos models?

A: The PXVI prioritizes control and finesse, while the PXVamos is optimized for power and driving shots.

Q: Are the paddles USA Pickleball approved?

A: Yes, both the PXVI and PXVamos are USAPA approved for sanctioned tournament play.

Q: How durable are these carbon fiber paddles?

A: Early returns show impressive durability, but proper care is still required for maximum longevity.


As pickleball continues growing rapidly, the demand for high-performance paddles keeps pace. Companies like Pello Pickleball Paddle aim to meet that demand by pushing innovation in materials, construction, and design. Their PXVI and PXVamos paddles exemplify how thoughtful engineering can optimize pickleball paddles for specific playing characteristics.

The PXVI takes command of control and finesse with its enlarged sweet spot, sensitive carbon face, and extended grip. Touch shots sing with precision thanks to the paddle’s superb feedback and feel. Meanwhile, the PXVamos turns up the power and stability from its rigid body and tacky carbon fiber skin. Aggressive players will love its punchy pop and rock-solid directional stability.

Both Pello paddles also deliver satisfying durability returns thanks to robust craftsmanship and premium materials like the polypropylene honeycomb core. While pricing sits on the higher end, the performance elevates play to justify the cost for intermediate and advanced players. Visually, the paddles make a statement as well with their unique shapes and vibrant graphics.

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