How to Create a Custom Pickleball Paddle Cover?

It is just like any other sport in that you need specific equipment. The pickleball paddle and a plastic ball with holes are the essentials. There’s something unique about a new pickleball paddle-the smooth, shiny surface, without dents, scars, or scratches. A good pickleball paddle can cost $70 – $150. Therefore, protecting your paddle from wear and tear for as long as possible is vital.

If you make these DIY pickleball paddle cases, your pickleball racquet will have more padding and be more protected from dents, bumps, and dents in your pickleball bag. This post contains two styles a drawstring paddle case (easy for beginners!) and a zippered paddle case. Customize your case and make it for friends with different fabrics and patterns.

If you want to make your pickleball paddle cover your own way, you’ll be able to create it effortlessly, making the game even more fun.

custom pickleball paddle cover

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Why Do You Need a Pickleball Paddle Cover?

There were a few times in the past when it was mentioned that a pickleball paddle cover would protect your paddle from things such as dents, scratches, and scuffs. It is essential to keep your paddle nice and in top shape, and the best way to do that for your paddle is to use a pickleball paddle cover.

It’s important to note that we’re talking about something other than pickleball bags, like our Best Pickleball Bags post when we say pickleball paddle cover. These are authentic pickleball bags…they carry all your pickleball equipment, balls, paddles, shoes, towels, water bottles, etc. A pickleball paddle cover is convenient to carry around and protects your paddle from wear and tear. So, why would you need a pickleball paddle cover?

  • Protect your paddle, which can be pretty expensive. The constant smacking of the ball will make the paddle wear out way faster if you don’t cover it
  • In case of a paddle drop, you can avoid scuffing or denting the edge
  • Customize your paddle cover with your favorite image or logo for aesthetic purposes
  • Lightweight and easy to transport, they’re perfect for transporting paddles anywhere

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a pickleball paddle, but don’t worry, our guide on How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle has got you covered.

What Is the Material of a Pickleball Paddle Cover?

Various materials can be used to cover pickleball paddles, including polymers such as neoprene to classic canvas and leather.


As the most popular pickleball cover material among pickleball players, neoprene is a lightweight material made from synthetic rubber that is thick enough to cushion and protect. Customers can customize neoprene covers based on their specifications, and they are inexpensive and of good quality.


Some pickleball paddle covers are made of pure leather. While they provide good protection, they can also weather and fade over time.

custom pickleball paddle cover


A cotton paddle cover also protects your paddle from scuffing. However, a bigger hit, ding, or fall can still damage your paddle.


It is versatile and lightweight, so it is an excellent choice when it comes to aesthetic functionality. Now that we know what materials canvas covers can be made of let’s take a look at why we need them.

Personalized Custom Pickleball Paddles Cover

In general, a paddle cover is normally a cushion-type cover that fits snugly around the face of your paddle. This cover is a zip fit around the edge of your paddle head, so it protects the paddle from any damage. Make sure your paddle cover is on before you pack your paddle in your bag.

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The Cutting Instructions

Generally, the main fabric and the lining fabric should be cut twice. If you want to make a more padded case, the batting should be cut twice on the dotted lines and into four layers and stitched together.

Quilt the main fabric

Quilt the fabric to the batting using a loop pattern, either vertically or in an abstract design, using a fabric marker to draw the grid. If you quilt the batting to fabric, you can use any pattern, such as a vertical line or abstract design.

Add a lining

There should be a small clip under a 3/8″ seam allowance at the right end of the batting line marked on the pattern piece. Here is where you should end your stitching. Both layers should be trimmed simultaneously after trimming the main layer and the lining.

Creating the casing

A drawstring casing can also be made by topstitching along the bottom of the flap, over the topstitching. The backstitching should be done at the ends. Repeat on the other side by sewing another line about 1/2″ from the bottom of the folded edge.   

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custom pickleball paddle cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to put stickers on my pickleball paddle cover?

Don’t get too fancy with DIY. Buy Avery (or cheaper generic) labels (or business cards) (hole punched with a tie of choice) for your printer, download the appropriate template (such as Word) for various programs, and start designing. It’s much easier to do if you have a desktop publishing program.

What is the most reliable pickleball paddle cover material?

Neoprene is the material most pickleball players prefer. Neoprene covers are made from synthetic rubber and provide protection and cushioning without weighing the user down. Neoprene covers are also inexpensive, of good quality, and can be tailored to suit the user’s needs.

How Much Do Pickleball Paddle Covers Cost?

It takes a reasonably competent paddle to play pickleball effectively, so it is not surprising that the average paddle covers costs between $10 and $20—depending on the manufacturer and the materials used. Pickleball bags and paddle covers are sometimes sold together.


Keeping your pickleball paddle in good condition is important since many paddles cost more than $100. You don’t want to get just a couple of perfect games out of the paddle before it gets damaged.

It may not seem necessary to you to purchase a paddle cover, but you should care for it if you want to get the best out of it. An attractive pickleball cover can help you get the most out of your paddle if you have already spent a lot on it.

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